Monday, June 30, 2008


Something's actually happened!

Mutiny have held up their last-week-promise of putting out a Justin Simpson web vid, and here it is:

Justin Simpson Web Video from kris marcum on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hitman "Sir Han" frame.

Fortunately for us, it seems Hitman's ability to make decent looking frames far exceeds their ad making capabilities...

After teasing you with the lightest prototypes out, Hitman Bikes announces the release of the final versions. Meet the "SIR HAN". A 4lbs 6oz. street/park/all around frame with a 21 holed salute to all that is BMX. Using butted, fluted, drilled, and post-weld heat-treated Sanko Chromoly tubes throughout, Hitman has created the perfect balance of strength to weight.

Not as light or little-tubed as the 3lbs 10oz. prototype that still survives to this day, this frame appears to look just like a regular frame, but with a whole lot of holes... It's nice when the wind blows also...

Avail in Black (of course) and Pearl Blue.
Specs are:
- 75 degree headtube
- 71 degree steerer tube
- 13.65" rear end
- 11.70 bb
- avail in 20.5, 20.75, and 21 inch versions.

All inclued a size guestimated T-shirt and a full 11x 14 multi-sticker sheet so you can have you own Hitman look.

Not entirely sold on the holes idea, but if you look past that it looks like a good frame...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

These are pretty sweet?

Profile have slimmed down the previously tubby Gas Pedals, resulting in these pieces of CNC'd Awesome. Check their site for more photos and details...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jame Cox video frenzy.

Channel 4Down BMX :: James Cox Thursday Evening from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Double barspin hop to hair growth to new look? Awesome stuff anyways, James Cox owns Fareham Banks. Too good!

In other James Cox Video Updates, he can also be found lurkin' in the new Nike vid (Nice one to James and Farren for getting the Big Swoosh hookup!):

More BMX Videos >>

In case anyone from Mpora reads this, using the Embed Code straight from a video embedded on a site doesn't work, you have to go to the video page and do it like that. But yeah, cool.

Bonus: Max Gaertig Footage

Fly Rim.

This is the new Fly rim, that's apparently supposed to be more aimed at being a front rim (Yet still, unlike the new Animal LM/LM-R rims (Which I posted about a few posts down, look it up!), it still has a braking surface for all the front brake riders Fly has... on... their... uh... team).

Pretty sweet either way. I'm gonna chalk up the one bit where they partially drilled the rim join as being a pre-production mistake, right?


Well, I actually mean a singular form of Hero, but just imagine how many people google "Heroes" every day to see more news about their HIT TV SHOW HEROES NBC. All about those Google search terms, haha.

AAAAAAAAAAAAnyway, Leigh Ramsdell is the reason for this post. Walking with a broken hip: Hero.

Leigh Go Boom from eastern bikes on Vimeo.

Ctrl + Click = Open in new tab.

Which is what you'll be wanting to do...

Dig 65 is aaaaaht naaaaah, so check out the preview there, think "Damn, I want a piece of that" (Then think "Is that the Odyssey" font they've used on the front cover?" (Then think "Damn, that's some good advertising by Odyssey if I recognise the font they use like that.")), then check out the Photo Overspill they put up too. Check out the sourpuss wearing the new Dig T-shirt on the left of the page too, hah.

Mike Aitken got an "Interview" done, results are up on the Fit Site. Go and watch the Sneak Attack edit in their webvid section after you've read it...

Best-online-updating-company-ever Mutiny (Closely followed by the toad-ally awesome dudes at FBM) have a couple of photo updates on their site, head to the "So..." post.

Jim C and Jim B have Bikechecks up on the Odyssey site. Jim C also has his Signature Beloe Shoe coming out soon. Look pretty sweet! From what I can remember reading about them before, although those soles look vulcanised, they aren't, or something like that... Vague? Hell yes!

Colony are the latest in a long line of BMX companies to make a new grip that I still think is going to be too thick.

SPRFLS posted up Van Homan's section from that video...

