Wednesday, July 01, 2009

History and comedy.

The song used in this edit was one used for an old Dig (Which was where I saw this vid first!) ad in something like Props 50 - love the bassline in it, aaaaall good. If anyone knows the name of the song, comment away!

I'm aware that the Nike6.0 blog is written in a Xtreme Marketing Friendly™ manner that's supposed to Engage With The Target Audience, and that therefore it's going to sound a bit more "YEAH GNAR DUDE!" than is really necessary, but saying stuff like "Europe is known for culture, sophistication and decorum. Thanks to the Nike 6.0 BMX team, it's now known as a place to drop hammers and do work on two wheels." seems a bit rich. Nothing quite like completely devalueing part of your market by pretty much denying it's existence, or indeed ability and impact on their chosen sport? It's not like there's been no awesome riders from Europe? AAAAnyway, they're also doing some "Beat Gas" (Which I usually do by trying to not move around too much, and to not sit at an awkward angle or anything, then let it out in one big go) thing that Mr. Bighouse (When it's translated to English from French, anyway) noted earlier.

It's a pretty good endeavour I suppose, but I don't quite get why they're aiming the "Ride your bike around the city!" message at people who do ride their bikes "around the city" anyway. Ah well, maybe one day marketing and ad hype will begin to make sense?

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