Friday, November 30, 2007

Jeez Mark, enough of the tyres already!

Fly have a new Sergio Layos tyre out. It's based on his favourite tyre, the IRC Siren, but with the improved Ruben casing and a slightly lower-profile tread pattern (By the looks of things).

15.5oz, for those who care...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



"We have a kevlar beaded, soft compound GLH tyre coming out. Its foldable, lighter and softer than our regular GLH. The GLH-R should be availible by the end of December."


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Proper sprocket/IMG Ody shipment

Pic from IMG blog

Proper have a new sprocket in the works, as well as some other bits 'n' pieces.

IMG have also got a list of the stuff they're getting in next week from Odyssey. I think most people would've prefered actual decent products instead of gash Lumberjack padsets, but hey, I don't call the shots...


NASS is officially on for 2008. The dates are 13th-15th June 2008 at The Bath and West Showground in Somerset, which gives you plenty of time to buy some trackies and cheap cider so you'll fit in with the pikeys there. Now YOU can be the person who starts the rumours! Just remember that "______ got stabbed by the burgerman!" has been used...

Forgot it twice...

But not this time!

The third Summer of Madness trailer is up on 4down. Premiere this Saturday - be there or be square! Hastings, y'all. Flier on the 4Down site.

Macneil bits 'n' pieces.

Macneil have some sweet new pedals up on their site, as well as some... um... as well as some Pivotals. I'll leave it at that - you judge 'em ;)

Oh, and the Conjoined cranks look sweet! All about the new Macneil site too...

Monday, November 26, 2007

everyone watch this vid

miller and hawk dont have shit on this... o myyyy




Mark Web and KHE news.

No, Mark Webb isn't on KHE...

Mark Webb gave himself a proper going over recently, giving himself a broken vertebrae after a frontflip gone bad. He's supposed to make a full recovery though, so no long-term spinal injuries, fortunately.

In fellow gum-shield-wearer news, Harry Main features in this KHE webvid, check out the interview and video on the RideUK site.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Loadsa stuff.

New Anim-*ahem* A.Bike Co website - pretty fresh.

Fit have tried milking the success of their recent Collabs with, amongst other people, Orchid, by doing a Vans collaboration shoe. See pics of it over on the Merit blog.

United have released their new frames, should be around the place soon. They are the 40 frame, as seen in Ride a few months back, and the Magnolia frame, a Shitluck collab.

That red finish - yes please! Head over here and here for more deets.

Editorial link-up #1 - United head honcho Sir Ian Morris (Well, he should be) has a Bikecheck up on RideUS.

While we're talking of "new details", 4Down also have the info on the new LTF frames up, so click here for that...

Editorial linkup #2: S&M's Corey Nastazio has an interview up on the S&M site.

The secret behind the new Fly Ad...

Demolition and Volume have their new catalogue out - it's more of a magazine than a straight up "Bars: Seat: Stem:" thing, so check it out. Right click that thang!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Superstar/Mutiny new parts, and 2008 fashion forecast.

2008's hottest fashion accesory for riding, you saw it here first...

Moving swiftly on - Superstar have some new stuff out (or about to come out), to find out more head over to Ride's site or click here to go to the interview with Meds. I love this stem...

Mutiny also have some new product out, the new Hub Buddy is stronger and lighter at 91g, and the Burlish frame and Glam bars now also come in brown. For the shorter folk, you can get Burlish frames in 20.25"TT now too - just remember that with the laid-back seat-tube, we're realistically talking a 20"TT there.

Oh, and...

...head over to the newly-designed Fit site then head to Web-Vids and check out the new Chase Dehart ad, plus the Photo slideshow from the recent Summer of Fit DVD. Speaking of, review up soon. For now, a quick, 3-word review:

It's. Really. Good.

Two in a row!/Fly Luna frame.

Two in a row! Getting back on form. This having the internet full-time thing's pretty sweet...

Anyway, now our ISP is playing ball, it's given me the opportunity to head over to the Fly site and check out the new Luna frame, Dylan Smith's pro model.