Volume have their Ride To Glory trailer up on the Ride site, where they, a couple of days ago, dropped word of the Ashley Charles signature frame?

The DISSRM '07 Edit was apparently so good it's now been on TheComeUp twice. Nice one Joel...

Simple's front hubs now come in anodised green, blue, and "pink" (For want of a better word).

And lastly, some stuff to watch while you're waiting for all those windows to open ;-)

Tim-approved Take video.

Cringe-worthy Terry Adams trailer.

Oh, and lastly, here's the rider list for the next X-Games Street comp that they've finally got the balls to do in the US at last...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Uh, Felt?

Unorthodox, but there we are. Last line's sweet.

Props 69 should be good...


EDIT: For some reason, the 69 page now plays the 68 trailer, despite it working earlier. Weird. Anyway, Dig have the clip up on their site in gloriously low quality.


New Videorama from those crazy Germans, I'm feelin' it:

wethepeople : Cooper Brownlee : Videorama from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.

Rob Ridge

This was one of the few parts in the new Standard DVD that didn't make me want to slay an entire bar full of people, it's good stuff...

STA : Rob Ridge from Standard Bykes on Vimeo.

Also saw this linked on TCU, a video dedication Rob made to his late partner a few weeks ago. Sorry to hear of your loss, Rob.

For the love of life (in memory of...) from Robert Ridge on Vimeo.

Dot dot dot

So, yeah. Frontflip down a set of stairs.



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So slow.

Sorry for the major lack of updates, the last few days have been maaaaad hectic. Ridden so much over the past few days, it's been awesome.

Anyway, Fit have been riding a lot too, go to their site, click Webvids, then check out Sneak Attack. Damn, son!

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is awesome.

More BMX Videos >>

Ashley Charles' voice at the end cracked me up, haha.

AAAAAAAnyway, this video contains some Soton and B'mouth spots I really wanna ride again. Make the most, locals!

Post 600.

Odyssey stuff, mostly, but first - DK Edwins.

Sorry, I meant Tsukas?

Anyway, yeah, Odyssey. New C.F.L. stem, pretty sweet:

Words I didn't bother copying and pasting are available here.

Lastly, if you were waiting for a pair of the translucent Animal Hamilton pedals, apparently you'll have to wait a bit longer. Odyssey have asked Wellgo, their pedal manufacturer, to give them a reasonable amount of time to release their translucent pedals first before producing the Animal pedals. Intriguing. Can kinda see where Odyssey are coming from as they 'apparently' put in over a year of R&D on the coloured translucent pedals, so yeah, there we are. Just a heads up...

New Loteks

The new Fall line from Lotek has been released. The Nightwolves are pretty high now...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Get that clicking finger ready, it's time for a Redirection Frenzy™:

Ride have got not only really, really annoying pop-up ads (Firefox pwn3d them though) to do some ad research for Mpora, but they've also got a bunch of overspill from the pretty-damn-fine Matt Wakefield interview. Hadn't really seen much of George Marshall's work before, but he's goooood.

Also spotted on Ride's site some news about new Shadow Conspiracy stuff, check out the Shadow site here.

In unrelated, and not particularly interesting news for anyone but me, they've also got photos of their new designer Chris Gordon, who it turns out I've actually met at Cantelowes a few times. *Namedrop*

According to the PM's I've been receiving from him on Streetphire, Mute is pretty much working himself into a frenzy over how awesome the Terror in Trowbridge jam is gonna be. 13th July, make it count!

Bit of visual stimulation for y'all - here be the promo for the new 2x4 video. Should be a corker:

Oh, and lastly - Hoang Tran bikecheck up on Dig. Nice wheels!

Sputnic vid

Sputnic Team Edit 3 from Sputnic BMX on Vimeo.

This video surprised me quite a lot. Awesome riding throughout, and some really diverse styles. All good.

Happy Birthday Dude!

Happy Birthday* Carlos!

*According to Myspace.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Street Vs Tweak Videyooo!

