Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rich Hirsch

I'd been sitting around, putting off uni work and making food, when suddenly this popped up on my feed - Defgrip's latest "Original", Rich Hirsch. Click here to check it on their site, or here to download it (Right click/save target as/blahblahblah). Well worth a watch.

I almost forgot...

There's something about the Big Big BMX Show that I don't quite understand. Now, I don't claim to be particularly intelligent, or to know the in's and out's of everything that's going on in the BMX world, but there's something I can't quite put my finger on when it comes to this particular series of web videos.

There's something about Glen P.P. Milligan's editing and way of talking about things that seems almost forced, but in a way that it's hard to tell whether it's taking itself seriously, being a parody of itself, or just not really getting the point. It's something that plays on my mind whenever I watch it. However, I happened to have a glance at the latest one (embedded below) and there is a moment of pure gold in there.

I'd been thinking to myself how weird it was to have a web video to talk about other web videos, then only show small excerpts from web videos. It seems to be basically like this blog (and all the others like it), but if I just showed you screenshots or something... Anyway, that had been spinning around in my mind when they happened to start talking about the recent DUB video (Click the DUB label below to find it). The Big Big BMX Show seems to portray itself as a clean-cut, family friendly, wholesome sorta affair (Which is again why I couldn't work out what the deal was with it), yet here they were talking about a video in which various youths from the streets of the UK party, do ket and construct various means of taking "Mary Jane" (To use a Big Big BMX Show friendly phrase). Essentially, as this cut of the DUB vid started playing, all I could think was "Will they show the lines?" There was the riding, Scotty D on the toilet, people getting naked, crashes, then the aforementioned mask/weed clip (*gasp!*), and just when the lines clip was about to appear... Well, you'll have to watch the vid for yourself to find that out. Good comedy.

Oh, and the BBQ Jam is worth checking out too...


Just checking out the forecast for this week in Southampton to make sure I wasn't going to be heading down into some pesky rain-clouds, and would you look at that forecast?! 18°C and sun! Early April Fools joke from Metcheck?


Southampton RPRZNT.

ET Variations RPRZNT.



Old school KP/DS RPRZNT.

Federal RPRZNT.

Trails RPRZNT.

Vic Ayala RPRZNT.

But yeah, enough of that. I'm pretty tired from riding a hell of a lot then going and playing football for 2 hours in a big metal flood-lit cage, so apologies for the lack of effort. I'm gonna go take my pegs off and see if my hub's fallen apart (again). Something feels awful back there.

Bike maintenance RPRZNT.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mark Vos''s's's''ss's's's's's's video.

To be honest, intros to most videos kinda annoy me in a way. Unless it's a DVD, I'm in it for the quick "Let's see some good riding" aspect of webvideos (With a few notable exceptions). Recently, it seems intros have been getting longer and more cinematic, but I'm pretty sure this video takes the introduction biscuit. In a way, almost like how I've written a whole paragraph before embedding the video, like this...

Mark Vos - the Video from Frank van Klinken on Vimeo.

The riding most definitely heats up later on, even though earlier on it's a bit less than you might expect for having such a dramatic intro. Similarly, 'thanks' on a web-vid seems weird, but then again I'm just being overly critical. Blame me being tired. There's some amazing wallride variations in this though, so check it out...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One sec...

...forgot to say - while we're talking DVD uploads, Vinyl have uploaded Kevin P's section from their last (?) DVD, check it out below.

Kevin Porter's Part From Vinyl's "the best of both worlds" from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

Almost at post #1000 - craziness (It's also almost 2 years since I started helping out with the blog...).

TWW Side Two

Joe Cox has been gradually uploading sections from Side Two of the Tomorrow We Work DVD, and here are the first two - the Newrick/Mix section and Joe's own section. Pretty clear display in Joe's section why he's one of my favourite riders, and also that he's one of the most under-rated - check out that bike control, it's insane! Park dudes - it is possible to do stuff without dabbing brakes or bitch-cranking everywhere, just watch.

TWW Bonus - Newrick/Mix 1 from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

TWW Bonus - Joe Cox from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

Photos 'n' stuff.

First off, big thanks to Joel for the floorspace and films for the last few nights, and to John for the tasty food. Cheers dude! Thanks to everyone else who rode/hung out at P1 and P2/was around this week too, it was rad.

