Friday, September 15, 2006

Barend Jam - Sunday 17th Sept

So it's been raining for the last 2 days... not good weather for riding out, but possibly freeing up the dirt a bit and making it easier for the Barend boys to do some more last minute digging in time for Sunday.

The boffins at the Met Office seem to think that it's not going to rain this weekend, so bring on the best trails Jam in the English BMXing calendar!

I've been hearing rumours that Rory's gonna be giving away $1,000 of his own money if anybody manages to make it alive across a massive gap that involves some tree dodging... Let's just hope there aren't too many mortalities this year!

And remember to wear your tightest girls jeans. You might win something! :D

Check out the new look Barend website for more details.

Slosh wins 2 - 1

Slosh 0 - 0 Lonely Girl
Ok, posted 2 videos in the last blog entry, both hosted on You Tube. It's been 2 days now...

Slosh 1 - 0 Lonely Girl
All of you loved Slosh, but mixed reactions on Lonely Girl. [I personally can't decide who I like more?]

Slosh 1 - 1 Lonely Girl
Slosh loses on hits. Slosh video has been up 2 days and been viewed 474 times. Not bad going, eh? Lonely Girl wins by a tiny margin - 709,784 views in 4 days.

Slosh 2 - 1 Lonely Girl
Lots of controversy regarding the authenticity of the videos. After posting over 30 videos in 3 months, Lonely girl finally confesses she is fake on the Jay Leno Show [and I actually believed she was real! Wot a mug?!]. I can vouch that Slosh is real though. Yes, I've actually touched him in real life [once]. But I've never actually seen him do a hop whip in the flesh... hmm...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This weeks leg ends...

Hey, I thought I told you already - NO RIDING IN THE SHOP! Not unless your name is Slosh and you can do this...

OMG, have you seen the lonely girl videos on You Tube? Just totally random - I'm hooked! (and where'd she learn to edit like that?) Here's a taster for you :

You gotta see the one where P. Monkey is busting out his moves in tune to Promiscuous. Had me in fits! :D

Add her on MySpace now!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The lightest freestyle frame in the world?

Remember the Eastern Grim Reaper? The frame with all the holes in that was stupidly light? Well, Eastern have gone one better and made the same frame, but out of titanium! Weighs in at 2lbs and costs a cool $1,500.

Better start saving the pennies...

Read about it on!

Thanks to Pies for this bit of news.