Just saw this in a bulletin on whilst on Myspace. It's Project 5's video from SvT. It's quite a good watch. Although it may not be up to Mutiny's HD standards, or taken 5 years of editing like Etnies Grounded, but it's a good reminder of how good SvT was this year. And if you missed it, this is what you missed out on!


Video by Matt Parker

Style43 Street vs Tweak 2 write-up.

Joel, dropping the double pegs and according to the last frame, some urine, during SvT

This year, I actually managed to get my photos and ramblings about Street vs. Tweak up instead of having them all deleted off my hard-drive when my laptop died.

The write-up wasn't really what I was expecting, and bearing in mind it was me who wrote it, that probably calls for a re-write tomorrow morning.

Photo over-spill and more local-based write-up should be up on DISSRM soon. Got plenty of photos of local dudes, so check there if you want a new Myspace photo...

Anyway, HERE'S the write-up. Massive thanks again to Pijin, Dave and all the other jam organisers/helpers/sponsors/riders. It was too good.

My memory is the worst.

Seriously, this is probably the fourth time I've remembered to post This Video from Defgrip about the History of the Luc-E. It's worth a watch...

Kelly Bolton is good. Andrew Jackson is good. As a result, I can't really imagine this video being bad, although I can't actually play it on my computer. Fail.

Oh yeah, and...

Ben Basford is now on Kink, according to Streetphire.


King of Street Lloyd told me about this one - the top 3 runs from NASS are up on Dig. Mark Webb is both pretty silly and first place winner. Champ.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Solid have some new product info up.

Check the dropouts.



Volume have a Pivotal and some revised frames coming out soon, check out their News Box for more info.

Pretty nice last couple of tricks here. Joel, step it up!

Defgrip have a cool video Q&A with the Sunday team down in Mexico. While you're waiting for it to download, click on the Sunday link and check out the photo updates from the last few days...

Scotty D is off Fit and on Subrosa. Interesting choice, be cool to see how that works out. Timed it pretty well leaving after hte Ride to Glory trip too, that thing looked pretty rad...

"That's the badger..."

LS6 BMX - Early Summer Edit from Ls6bmx on Vimeo.

Those of you at Street Vs Tweak may recognise a face or two from this vid...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rob Wise...

...has a sweet bike.

Did he? Didn't he?

Apparently, that whole K-Rob thing's not as clear-cut as you might imagine measuring a 26.5ft air would be.

Forgetting titles is a really bad idea.

Someone needs to drop this out in the Park comp, next SvT...

Kelly Bolton RPRZNT.

Speaking of RPRZNTation, Nathan Williams and Dakota Roche have left Primo. There was a rumour circulating online, but this proves it.

"Brian Foster, Josh Stricker, Tony Neyer, John Heaton, Boy, and Kurtis Elwell are all still representing Primo and are working on a full-length video that Glenn PP Milligan is filming."

...but without Dakota, Nathan and Corey, it'll be interesting to see how many copies they shift. Foster and Stricker sections are usually pretty dece though.

Friday, June 13, 2008


That's how many Street vs Tweak photos there are on Dearsy's Myspace page...

Something's fallen off Marv's bike?

Can you see what they are?

There's also Marv's section from Nang in there too. Go check it out...

Hella tired.

Random photoshoots cropping up going on 'til 4am with awesome people are, well, awesome.

In other news, Mutiny have a new thin (I'll believe that when I feel it...) grip out and a Pivotal (And railed) seat. Click on their site for more.

B.A.R. have an Eli Platt bikecheck up, featuring the frame Carlos was trying to force me to buy. Bully!

Kevin Robinson did the high air record thing by like 6 inches. Fair play, but still, y'know, sorta feels like he's mugging Mr. Hoffman. Ride have the deets.

United have a bag out that could probably realistically be called the Ian Morris/Dean Hearne Signature Backpack.

Devon X Chase = Bikecheck and rad manoeuvres. How the hell do you even spell that word?