As a result of my camera charger not arriving 'til I was already in Southampton, I stretched my budget by buying a £2 disposable camera to document some stuff, so here's a few pics from the past few days. Quality: High.

Joel with a shoulder-on-strip-light-high carve on a vert wall in a location so secret I had to be triple blind-folded, knocked unconcious and dragged to it to keep it under wraps. If I don't update for a few days, well, they'll probably have caught up with me for posting this...

Protection at Joel's place.

T-bog and a Euro at Hoglands by Joel.


Carlos, drunk and lurking.

Canon EOS30D for sale, highest bidder...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Skip to 43 seconds in...

...for a fairly accurate representation of Carlos at approx. 9am yesterday, haha. Also some quality chucking-up-over-a-balcony footage later too. Stick around for the rest of it though, some good old school stuff. BMX trips rule.

Assorted videos.


Trey Jones appears to have exchanged his freecoaster for the ability to properly crank at stuff, and to good effect.

Mike Hinkens has some rad clips in this video:

Mike Hinkens - 2008 Leftovers from Mike Hinkens on Vimeo.

Lotek's team have a video update here:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, due to Carlos feeling a little fragile today, P2 work's hit the buffers so I've decided to use Joel's net connection to hit up the Blog, and on a reasonable day too - full length videos from Derelict, Carhartt and... well... that's it, but that's pretty much an entire hour of BMX which should really be enough. Oh, there was a Sunday video too that felt like a feature film even though it wasn't, but that was more 'cos I just didn't really want to watch it anyway...

First up, the Derelict video (Seen over on Deluxe - from their full length vid released in early '08:

Derelict BMX - Never Gonna Win (2008) from Dave King on Vimeo.

Secondly, the Carhartt Gran Canaria vid (Features Stefan Lanstcher, Bruno Hoffmann, Owain Clegg and some other people who were reasonably forgetable. I don't think I've seen a bad Stefan L or Bruno H part, and although this video dragged at times, there's still some awesome riding.


Speaking of awesome riding, if you live in Southampton, come ride some street tonight? Do it, you won't regret it...

In genuine news though, Fly are the latest company to get ESPN'd, go check that out here.

Erny crafting some kind of drop nose Pivotal hybrid, seen over on Mutiny:

Lastly, 'cos I need to go use Joel's shower, here's some online Joel action, his interview on Ride re: OMB. Ch-ch-check it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ben Lewis puts the "Tech" into "Tech".

No really - from Ride/NonStopVid. Almost all of this appears to be opposite, and that last rail's both switch and opposite, not to mention pegless. What the hell...

Sidenote: Thought this was gonna be edited to the full Steve Reich song that you hear at the beginning and was about to call it as the strangest music choice ever for a webvid...

New Empire trailer.

Empire's last video, Chill Bro, was all kinds of awesome, so with more riders, more experience and Dave Parrick at the helm the new one should be boss. I wasn't massively into this trailer, but at least we know the video's well on the way now...

Right click, save as: Video!.

London edit.

Lloyd, Tim Lewis, Estonian Andro, Butlin, Ollie, H-Man and I all headed out for a cruise around London on Saturday to some old/new spots, and this is the little edit Ollie's just put up on Streetphire. Summer's nearly here...

London Day Edit from Ollie Wainwright on Vimeo.

TCU Texas

Edit by Mastroni. All good.

TheComeUp Texas Trip from www.thecomeupbmx.net on Vimeo.


NONSTOPVID - Jason Phelan shopping from nonstopvid on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

This makes me sad.

Sprocket Making Video from andy chapman on Vimeo.

Well, the video itself doesn't (Largely because it's Tree and every video they've done has been awesome), but the fact that my custom 26t splined sprocket has been stolen along with a shipment of Tree stuff to the UK does. Sour buzz...

Forgot to put a title on.

I first met Tom Davis at a P5 jam in Leicester. I didn't know who he was, and in a write-up I did for S43 I just called him Chase Dehart in lieu of his real name. He did some rad stuff at that jam, has put out some cool videos, and this is his latest one. It's a bit OTT on the post production for my liking, but horses for courses, as they say.

