Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A post.

Man, it feels like forever since I posted last, yet in reality it really isn't. Time flies when you're having fun.

Anyways, new videos!

Josh Eilken always does some rad stuff, generally backwards and at speed, and it's no different in this Madera edit. He also was involved in this:

PLUSH Tattour Trailer from Tony Malouf on Vimeo.

Speaking of backwards, here's Ian Schwartz doing a 'dece' half-cab:

Ian Schwartz' monster half-cab drop. from Jim Cielencki on Vimeo.

Spotted these two nuggets of awesomeness over on Dig - firstly, The Works have now made it so that it's free to enter over the summer for under 18s, and £2 for over 18s. Gotta try and survive the summer somehow! Secondly, they put up Van Homan's interview (Which created one of the best covers Dig's had - it's also funny how a portrait of someone can be considered a 'risky' cover, but that's the media world we live in I guess) - click here for that.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anyone seen the point?

You can clearly see that the guys who run the Dew Tour obviously realised that street was pretty popular. As people who are constantly after increased ratings and more exposure for sponsors and logos and all that jazz, so they appeared to think that trying to appeal to street riders would be beneficial. No doubt they also noticed that street web-edits were pretty popular and received a hell of a lot of views - especially if they contain the 'big names' - so, what better way to attract street riders than have the biggest names ride street, and make a street web-edit? Well, that kinda makes sense (Apart from missing the non-competitive point of street riding, and the no pressure, do-what-you-want point of it too), but when that 'street' is actually a pretty linear park format, and the riding is limited to just doing back and forth runs on that particular setup, it's not really the same thing. At all. Although the riding's pretty insane in these videos, there's no real connection to street whatsoever. Must be pretty stressful for the filmers too, having to try and make uniformly painted ramps with sponsors logos all over the place actually look good, and try and get different angles in. No fun at all. Ah well, I'm sure they'll get some £££'s from it, but it does seem to be a return of the 'big' competitions just trying to milk BMX for all it's worth. After some of the people running those biggers comps had turned it around and actually seemed to be more concerned with the way that they interacted with and represented BMX, it's pretty disappointing to see organisers doing stuff like this...

Anyway, the videos are pretty cool I guess (Although nowhere near as cool as it would be with the different backgrounds and cool environment that street brings with it, as well as unique setups that allow riders to be more creative (The point!)), it still seems like they could've done so much more, and so much better.

James Cox/DC.

James Cox is UK street. There's just something about the hop tables, proper barspins and suicide no-handers, I guess. The fact he's also riding better than ever and dropping multiple hammers helps? Either way, always keen to see what he's up to of late, and now it appears to be that he's on DC? Weird fit, bearing in mind the rest of their team (And the relatively recent James Cox/Farren Downes "Welcome to Nike" vid?), but hey, if it's a good deal for him, why not? This is his welcome vid anyway, good stuff:

And this is the web-edit that the Fortes did of the recent DC trip to the Continent, featuring a fairly hefty ender from Lima and some cool lines from all the other dudes involved.

Blogging might be a little erratic for the next few days, 'cos I've just moved to Newcastle so life's a bit everywhere at the moment, hence this update being posted at 5:15am on a Sunday morning. C'est la vie!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Paul Buchanan.

Doing 10 years ago what most people can't do today.

Mat Roe's got some cool pics at MutinyBikes.com.

Tom Perry rules.

Good at drawing stuff and at riding stuff.


Taliban sent me a link to this (does that count as a name-drop? Haha...), and then Deluxe posting it reminded me of it - a rad video from They Ain't Ready.

eastside woods memorial day jam 2k9 from THEYAINTREADY on Vimeo.

If you're trying to remember where you've seen them before, Dig trails issue.

New Dig.

Dig on Facebook tells me the new issue's out, and lo, t'is.

Banging cover! More info all up in hurr.


Is it wrong that "EINBITTEN" amuses me? Guessing that's "Embed" in German. Either way, poached this from over on Woozy. This video utterly rules in every sense.

Semi-related (In that they're a Vans Half-Cab bite), here are the new colour-way Lotek Eddies. They look sweeeeeeet.

The Federal blog is now up on BMXFeed, meaning I got the chance to see this Dan Cox updated bio with the greatest of ease.