It's basically a Tierra but with a 'real' standover height (0.6" more than a Pantera), and a slightly longer back end on the longer toptube models. For the full run-down:

1. Dylan’s (removable) brake mounts
2. Removable brake tabs (same ones as Tierra frame)
3. Top tube sizes: 20.4”, 20.6” and 21”
The 20.4” has a really short rear end, 13.25” like the Tierra frame and a steeper 75.5” headtube angle
The 20.6” and 21” has 13.75” rear end and 75” headtube angle
4. Higher top tube (0.6” / 15mm. higher than pantera)
5. Brakes mount on the top
6. Integrated seat clamp. Featuring a new 6mm allen key bolt
7. All the Tierra frame features:
- offset thickness Headtube
- offset thickness Chainstays
- Seatstays-seat tube reinforcement and double butted Seatstays (thicker on the joint)
8. Compatible with Ruben bashguard
9. Weight: 2.180 kg. (4.8 lb.) (Not confirmed, waiting for production frames)
10. Colors will be flat black and sangria (dark red-burgundy)

Sounds like a pretty sweet frame (apart from that bashguard. Why would you want to drop on a load of extra weight there?).

I just wish they'd put the removable lugs on my Tierra so I didn't have fist-sized lumps of metal welded onto my seat-stays...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Hate The Internet #2

Yep, no internet again for a couple of days.

*shakes fists in anger*

Well, never mind. What made life better was this, the Defgrip/Mutiny exclusive Z-Roll footage from their new DVD, Stoked On Being Pumped. HD download available, hells yeah!

Props 67 trailer. Someone needs to get Scotty Cranmer to change the n to an m, purely 'cos Crammer is more fitting for the amount of stuff he can get done in one line...

And lastly, if you want to make money, buy This. Sell the Plegs and Clear Twisted PC pedals seperately, and that should cover the cost of the bike, then sell the bike seperately with misc. pedals and pegs and you've made more money. Ching!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Hate The Internet.

That's right. Hate it. Well, more specifically a lack of an internet connection, and loads of work, meaning a lack of updates. Apologies to all!

James over at Style43 has taken some time out from bullying me into doing a really, really big gap (See me feeling it out at the very, very end of the vid) to make this little promo for the Style43 video.


Apparently, the 142 man Pijin Blog team have got everything else covered, so that's about it for now!
long time no update huh.............

wet weekends are shitty.
here is a pic of my buddy robbo blasting some dubs in eastern Pa.
howe hie is a china man?

bmx video news.............

stew johnson os working on making the best bmx video since time begun!
its due out late next year, its the follow up to the legendary anthem and will feature parts from:
chris doyle
chase hawk
geoff slattery
mike aitken
eli paltt
chester blacksmith
sean burns
and maybe even scott maylon....................
its going to be amazing.

over 'n' out

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mark Webb Bike Check

So we had Mark in the shop on wednesday, came to chat with the gringo and get some sweet ti. spokes installed into his wheels - thought you guys might like to know what he's running.

His bike is pretty tricked out with customised parts and some very inovative ideas, all manufactured by Mark himself - Here's his parts list

Frame - WTP Electro (temp)
Forks - Odyssey Race
Bars - Proper Proclaimer
Stem - Coalition
Grips - A Bikes Edwin
Front wheel - Green Proper Magnalites, Drilled right through
Tyres - KHE Premium Street, Mac1.5 on the rear and mac2 up front
Pegs - Green Tree Pegs
Seat - Macneil Pivotal SL with wedge mod
Cranks - Primo Hollowbites
Pedals - Welgo Magnesium
Sprocket - Macneil Primary Sprocket
Chain - KHE Collapse
Brake - Fly Bikes, Snafu Mobeus Gyro, Odyssey small lever

And here's some of his modifications -

Don't you just hate having bottom bracket bearings floating around your frame? Drill a hole or two in the bottom of your frame and worry no more. also note the grip flange between the sprocket and bottom bracket shell, this allows Mark run stiff cranks without over-tightening the bearings or having silly tension on the chain - perfect for whips.

Neat lil hubguard, made from a cut down fly peg. Which all adds up to a light but still darn strong bike. It's almost as tough as Mark!

Like what you see? All parts available in our online shop ;) Except that Primary Sprocket, that's mine...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Seat tube mod part 2

You may have seen a post last month by Bonedave of Sparks modified bike. Here's the follow up... while not quite as light as doing away with the seat tube entirely, just replace the heavy chromoly with lighter aluminium. Genius! Not.