The latest installment of "The Making Of Stay Fit" is up courtesy of Kuwahara, this time featuring Chase "Dems some tabez" Hawk.

Lotek's latest attempt at foot coverers is a "collab" with Shadow as Chase Dehart's signature shoe. Click here to check that out.

DUB have decided to cut back on their coke and weed budget to further their camera budget, resulting in a shiny new HD cam. As a result, here's some SD footage to use it up. To quote Props, remember these are trained professionals in controlled circumstances...

3Chip Ender... from Dub BMX on Vimeo.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Video overload...

Two vids for your viewing pleasure - Ben Hennon getting rad in a video to accompany his interview on Ride that I linked to before (Click the "Ben Hennon" tag below), and also one of the best webedits I've seen in quite a while by Albert Mercado and Hoang Tran.

Go to BNQT for more videos.

Fit UK in Greece.

Courtesy of 4Down - to quote a text I just got from Tim, "Ben Lewis, Marv, Alex Kennedy. Killing it."

Quite so...

Channel 4Down BMX :: Fit UK In Greece! from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.


Saw this over on Defgrip - Fox wanting a piece of that Levis media overload pie?

It features Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross and Sean Sexton, so who cares what their motives were...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

(Formerly) local news.

When e-mails first started being sent more frequently than people were sending letters to each other, people lamented the loss of the excitement of finding a new letter had been delivered to you from someone you hadn't heard from for a while. Whilst no doubt that's still probably missing to some people, I still really like finding e-mails lurking in my inbox from people I haven't heard from for quite a while - that was definitely the case when Sam (Who those of you who ride Southampton will know of) dropped me a line today. In his e-mail he had a link to a little mixtape a friend of his had made, which also featured Sam later on flowing the new line at their trails during the first trails session of the year. Looks like a good time!

Similarly, Sam also let me know he'd heard from other formerly local rider George, who is now living it up in Rotterdam. Apparently he's having a rad time, and getting plenty of riding in (There's a ridiculous amount of street and park to be ridden there), so expect some pics as and when I get them.

Lastly, Dan is currently somewhere on the east coast of Vietnam having a sweet time (If you've seen that Top Gear episode, he's at the point where they all got their suits tailor-made), having already cruised through Thailand and Cambodia. It's alright for some, eh...

What a hero...

Tom Mann - what a hero.

Much like Tom's bike setup, I'm going reasonably ghetto/old school with this blog post because as a result of a rubbish internet connection, I'm having to make like I did with DISSRM's old blogs and write it all up in Notepad, then copy it over and hope I got all the coding right. Fingers crossed.

So - where to start? Well, maybe with a slew of Mutiny news? First up, the quieter member of the Mutiny team, Brandon "It's pronounced Harris" Hoerres has a new webvid out. It's official, the point at 1:25 is the worst feeling when you ride.

Brandon Hoerres from GrantC on Vimeo.

In other Mutiny Team Rider News, Ryan Smith got given a fresh setup that you can check more photos of here. Pretty rad. Even... um... "radder" still is Mat Roe's new bike, which you can see here. Can't wait for the "You've copied Mat Roe's bike!" accusations during South Bank weekend sessions...

Mat Roe's new Cosmotron

Ryan Smith's new Mystic

Speaking of, the last SB session ended a little sour for one Phil Feeney. Pegs to unintentional ice to front-wheel-rail-support-hookup to O.T.B. to eyebrow gash to hospital trip. Dialled. I don't know how well this'll work, but if you want to see my friend get taken out in HD, go here.

Celebrity rider/photographer/Pijinblog contributor Mike Netley ("Poor man's Rob Castle" according to this month's "Firing Line" column by Dye) has a fresh new bike, which I saw up on Deluxe. Sweet!

Alex Kennedy has gone from someone I hadn't heard of 'til James introduced me to the guy he was doing some "Stay True" tattoo for to BMX styley tweaky superstar with a bunch of people sponsoring him from Fit to Nike. He's also now landed himself some prime coverage in the form of the cover of Ride 126 - and has duly been given an interview up on their site to ask him about the trip, the shoot and so on. In very much related news, the new issue's really good. A definite step up from some stuff recently with some awesome roadtrip articles from both Fit and Federal, and yet more rad Dolecki content (Potentially his last now he's switched teams?) - definitely worth your money in Borders/W.H. Smith's tills. Or indeed Pijin's if you're in Southampton!