Similarly, there's this rad update on FBM. Being able to make whatever frame you want has gotta be pretty damn awesome.

Stay Fit #11

Ooh, am I the first? Meh, who cares...

Gatorade/Nigel Sylvester.

Will this work? Seriously, this embed code is utterly insane. Anyway, Mark Losey talking about Nigel Sylvester (who does some riding) who's doing his thing for Gatorade.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"R.I.P.", probably?

Well, Michael Jackson has died. Downer. However, the 'downer' continues for these people. Is Michael Jackson alive? £1,750 for 2 VIP tickets? Bet they're hoping that auction gets cancelled...

Macneil have updated the DeuceDeuce, so if you want to make a BMX limo, buy that frame, get some spinners and go nuts...

Dig have put up a "Behind the scenes" kind of interview thing about the Random Wrench. I had the old one and it was sweet, but I wish I had the new one 'cos it'd make packing my bag to move to Newcastle on Saturday 100% easier...

I've only watched the first 10 seconds of this video and stopped it afterwards to post on here - watch as Terry Adam goes to toptube just getting onto his bike. Flatlander style for you I guess...

Terry Adams at Myth Night Club from Buck on Vimeo.

Priceless. Anyway, Josh Bedford sent it, Joe Cox captured it, Joe Simon/Gaz Sanders branded it, Ride and Dig printed it:

I don't know why, but the Blogger Uploader seems to invert that photo? Weird. Head to the Mutiny site to check it anyway - MutinyBikes[dot]com.

Word on the street (Well, on Woozy) is that a Stefan Lanstcher video part (For Carhartt) is gonna drop soon. Hell. Yes.

Lastly, this video wins:

The best bike in the world

Lloyd's got himself a shiny new frame too, the new Kink Issue "Sean Sexitime" (His words, not mine) sig frame. Some new Empire forks too, blingingingignigginginging.

More photos of his bike plus other assorted rad photography on Lloyd's Flickr.

Fox Stuff

Is now in the shop.

As is some new Kink bits

But mostly Fox, we're stocking their stuff again. Pretty cheap too!


Betley's bike...

Josh Betley's got a new bikecheck up for Felt. Some of the riding's pretty snazzy!

Go to BNQT for more videos.

Nike Media Apprentice...

...well, it's not me, haha.

Rich Wilson (Or Forne depending on what video you happen to watch), the guy who did Hull's One More Brew section and Us & Them, produced a bangin' entry, and then a bangin' final edit too, which you can check out here:

You can check out all the other entrant's stuff here, and mine here.

EDIT: Just spotted this video that explains it all a bit more:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something relevant.

Enough about me - time for another M.W., but this time Mark Webb, who spent a day with Robin Fenlon. That sentence made it sound way more romantic than it appeared to be.

More BMX >>

Rinsed from Ride.

If only...

If only the rails weren't so bent (And the cover wasn't red and yellow). PowerLite RPRZNT...

Old race seats: Yes please.

Good enough for Ride, good enough for me...

Well, I posted up the link before that apparently shouldn't have been posted - sorry dudes! Anyway, Ride posted the Vimeo version up today, so it might be alright now? If not, I guess you've got my number...

ProperBikeCo. Mike Miller 09 edit from Proper BMX Co on Vimeo.

Propaaah. New site soon!

Fictional URLs.


No, really. Via Dig.

Oh, and...

...shout-out to Russ over at SPRFLS too. Back posting pretty regularly again, always good to see!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dig are apparently not quite up to date (which makes a change, 'cos their new "Something new on the site every day" thing's meant they're making the news, not re-posting it) today, in that in the Randy Taylor bikecheck they posted online an hour and a bit ago they list his parts sponsor as Demolition, yet that isn't the case any more. Hand-bags at dawn?

In other bikecheck - how interesting - news, Justin Inman's got a bikecheck up on Ride US. That is one pimp setup, although I spent the whole time thinking "2.3" on the back and 2.25" on the front? That's gotta feel weird..."

Lastly, Orchid made it into Maxim?! Pretty crazy, although those shoes do look pretty sweet. If they were actually vulc soles I'd probably have bought every existing pair of UK10's that are available. Subtle hint for free product? Always on the look-out...

Post 1100.