Right, I've gotta be up early tomorrow to post stuff, and it already qualifies as being early tomorrow now, so I need some sreeeeep.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Man, Street vs Tweak was awesome. Great riding, great weather, great times, great people - pretty sweet combination, to be fair. I'm still yet to man up and actually sort through the photos I took from the day (The problem of owning 4gb cards is that you shoot and shoot away, not realising you've actually taken 400 photographs of "stuff"...), so here's one of Mr. Low Profile himself, Sam, tableing at Chandlers Ford's latest addition.

There's actually two, 'cos I just found the other one. Ghost-town park sessions are cool.

Anyway, stuff's been happening outside the sphere of Southampton this week, up to and including:

Ryan Smith getting a Bikecheck.

Niki Croft features in this video, taken from this website.

The results of Ride to Glory may or may not be contained in this blog.

The Macneil-rider-who's-name-I-never-spell-right has a video up here.

Lastly, Nathan Williams has a new video here. Should I be like everyone else who's posted about this video and go on about how it's also "B-footage" and not going in the final Levis DVD which should be out later this year? Or should I just go on about how I hope the music's better in the DVD than any of the web-vids so far...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Heres a photo I took of Joel at SVT this Sunday. This rail was actually mad, and Southampton's own term-time street warrior was the only person to cover every inch of the rail with his trick sticks. Insaneeeeeeeee.


random lil seq from the weekends street jam.

this is ex southampton's P5 owner matt parker and dunk. rail grind to syked-ness?

only took a few photos with the digi cam. films should be back from the lab end of the week.

see what comes out good i guess

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Big Daddy meets Scotty Cranmer...

I got shown the funniest clip ever today...

This Big Daddy guy is crazy! Don't try to pull an "X-Factor" kids, or Big Daddy will eliminate you! LoL

Daddy-Vision Part 8 : "Gettin in Cranmer's Kitchen"

Daddy-Vision Part 9 : Local "Fricking" Exposure

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shadow Plastic

Carlos managed to "borrow" a prototype Shadow Plastic Pedal from Subrosa Team rider Eli Platt when he was building his bike up in the shop...

Fly to Glory?

Day 4 and Day 5 from Federal on Ride to Glory, go here for Proper and here for Volume. As always, Fit are updating here.

Fly have also got a new stem coming out, which still comes in the same length as the Mosca (45mm, the length all stems should be), which inevitably means I'm going to buy one:

This is probably my last blog before Street vs Tweak on Sunday (at MFI Banks at 12pm, hint hint), so you'll have to lurk BMX-related websites yourselves for the time being. See you there, fingers crossed it stays dry...

Friday, June 06, 2008

I know I don't say it as often as I should...

...but I really love Mutiny's site. Seriously, go there every day. Always have loads of pics up, and for some reason I never mention it? I don't even know why...

But yeah, this is one of the examples of the sweet photos they drop out:

Gripped and dipped. Hell yes. But yeah, check back there often, they're on it virtually every day!


Tony Malouf from John O'Connor on Vimeo.

All good.


WTP's surprisingly small, surprisingly windowless van has caught fire:

Get all up in hurr for the details.

MassBMX spring edit ahoy.

Translucent Odyssey Twisted PC and Grizwald grips, comin'atcha.

The weather's looking rubbish for Sunday. Depressing.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The first... that James Smith has had this year, that hasn't been done by himself?

Untitled from Chris Mcardle on Vimeo.

P-p-potentially. Ride To Glory!

As seen on WTP X HW

All aboard the Rad Train!

Street vs Tweak, this Sunday, 12pm @ MFI! Last call!

I have no idea whether this will actually embed and/or work, it asked me to configure a show player 'n' stuff, I think I did it right...

If not, go to Orchid's site and check out the TransAm Jam video. It's too good! I'm pretty sure that if you traced out the lines that Van Homan does around that bowl, it'd probably look like a sweet spirograph piece.