This is kinda unrelated, but it's easier for me this way (Abuse of power?) - my mark(at)Style43dotcom e-mail address hasn't been letting me receive emails for the past week or two, so if you tried mailing me about anything to do with this blog or anything like that, you'll have to send it again. Sorry!


Stefan Lantschner seems to be under most people's radars, yet he's one of my favourite riders. As soon as I see mention of a video featuring him or Bruno H I'm generally all over it, and this time it was no exception when I saw Dig had posted a new Stefan L video for Eastpak/Carhartt. Yeah, the song's been used before but it's still rad...

In related video news, there's also this old Stefan/Bruno/Italy video that was on that Mpora account that features the best bike ghost ride I've seen in time at around the 0:40 mark.

Similarly, there's a distinct lack of Kevin Kiraly footage, which is something that needs to change. Fortunately, after an absence from our collective screen, he's got a video bikecheck up on Vital with a few riding clips:

Garrett Reynolds has a new signature frame, which features a seatclamp frighteningly similar to the snap-o-matic UKBikeCo original clamp. Here's hoping it's different (Although having said that, the Low-Pez frame from Premium appears to be straight out the same catalogue as the Revolution frame from Unknown, so I guess it's just the same people knocking out the same frames...)? Anyways, you can probably guess the standard geometry it's going to have - 13.75" rear end, 75deg head angle, 20.5" and 21" toptubes, 11.5" BB - but it is a little heavier than most 'new' frames at 5lbs 2oz. I also refuse to dignify their ridiculous "Certain colours for certain toptube length" setup with an explaination, so you'll have to try and piece it together for yourselves...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ben Hennon.

I don't really understand why this interview didn't make it into a magazine (It's definitely more than "30 seconds with..."), hopefully not a sign of the times!

Part 1

Part 2

He also puts to bed that rumour about him and his Dad...


Took my sweet time, didn't I? Busy weekends and busy weekdays mean slow posts, apologies...

First up, three trails vids (?!). No doubt someone'll get uppity about calling the first video trails, but meh...

Go to BNQT for more videos.

Pretty rad video from Heath Pinter's jam.

Derelict BMX - March in 50 Frames Per Second from Dave King on Vimeo.

A new "check out my fancy camera" (joking...) video from Derelict.

There's a bit of trails in there, but it's Brian Frickin' Foster so that makes up for the lack of soil content in there.

In other "Sweet video" news:

This is Randy Taylor's part from a recent issue of Props that contains a lot of other awesome riding of this standard, and that you should definitely buy.

Randy Taylor Bio from Adrian Sogaray on Vimeo.

Equally, the new Props is out now, so go buy that here. I've posted the trailer for that before so you should have no doubts as to how awesome that one's gonna be. (In other shop related news, the new DUB video is out right here, as are the Kink seats I mentioned a few posts back.)

Notro kicked off a few days ago, and Garrett Reynolds surprisingly didn't win. He did, however, win best trick for the line you'll see at the end of the video. It's amazing how most US (I know it's Canadian...) comps still look identical to comps from years ago. Looking back at super old issues of Props, it's like nothing's changed (apart from the amount of spins/whips, I suppose), compared to street riding which is significantly different to what it was like 'back in the day'...

(EDIT: Ride's insane coding and "WHY DID YOU THINK IT'D BE A GOOD IDEA?!" autoplay feature mean you're going to have to click this link. It's probably not worth it, unless you fast forward to the end to see Garrett...)

Part 2 of Jim C's interview with Mark Noble is up on ESPN, go read it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

2 vids

peoplesstore team from wethepeople on Vimeo.

People's Store team edit - Bruno Hoffmann is too good!

This is also a video I forgot to post earlier - fresh from the Dub jam courtesy of Rampworx.

Rampworx - Dub Jam from Rampworx Skatepark on Vimeo.

Luc Legrand

Wins. Another Douce France trailer, has some cool stuff in it! Ender like whooooa.

Douce France Teaser Luc Legrand from Soul Bmx Magazine on Vimeo.

