Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Milton Jam

Saturday I took a trip up to New Milton ignoring the rubbish weather to join the locals and take some pictures of the annual Jam and I'm glad I did. It was good to see some of the local characters like Mick, Mr J Nash and Wooky. If you haven't been to New Milton park yet you should definitely take a trip. I wanted to say thanks to everyone that turned up, picked up some carpet at some point of the day to dry the park up and special thanks to Ezekiel Rink (Zeke) for organizing the jam!
The Legend Mick Burley
Will Peckham with a 360 table
The clowns
Sorry dude didn't get your name
And of course The Champ! James Nash

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 Summer Session

More BMX Videos

1. Gary Young
2. Alex Coleborn

3. Daniel Tünte

4. Alessandro Barbero

5. Daniel Peñafiel

6. Tom Dugan
7. Daniel Wedemeijer

8. Ondra Slez

9. Markus Reuss

10. Corey Martinez

11. Spencer Bass

12. Greg Illingworth

13. Nathan Williams

14. Kevin Kalkoff

15. Sergio Layos

16. Stefan Lantschner
17. Paul Ryan GBR (11th in Qualifications but got injured and didn’t have the chance to ride the Finals)
18. Andres Lainevool EST (13th in Qualifications but got injured and didn’t have the chance to ride the Finals)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Shop Custom Bike

We are so happy with this new custom that we've just finished, it looks so clean and tidy. We couldn't thank Profile Racing Europe and Seventies Distro enough. This bike will be up for sale on our site very soon and its a one of bike with a load of parts from Profile and Subrosa. Ideal trail set up!


Some Northampton locals came down on a road trip to visit Pijin and hit some local parks, after some hard riding they showed us how planking was done! Take a look
Sorry it took so long to post this guys! I've just found this picture, hope you guys are well.

2011 Boyley Jam

Boyley Jam 2011 from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

This video looks pretty sweet, here at Pijin we are all gutted about not being able to make it there but it looked like everyone had a real good time!

R.I.P Boyley

Chase Hawk! Wow

I'm speechless! Chase Hawk has one of the best inverts in the world, RESPECT Chase.
Go over to the Ride UK site and get your wall paper of The Man Chase Hawk.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mike Miller Carhartt Edit 2011

Mpora Video Review:

MoreBMX Videos >>

Who's in it: Mike Miller

Why it's cool: This video is great because of Mike Miller going bigger and smoother with huge tricks and great cinematography.

Best Trick: Huge 180 over rail

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Get your bad ass B.I.K.E Dice and send it down the park with your mates!

2012 Fit Bike Co Completes Coming In Soon

Keep checking for the whole Fit Bike Co range. Or just call us to pre order your ride. The bikes look so good, don't miss out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Transgression Park in Edinburgh.

Just seen this mental park over on the Ride UK site! Take a look, it just looks incredible. Hopefully it'll come together nicely.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Porno Patches now on sale!

Give Mr Pang a credit card and he'll buy things that you can't imagine!

You can get your Porno patches to fix those pesky punctures here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My first blog

Yesterday Mr Slosh and my self decided to check out the new park down Horsham! Exciting news?
Well no... The session didn't really go well, It may of been because Slosh only had a few hours sleep after playing hard all night or maybe it was because for some reason I can't seem to stop hanging up!!! Or maybe it was because in our opinion the new layout was a bit pants? Make your own trip down and let us know what you think.
For now here are some pictures that I took

View of the new set up

Cheeky picture of one of our own riders, Mr Stamp

And after a whole 2 hours there we left to go home.

Seventies ramps

Carlos dropped by Seventies last month and got the chance to ride their new set up.

The biggest perk of being a Seventies employee is being able to ride after work on such a dialled set of ramps... and having a park with a roof on it definitely helps through the winter months. Jealous much?

Mad Jon T - toboggan

Carlos whip on the big quarter

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I need an adult!

This is ridiculous.

I mean really...

2012 Wethepeople BMX sneek peek

Yesterday, we drove to CSG headquarters after work, enticed by the fact that the new 2012 Wethepeople range of bikes will be on display (and also promise of a free BBQ).

All the shiny 2012 range on display

Let me get the bad points out the way first. Prices have gone up, the range now starts at £349.99 for the Arcade, and goes all the way up to £899.99 for the top of the range Envy. Apart from BMX bikes, there is a 26" wheeled cruiser in the line up. I can only think of one word to describe it... ugly.

With the bad bits out the way, let's move on to the good bits. Colours change every year, and this year has gotten interesting. The colours that caught my eye were the translucent green paint finish on the Crysis and the translucent red of the Trust. It's been done before on BMX frames, but it's the first time I've seen it on a complete bike.

The price hikes on the bikes aren't totally unjustified. All the bikes across the range now come with integrated headsets, sealed bearing cassette hubs and are generally better specced.

Right at the top end we have the Envy, decked out in Eclat components. All new brake lever, cranks and new rims (called the Beserk). Is it worth 900 quid? Definitely. You would struggle to build a custom setup anywhere near as good as this on the same budget. The Envy has a more subtle look about it. Gone are the bling gold parts. Everything is black except for the polished hubs and seat post.

Envy, with Eclat Onyx crank and 26T Eclat Sylar sprocket

My favourite bike is the "glossy titan" Zodiac. Kinda looks like a high polished raw metal finish. I think it looks better than chrome. This bike, in my opinion is the best looking bike in the range.

Zodiac - "glossy titan" finish

One interesting thing to note is that the higher end bikes now have 26/9 gearing. A bold move away from the 25/9 norm, and will give a little more speed when cranking.

Unfortunately, I don't have any better quality photos to show. You will have to wait till Eurobike (end of August) when the bikes are released to the public for the first time.

Our first drop of the new 2012 bikes should be arriving in the 2nd week of September. Keep a lookout on the website for updates!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sunday, August 07, 2011


In a week filled with news about the X-Games, here comes Ruben showcasing the other, awesome side of riding:

You just can't really beat that style.

Speaking of, not really anything style-wise in here, but these tricks are ridiculous. Stevie Churchill is pretty nuts. Bonus fact: That skatepark looks almost like my idea of a living hell. If you added a couple more scooter kids in there, you'd nail it.

Cult and Federal are doing a joint UK tour soon, check out the details here, then think about how nuts that line up is.

Seeing as it's sort of related, here's a video of Bruno riding a prefab park pretty damn well.

Lastly, Dan posted this up on Facebook today - pretty old school now, and how many of these people even live in Southampton any more? Cool video regardless.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

"E" frame

Effraim came by earlier in the week with his new signature frame from Jungle Rider. The name of the frame is simply called "E". Genius!

Special "E" detail on seat stay bridge.

Visit Effraim's blog:

And finally, a video of Effraim busting out some moves on his new ride :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

King of Southsea 2011

Want to be the new King of Southsea?

The annual comp is happening on bank holiday weekend!

Sat 27th, Sun 28th August. Southsea Skate Park

Monday, August 01, 2011


So Garrett Reynolds just got gold having done some amazing stuff, with Dennis Enarson in second and Dakota Roche in third. You need to check the highlights vids when they're out though, ridiculous!