Thursday, January 24, 2008

Simple Spy Shots

Mitch Yates has a protoype of his frame up and running, and it's looking all clean and well, Simple! Bad pun? Yeah. Anyway, it's nice looking, with some simple touches to add to a suave look. I like it. Find out more here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Street Vs Tweak was undeniably AWESOME, it's hard to think it was 6 months ago! Well, Jack from Junction Nine has just got round to making this. Alot of clips we didn't see in Zardis' video, as Zardis is in this, ha. Anyway, a while ago? Yes, but it reminds us of an awesome day.

Watch it here!

Oh, and every tweaker's favourite, and Seshin Bikes Jared Chilko has a new (well, all his videos are practically the same) web video. It's a pretty laid back edit, and easy to watch. Oh, and the 270 hip whip in it is so smoooooooooth. So yeah, I recommend you watch it!

Click here to check it

Monday, January 21, 2008

Animal rims

Screw that A.Bike Co. rubbish! Check these bad-boys out, you know I'm gonna get a pair, haha.

Source: TCU

Analog trailer

Considering this UK trails video (You'd have thought a UK vid would've used the 'analogue' UK-spelling?) was filmed over 2007, it's amazing they managed to get more than a minutes-worth of footage with the summer we had.

Fortunately, they got plenty more, so here's the trailer for the video. Could only find it online on Mpora, who have unfortunately raped the quality savagely. C'est la vie.

That was mental.

The Hotwheels trip that is. Too much good stuff went down, expect to see a web-edit, slideshow and more weird quotes some time soon.

Anyway, with that in mind, here's my first update in a while.

Scotty Cranmer Florida Flips

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Cranmer. What. That last line is so computer-game-esque park it hurt my head a little. Still, fair play.

Keith R. has added more photos to his site, and reminded me how to use gels...

That's all of it off the top of my head. See you all this weekend...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Vans shoes

Oh, sorry, I was easily mistaken! These are infact the new spring '08 Loteks. At the moment, Lotek/Fremont seem to be going quite "retro" what with that web video, and now these new looking kicks. The first row in the picture is the Deltas, Jason Enns shoe, the second row is Coastal, Eddie Clevland's new show. The third row is the Nightwolf slim, and the fourth row is the OG Nightwolfs with a new colourway, which actually is quite nice. I have no idea why Rich Hirsch has gone back in time to wear trainers were known as plimsoles, but, I guess some people are going to dig them!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aversion vids

Aversion have a bunch of new videos up in their Blog, and this, the new Weave T-shirt.


Lotek Coastal shoes.

Eddie Cleveland's Lotek sig shoes appear to be getting nearer completion. Gonna come in black, and as shown here, white. Pics from BayGame.

Ian Schwartz and Chase Dehart Fremont shoes? More soon...

Yet more Ride content...

Steve's bosses at Factory Media will be pleased...

Cool DC Trip overspill feature and interview with the new guy at Animal.

I ordered a lens from Hong Kong yesterday, and it arrived today at 1pm. That's next day delivery, from Hong Kong.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New BB type.

It's like 2003 all over again.

Spanish BB Mk2. You can adjust the preload on the bearings with the spacers, so if you wanna kickflip all day, you can, or you can have them tighter (without killing the bearings) so you can whip/take your feet off without moving cranks.


New Mutiny products.

420 Burlish, a Ryan Smith frame, a Justin Simpson frame and a new stem. Quite a lot to take in for some people. Check this out to see all the pictures and what not. Mutiny are definatley on the up, and that Burlish is so nice.

New Ian Sports Saturday frame.

Loads of info on the Ride Site:

Clickity click.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"Sur-he-o Lay-oh" vid

Loving the Road Fools title quote, hells yeah.

Woozy has the vid.

1., 2., 3.

1. Mike Hoder has a new video up on the Myspace for his clothing company, Came Up.

2. Ian Schwartz has an interview up on Sunday (The site, not the daY).

3. Mike Aitken wannabe? Get involved.

4. Dakota Roche bikecheck video? You know you wanna.

5. Effraim Caitlow's gone blogging - crazy.

6. United have been generous and given not 1, but 2 of their rider's fresh bikes in preparation for the Oz Tour. In related news, Nathan Williams is a mad man. They also put up this slightly unsettling picture.

7. Vital banged up a bikecheck of Mr. Osato.

8. I was up 'til 7am writing an essay. Not ideal.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Go here.

Odyssey parts are now back in the UK: w00t.

I love it...

...when I find a vid, go to post it, then realise everyone's beaten me to it. If the 12 or 176 buses were even half-way reliable, this wouldn't have happened. Regardless: Stijn Staal's leftovers:

Stijn Staal Leftover from Stijn on Vimeo.

Jimmy Levan Update

Update on Jimmy Levan on the Metal site!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

TransAm/IMG blogs.

All about this, rinsed from the TransAm blog.

IMG have listed the new Odyssey parts they've got in stock, get ready to get wantin'...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Aaron Ross grips

Remember the Interbike videos, and there was one with Aaron Ross showing off his new signature grips and the bars he didn't know how wide they were? Well according to Odyssey, they are now available, probably be a little while until they're in UK though? Anyway, they look cool, and supposedly they're the softest grips Odyssey make, *so now you can type in your run and stay in comfort.

*Not guaranteed!

Josh Eilken

Wallride to footjam? Taking it to Southbank...

Brian Foster webedit

It was hardly going to be bad, was it?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The MMM Redbanks Jam...

...was good!

Kudos to all of you who managed to get out of bed at a reasonable time (with varying degrees of hangovers (yes, I mean you Dan)) on New Years Day to come out and have a good time.

Gutted I couldn't ride in the MMM Jam 'cos of my knee, but that's life I guess!

Pics to follow!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Oh my God...

That Fremont video is so good. Seriously, watch it now. I couldn't actually be any more into it without having to take some of Rich Hirsch's DNA and have it replace my own.

Or something.

WATCH IT! And I don't mean that in a young whippersnapper "You best watch out, mister!" way.

Happy new year...


How come every Aversion vid always features place I properly want to ride in? I don't even like riding park...

Check it out anyway...

Happy New Year! Fremont vid...

Happy new year!

To celebrate, why not watch an Awesome Video, then go to an awesome jam at Fareham's Red Banks tomorrow/today at Noon?

Do it ;-)