2 things.

Main again - Dig. Clean.

Effort Magazine, which I found linked to over on the PeTheWeople site. Check it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dig, Mutiny, WTP, etc...

First up was the most shocking bit of news today (Well, I say "shocking", the world hasn't exactly stopped spinning) - Morgan Wade is off Mutiny. I guess it kinda makes sense with how their team's shaping up, but still, he's been there for 8 years which is a pretty long time. They've got a bit of text up on their site about it (click here for that), which essentially is a "Thanks dude!" "No, thanks to you!" thing.

Also on their site they mentioned their '08 Webvid - well worth a watch! Here it is in SB, click "HD" to go check out the... well, HD version of it on Vimeo.

Mutiny Spring 08 Web Video from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

In Dig news, they had some cool stuff up on their site today, up to and including a Ben Lewis bikecheck ("Modifications:
Angle grinded the dropouts and ball hammered the rear tubes to help with my new tyre clearance." Wait - what?), a link to a cool BMXFeedesque iPhone app, and a reminder to me to post the link to the Boxed Wine Fiasco blog JPR (Of FBM) has setup - and also the news he's now on the Dig staff to do a column each issue by the same name.

I like WeThePeople. I also like my A2B, and I also especially like the new colour for the A2B:

For more angles a world of info about that frame, click here, or to buy it, click here.

Speaking of buying things - if you're tempted by the Fly Fino grips, the Eclat Complex seat/post combo or the Tree frame, but need to be reassured about their positive qualities in a soothing American voice, click Here to see Vital's Gear Guide.

Very lastly, 2 hour shark/man combat makes trying to learn a new trick seem relatively tame. Apologies for linking to the Daily Mail...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homer rules!

Ah, the joys of Facebook - Homer posted that he had a new shot up on Flickr, and this is it:

Sweeeeeet! There's plenty more awesome shots by Homer on his Flickr page. Go check 'em out.


...where you at, dawg?

ProperBikeCo.Barspin Ben Wheel Build from Proper BMX Co on Vimeo.

Albe's World Record Wheel Build?? from Albe's BMX on Vimeo.

12 minute wheelbuild to shop whopper? Do it, you won't regret it...

Scotty Frickin' D!


Scott Ditchburn mix from Will Evans on Vimeo.

New (ish...) product!

It was in... somewhere, a while back, that Sean Burns is now helping out with Metal full time now, and that Metal are being helped out with their overseas manufacture by WTP - anyways, Sean's new signature frame is coming along pretty well by the looks of things, as well as the new 8.3" rise bars:

Standard have also got all their new parts up on their site. Still don't really understand why, if you're trying to make a frame light, you'd just cut back on excess material instead of making the tubing really thin? Who knows.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yet more videos?

And indeed other content, but more on that later.

I mentioned in the last post about music that I liked ending up in webvids being pretty cool, and specifically mentioned Modest Mouse and Of Montreal - Vinyl have added to that list today with Band Of Horses in this edit they did for Dig:

More BMX >>

If you're watching this here, you all owe me one so you didn't have to go on the Mpora site and listen to a rubbish ad for some hideously annoying video game decide to autoplay really loudly. Most intrusive, annoying site... (EDIT: I was just listening to that song by playing the video again, and that ad came up at the end again. NO. NO, NO, NO.)

Anyway - Ride UK have decided to post up some Classic Articles on their site, and this one is the awesome Brian Foster one they did a fair few issues ago. Click here for Part 1, here for 2 and here for 3.

In "Classic" news, Joe Cox has put up one of the Bonus Sections from Tomorrow We Work online, and here it is - all filmed in Spain:

Odio Casa Mafia En Espania from Joe Cox on Vimeo.

In totally unrelated news, there are some awesome deals on at The Shop at the moment, so go check them out in case something tickles your fancy (e.g. FBM frames for £179.99 - £120 off! Bargainous).

Holy awesome webvid, Batman!

I can't really remember watching any Team Dilly videos before, but I watched this one, and... well... let's just say, if a video features Modest Mouse or Of Montreal I'm probably going to be into it, but if it features both of them and some awesome riding I'm pretty much going to be all about it.

dilly in the desert! from Kyle Stark on Vimeo.

All good!