More Videorama from WTP, this time it's Bruno Hoffman. I've seen plenty of contest footage of him, and plenty of people telling me they'd seen him ride and he's amazing, but this is the first street video I've seen from him, and he bosses that too. Big respect! It's nuts how he's almost 7 years younger than me, but he's been riding way longer than me, haha. Either way, rad vid.

Two Fit updates from Road To Glory - Federal clocking up more points as a result of creative usage of flour and ketchup? Unlucky, Fit...

Proper have a second update up on Ride UK's site.

Fit have signed up another ripper for their flow team, Trey Jones: from Brett Rohlfing on Vimeo.

ROFLing? It ain't no laughing matter. I thought you had to be brakeless to get signed for Fit these days? Only a matter of time!

BMXUnion have an interview up with Will Stroud. Kinda interesting, Levis DVD soon?

But yeah, SvT. See you there...

'arry Maaain and Hitman Bikes

I don't know why, but I always kinda expect the worst when I see "Harry Main vid". Something about flashbacks to Cranmer or something. AAAAAnyway, point I'm getting at is that this video is awesome, and the boy literally does 'got the skillz'.

Harry_Main_Rampworx from Anthony Watkinson on Vimeo.

Lastly, despite having the Second Worst Print Adverts Ever, Hitman apparently have a pretty bo$$ rider on their team. Observe: Dave Mahoney park ride. from Brett Rohlfing on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Links galore!

Sean Sexton has a bikecheck on BAR, who are coming to the end of their project. Can't wait to see the DVD!

Plenty of Ride To Glory updates:
WTP 3 (P.S. James Smith's got another tattoo...)
WTP 4, win a seat
Federal 1
Proper (x lots) (There's also a sweeeeeet Alex Kennedy vid posted on there on the 28th May)


Click Here to read the opening spreads of the Ian Sportz interview from the last RideUS. It was good. Spotted on the freshly updated Lotek Blog, well worth checking out!

Couple of lifestyle photos of the Mutiny team with/by Walter Pieringer.

Mike Taylor is back in action after some super-fun knee surgery, just in time for summer! It's gotta be no fun being him.

My archaic computer (iMac in a few weeks...) means that this video runs like Paula Radcliffe, i.e. not very well at the moment. However, it's Give D and as a result it's worth it.

Bars x lots.

Apparently, Nigel Sylvester can fire out the bazrons when required.

Nigel Sylvester FORMAT NY from Glenn PP Milligan on Vimeo.


H-Man photo

Federal have Day 2 of Ride To Glory info up here.


Day 3 of the Ride To Glory trip for Fit.

The Hotwheels X WTP page has some more video clips and writing up on it. No competition yet though...

Ride have not one but two team updates from RTG on their own site.

New Animal products up on Dig.

No prizes for guessing where this came from (But it does have some really, really good riding in it):

MASSBMX/THECOMEUP commercial for Props 69 from RODIZZLE on Vimeo.

And in similar news, the covers for Props 69:

TheComeUpBoard also has some pics from the Brooklyn race. Pretty nuts!

Give-D have a new site up.

Devon Hutchins has a new update on his site with a load of new pics and an Aaron Ross clip in it.

Flybikes Sergio Smp from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

Sergio Layos leaving the ground twice whilst riding a bowl, from Fly.

Cleggy's down with Hit The Switch being online. Check it out, decide you like it, then buy a copy for real.

Monday, June 02, 2008


It continues, this time more of a release from Corey:

On Friday I was dropped from the Primo team. I'm still not really sure exactly what happened, but I do know there're a lot of misconceptions about the situation, most of them coming from the press release put out by Primo.

First off, I'd like to say that United is not starting a parts company or really even expanding their line of parts other than maybe a couple of small items. In any case, I never had any plans of leaving Primo to ride United parts. I was completely happy there. I told Nate that several times, and I only had Ian call him to try and convince him as well. Ian wasn't dealing with Primo for me, he was just trying to back up what I had already told them.

Second, I don't know what bike checks or sponsor lists Primo is referring to. I'm pretty sure I list Primo as a sponsor every chance I get. I have occasionally run competitor's parts, but that was over a year and a half ago and only for about a week or so, and even then there was no bike check. And as far as stickers go, I always have Primo stickers on my bike. I'm sorry if Primo feels differently.