So what am I doing reading stuff off the Albe's blog? Well... the real reason was this... nothing attracts more hits than hot girls, right? Hmmm... maybe I should take a leaf outta Albe's book and get some hot chicks to model some Pijin tees. :D

Mike Spinner and some hot hoT HOT Albe's chick...

Retribution 3

John gave me an account, so expect more and more biking information in the near futre.

Anyway, first post and I'm going to start with some local news. Alot of you'll have heard of James Cox and Retribution, and alot of you will also know about the up-coming Retribution 3 video. Well, this has been in the making for a while now, and even though previous trailers, and a 5 minute long video of "c-footage", James has released another trailer. So many local spots!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carlos' Wedge

Carlos has gone and got himself a modified stump post courtesy of Mr Paul Turner, Saving himself 24g over his old seat post/seat clamp configuration. For those of you who are unaware of this little mod, it basically involves cutting the seat post at an angle to accept the bottom half of an MTB style stem, then using a longer narrower bolt to tighten the top and bottom of the seat post at the same time. Simple and effective, this also means you can do away with your seat clamp for a cleaner look and, if you are that way inclined (like me), cut the top of your seat tube off for ultimate slamage. After all - if it ain't rubbin', it ain't dubbin'...

this Video's pretty nuts

See More BMX Videos at

also - keep your eyes peeled for Mark Webbs pro bike check...coming soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bits 'n' bobs.

Well, it's officially cold. Time to break out the base layers, get involved! Work super well, keep you warm and you don't have to wear 15 t-shirts and 12 hoodys to maintain body heat. Get one.

Anyway, in sunnier climes, Defgrip have some photos from the D'sGiving jam thing that was on recently, click Here for more.

Myspace got some love on the Pages of Style43, click here to go direct.

HotWheels put up a new team page for Ashley Charles, possibly one of the most tech bikechecks ever? Clickity. Speaking of Ashley Charles, not only is he fully sound, but his sig bars are now in stock, so I'm told. Equally, Wethepeople's site has had a wee revamp.

Hit up Dig's site (61 out now) to check out Jason Enn's section from On The Clock?

See you all next weekend...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Odyssey Trailmix Colourway

Good news for Pies, his favourite pedal (the Odyssey TrailMix pedals) now come in the sinister-titled Blood colourway:

Get 'em while they're hot, Profile are gonna want that "splatter-effect" machine back soon enough...

In other news, Mutiny's Stoken on being Pumped video premieres in Derby on 4th December in HD. Head over to for more.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

AversionBMX Mark Love video.

Park nibblers rejoice - Aversion have banged up another awesome video, this time of Mark Love shredding an indoor park. Head over to their site and check it out!

Get well soon message goes out to Jimmy Levan, who fractured his skull pretty badly whilst bombing a hill on a skateboard. Hope he pulls through OK...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bonedave's day off

So as you may or may not know, I was off today visiting Beaulieu motor museum - It's a bit of a street mecca! I guess that's why Mr Pijin himself snuck in for a quick ride all those years ago!

Looks Like I better make a trip myself...

They also got some sweet cars there, but you don't wanna see them

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Superstar New Deal 2008

I know a few people are going to get hot and sweaty after seeing the latest pics/specs of the Superstar 2008 New Deal frame. There are so many "generic" frames out there right now that it's kinda refreshing seeing a bike company coming out with something that looks totally different.

This time round, I guess the shock value is not quite so high as most of the stuff we've already seen in the 2007 model. For 2008, Superstar have revised the strawberry (the funny thing that clamps t he seat post in place) and revised the chainstay/dropout junction which doesn't have a hole anymore for the integrated chain tensioner. Looks a lot cleaner in my opinion. To keep in touch with the times, weight has been shaved off the bottom bracket and head tube. Also new for 2008 is the option of having no brake lugs! It still comes with tiny 4mm dropouts so this is a frame aimed at the pegless street rider. Two riders I know spring immediately to mind... one of them writes for this blog I think. :D

Now we just have to get in touch with James Hitchcox at Zeal tomorrow to find out when they're coming in!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Odyssey Video trailer, out now!

Odyssey have put up the awesome trailer for their new video, Electronical. Well worth a watch, 'specially if you get it in the HD version.

Aversion have also put up a new video, go check out their site for the new vid of Mark Love, and look at how sweeeeet their T's are...