This isn't a positive development.

"I see your barspin to footjam and raise you a barspin to footjam whip!"

Apparently you don't need to reserve getting comped out strictly to riding indoor parks any more - take that passive-agressive vibe to the internet! I'm guessing it's not really intended in that vein as Harry Main is pretty sound, but one-upping people by posting individual tricks seems a bit... weird.

They might take the footjam nosepick away from us, but they'll never take the footjam-less nosepick.

Harry Main clip at Dave Mirra's warehouse in Greenville, NC from Mirraco on Vimeo.


Sunday have produced a trailer for their new video, Up, Up & Away, and here it is:


Bonus: There's a rad interview by Mark Noble with Jim Ciel... Cielen... over on ESPN that's well worth a read.

HideoutBMX have also put out a pretty substantial edit, and here that is:

HIDEOUT BMX from Enter the Treehouse on Vimeo.

Monday, March 09, 2009


In Harry Main style news, no sooner has Karl Poynter got a signature Sunday frame he's upped sticks and moved to Eastern? Whaaaaaaaaat?

Forgot to post this when I first saw it, but the latest On The Road vid from James Cox on the Ride* site is cool, and is also here:

More BMX >>

In hideously unrelated news, what? The world is crazy.

Lloyd's put another little diary-style day edit on Streetphire from the desolate streets of MK. No-hander -> manny -> bars being a personal favourite.

Untitled from lloyd wright on Vimeo.

Something awesome's in the pipeline regarding Lloyd too, but nothing more can be said at the moment.

Some of you might've seen Subrosa's Bash Bike before (Hit up their site for more, or search on here), and continuing in that 'bringing back old details' style, here's a random sample they had that Ryan and Kyle have been running:


In other "New frame news", Chase Hawk's popular signature frame is having another revision, this time being converted to a more Dak-esque frame with narrower, but thicker, tubing, front triangle gussets, etc. - check out how thin the stays are. Pics from DevonHutchinsDotCom. And, indirectly, Fit.

*If I've got to put up with seeing a steamy-mirror picture of Thierry Henry every time I go on their site, it'd be a lot better if the ad didn't randomly open itself to it's full size then freeze, leading to accusations of "Are you gay? Why are you looking at a naked Thierry Henry?" when people walk into my room...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

New Fit toploader

Straight from the depths of Bikeguide...


Nooooooooo... I could handle regular tanwalls, but coloured tread tanwall tyres? No. No, no, no...


15 minutes of amazing skating.

Yep, it's skating, and yep, it's amazing. Slow-mo to Regular footage from Lakai's video, Fully Flared. Some rad stuff. It's not BMX, but it does give you ideas for how else to use spots...

Lloyd Wright & Co.

Ripped straight from the still beating heart of Streetphire is this video by Lloyd of his friends riding their local park, Croxley. Good stuff. Check out Streetphire for more cool stuff!

04-03-09 day edit from lloyd wright on Vimeo.

EDIT: Bonus! Yet more from Streetphire, this time Mr. Tom Bright - one of the soundest dudes I've met (In fact the whole Newcastle scene was amazing when I was up there, thanks everyone!) - has stepped up to the filming/editing plate and this is what he's come up with.

Afternoon at the Park. from Mr T on Vimeo.

Incidentally, Tom Bright also made Dry Spell which is well worth a buy!

Owain Clegg, ahead of his time...

Everyone knows Owain Clegg is rad. He's been around the UK scene since time began, and has always been doing some cool, new and interesting lines. This is a video from 2003, check out how ahead of it's time it was...

From 4Down.

Eclat Pivotal update

Eclat have some updates on their site for their new Pivotal, which is officially on the Mark And Dan Cool New Product Forecast...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Eddie Cleveland

Eddie Cleveland, tyre slides, ledges: All good.

Bits 'n' bobs.

Instead of talking about riders chopping and changing who they're representing, this time it's magazines? In order (Leaving out the obvious Noble/Noble change)...

Nathan Beddows is now bumped up to Assistant Editor on Ride.
Brian Tunney is off Dig.
Rob Dolecki is off Ride, and is now on Dig flow as Managing Editor and Photographer.

