Monday, July 27, 2009

The last few days...

Well, as a result of the Tim Lewis Live Text Update service I was getting I had a rough idea about the whole Ride to Glory gig, but a H-Man (Namedrop!) call on the way back from Leeds confirmed that WTP won this year. Good stuff. Go here for the legit coverage. Heard some interesting Jim C./Ben Hennon stuff, haha.

Anyways, as I mentioned, I was in Leeds for the Charles Prow "King For A Day" jam. Good times were had, and I think it was a great tribute to Charles. I put up some 'proper' words on the subject (and some photos) up here.

The day before, I ate a piece of fish that was as long as my forearm. All fish, right the way up the batter. Bangin'! I know, I know, I put it on my blog too, but it's a remarkable piece of food!

On the same weekend, P5 re-assessed whether Brighton Was Ready and held another jam. Ollie from Streetphire put this little edit together of the day.

In other news...

J.J. Palmere is back on Premium and back on your screens:

And finally, another video, courtesy of Madera, who took a trip to Memphis.

EDIT: Forgot to mention as well - I said a few days ago about Fly having proto plastic pedals - well, they do, as well as a new type of stem with a different way of clamping your forks, and some other little trinkets too, including a weird new rear hub that everyone kinda knows about anyway. Super precise info there, revel in it...

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