I didn't want to write this but I felt I had to clear things up on my part for the people who don't know me. Seeing Primo's press release really upset me because they could have come to me first about those issues. I don't want this to become a back and forth ordeal so this is my final word on the subject. What's done is done. I've had an amazing five years on Primo, and I appreciate everything they've done for me. I'm just really bummed on this whole situation. Not only did they kick me off the team suddenly and without a good explanation, but they publicly made me and United out to be the bad guys. I just wanted to clear a few things up and present my side of the story.

-- Corey Martinez

Sad to see it's going on like this, but these things happen I guess.

Ride To Glory

WTP Updates.
Federal updates.
Fit updates.

Elevation photos

Defgrip have some pretty sweet photos up from Elevation, go check 'em out...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Deluxe vid.

Davros for Deluxe at Barend from Deluxe Bmx on Vimeo.

Pretty self explanatory. Stripped seat, raised-as-high-as-possible big bars and a tiny sprocket wasn't really what I was expecting bike-wise from someone riding from Deluxe, but there we are. Classic Helmet-Cam footage too.

Subrosa in Sunny Southampton

Team Subrosa will be making their way across the pond and stopping by Pijin tomorrow (around 2pm). Ryan Sher, Eli Platt and Hoang Tran, along with Jon Taylor will then hit some local parks. So if you're riding in Southampton tomorrow... you just might be in for a surprise!

Carlos is playing host and has blagged a day off for riding duties. Chandlers Ford is first on the hit list... but not sure where they will head to next? Hoglands is definitely not on the list!

Joel's P5 Edit.

Just saw this up on Streetphire - probably one of the most fun looking parks I've seen in ages!

Project 5 from joel nicholls on Vimeo.

Joel's also updated his blog, check it aaaaaaht.

King of Tweak Ride

It's that time of year again. Street vs Tweak next Sunday!

It's sad news to say current "King of Tweak" is selling his ride! :(

If you want a top notch custom ride then you can't go wrong with placing a bid for this. Auction ends today so make a bid before it's too late. Condition is immaculate, and it's ranks as one of the top bikes we've seen in Pijin. I'm sure Paul is very reluctant to see it go...

Click here to go to eBay page!

Primo/Ride To Glory

So, T-Nez is off Primo? Here's what Nate Moroshan, Primo TM had to say on the matter:

We’re all real bummed about this situation over here at Primo. First of all we’d like to say that we loved having Corey part of the family and the decision to let him go didn’t come easy. We also wanted to keep all this info between us and Corey, but feel the need to clear a few items up.
Corey was not let go because of a lack of stickers. Corey is one of the best riders on earth, we’d never fire a rider because of stickers.
Several months ago Corey mentioned that at some point he’d most likely ride fulltime for United. We would rather our riders know they want to stay with us. While spending some time in England it became clear that United was either starting a parts company or expanding the United line with new parts that would compete with Primo. Looking back on Corey’s coverage in the past few months he doesn’t show up much with primo stickers, and he’s had bike checks with competitors parts on his bike. Corey hasn’t listed Primo as one of his sponsors on several occasions in the past..
Corey was the highest paid member of the primo team, and we just want our guys to be psyched to be on the team. We tried to discuss the situation with Corey and we met with many phone calls from Ian at United back tracking on his parts venture. It’s currently our policy at primo to deal with the Sponsored rider not a an agent, friend, or family member.
Basically it became apparent to us that Corey’s loyalty is elsewhere. We decided to let him go forward and be a fulltime United rider.
We hope this clears up an misconceptions about this issue and we can all move on to bigger and better things. We wish Corey, Ian and United all the best in their future endeavors..

Nate Moroshan.

And here's Corey's side of the story.


Lastly, Ride and 4Down both have daily updates on the Ride To Glory roadtrip. Hit up the splash page on 4Down's site for all the info...