There are apparently a few other change ups in the works, so I'll keep you up to date in Media Team News some time soon. I guess it's all Factory so it's all the same thing anyway? Who knows. If you particularly want to find out, word on the street is that all the Ride guys head up to Cantelowes on a Wednesday night to ride so you could ask them yourself. Cantelowes is usually a pretty good time, so might as well!

Oh yeah - whole point of this spiel was that Rob D has a piece up on Dig about the change-up. Rob's an amazing photographer and writer so if he gets to put more time into getting content setup then that's all good.

Speaking of stuff I'm into - Mat Roe. Specifically, Mat Roe's signature frame from Mutiny, which you can catch a preview of right here.

In other New Product news, H-Man informs me/tells me to post up that Seventies have a bunch of new Kink stuff up. Here's a taster, go check it out! Or H-Man will kill me. Go there now. New Kink fatter seats? Winners.

Madera's Lil Jeff has a rad new vid up - plenty of pedalling, plenty of style, aaaaall good.

Ooooooooh, also almost just forgot the new Ian Frickin' Schwartz webvid. Another change of style for the Madonna of BMX? Ridden with some many different styles before! Read that interview with him I posted a few days ago on the Sunday site, then watch this vid...


Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I mentioned in my last post about Ian Schwartz being under the radar lately, and then scoured Vimeo for some old videos of him. I found his old Mosh part on the Mosh channel, yet it appears to have more footage and totally different music compared to the one they released on their site all that time ago? Weird! Anyway, it's all good. Well worth checking out again...

Mike Ardelean, Jackson Ratima, Ian Schwartz from Mosh on Vimeo.


Mark Noble is continuing to put up cool stuff on ESPN, showing again why he helped steer Ride so well for such a long time. In this article he has a pretty interesting interview/talk with Chris Harrison, product designer for Federal. Well worth a read!

In semi-related news, Ride have a video up on their site from the Corby sessions that took place while they got the content together for the latest Role Models issue. Seems to have been a controversial issue, but people talking is better than people keeping quiet. Being made to think about things is good...

There must've been some hectic friction burns for Jason Phelan.

In that interview issue of Ride, the long overdue Josh Bedford interview is featured as a full interview. He pulls some pretty crazy lines for it, has an interesting story to tell, and seems to generally have something worth saying. Anyways - key thing is that after KO'ing his collar bone, he's now back riding and testing a signature frame, according to Mutiny, which is where I grabbed this pic from.

Whilst we're talking about interesting, different individuals, Ian Schwartz - who's been pretty under the radar of late - has a bikecheck up on RideUS's site, which is where this tech little widget is from:

Actually, that's a lie - I just went to copy the embed code and they've disabled it, so you've got to go here to check that out. BONUS! Ian also has a few things to say on the Sunday site, including some stuff about new shoes, new spots and new Lotek videos. Apparently Rich Hirsch has remembered he's made some of the best videos around, and is going to do more. Good times!

Probably should've put this earlier, but ESPN have a new video up of Brian Hunt that seems fairly similar to one I've posted before, but I'm fairly sure isn't the same one...

You be the judge?

Check out from 00:37 - 00:44 - potentially the most hectic rollback I've ever seen.

Speaking of hectic, Proper have a new stem coming out in their disappointingly non-flight enabled Microlite range:

Here's the details straight from Bikeguide, which therefore might mean they're not actually true:

- 6061 T-6
- 52mm reach
- 249g (8.78 oz)
- Recess allowing for the fork compression bolt to sink flush for a clean look.
- Rounded back that stays out of the way of your knees.
- Internally relieved and slotted top to bottom (stronger than side to side).
- Additional clamping area for slip-free bars.

S&M have a new shorter Redneck XLT coming out, and a new Randy Brown frame, but their site is so abhorrent that I'm not even going to link to it. Just imagine a slightly refined, stubbier Redneck, and a fancier Fit Dehart frame. Hey presto!

In semi-local scene news, Tom Chilvers, who some of you dudes at Pijin will know, fully mangled his ankle tonight:

Whips: Fully not worth it. But seriously dude, get well soon!

"Myspace" Dan has upped and left the UK now, having left Southampton a week or two ago. It's actually his birthday today/yesterday (3rd March), which he spent somewhere in Cambodia - happy birthday Dan!