Colours Clarkkentcontractors.com from Little Jake on Vimeo.

This isn't the most cutting edge video I'll ever post (Heaven forfend, no hang 5s so it can't be!), but riding BMX tracks is fun as hell, manualling sets is fun as hell, and riding in general is fun as hell, so it's being posted...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cough cough.

One for the car guys this time round (Yeah, that's right, no skating...) - spotted on ***NAMEDROP*** Robin Fenlon's ***NAMEDROP*** facebook status update, pretty sweet Shell ad. Yeah, yeah, Shell are evil and all that jazz. Still, that first Ferrari is "ossum".

Shiver me timbers, link ahoy.

The two Mikes...

First up, we've got Mike King's edit from Horsham - gotta love the 'Oh yes' dead sailor at the end!

Second up, with 2 ads before it and 1 afterwards (That's a full minute of ads? No thanks...), it's the Mike Taylor Ride UK/DUB edit:

Hefty hefty heeeeefty. It seems weird seeing someone like Jersey doing a hang 5, for some reason.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quick fact.

Banned In Orlando #3 contains Greg Smee hopping over a fully-grown, adult swan. This is probably the best thing involving a BMX to ever be filmed.

That is all...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy Saturday?

Weird - weekends are usually dead for news! Anyways, here's some:

Taj has a "Now and Then" piece up on Dig. Talks a lot about his worse-than-I-thought-they-were back injuries - sounds like a pretty savage deal. Link!

New parts news! Federal and Subrosa this time - Federal have got all their new stuff in - check out how sweet the Twilight looks, and Subrosa have a 10° laid-back Pivotal post. Keen on this:

In other Seventies-ish news, Shadow have done an "X" with Streetphire for this video, and indeed interview.

Shadow X Streetphire Into The Void remix from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

You can also click here to watch the vid with H-Man's trademark background/pic integrated Vimeo thing business doohicky.

This is a pretty rad video of the Tattour thing that's going on:

Go to BNQT for more videos.

This is Alex Magallan's 'scrap' footage from the new Sunday. The theme of badly chosen songs for video parts certainly holds true in the real DVD itself.


If you were wondering how to Stay Fit (Diet Pills, Dieting, Weight Loss - boosting that search engine optimisation, boom boom!), this is how, according to Dakota Roche:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mike Miller.

EDIT: Video's gonna be back up when the new Proper site drops. Stay tuned!

Meh. #2

Man, I love Ricky Adam's work, and similarly, I love what Dig are doing, so when I saw that there was overspill for their awesome NorthWest article from the latest issue was up, I had a hunch it'd be good. There's some rad stuff online, and even rad-er stuff offline (In the mag, duh). Click here to check it out.

For some reason Odyssey have decided to try and destroy their own credibility by releasing all their parts in neon pink. God knows why. It sucked when companies like Gusset milked it until it was literally dry a few years ago, and there's virtually nothing that's changed in the period from then 'til now.

Literally, no idea why.

Anyway, in more positive news, Team Jeff DuPaul have done an exclusive edit for Defgrip that you can non-exclusively check out here:

TJD Defgrip Mix from Defgrip on Vimeo.

I mentioned yesterday (?) about my disliking of online flipbooks, and now T1 have got into the mix. "Fkk-fkk" Change page. "Fkk-fkk"


Click here to scope out the history of the T1 Barcode.

Yeah, sour buzz today, but that's what happens when people don't e-mail people when they should, and I don't get to ride...


According to Lloyd Wright, "if you don't like this video you're either a virgin or a henid, or both". I don't really know what a henid is, but I'm neither 'cos I was well into it.

Troy Merkle Winter Edit from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

EDIT: Didn't realise it was two months old. That's my Facebook-based blogging steez for you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Two things I forgot to post from yesterday - the Newcastle P5 jam and the promo vid for Bob's Jam.

First up, the Newcastle vid from Streetphire/Seventies:

Project 5 Jam Newcastle from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

And secondly, the promo vid for Bob's Jam. Frighteningly big jumps, haha! Flyer and info up on Ride UK:

Build Up to Bobs Back Yard Jam from Dave King on Vimeo.

BONUS! Whilst cruising over to the 'Phire, I spotted this video made by Chicken of the finally-sponsored Orchid-supported Shaun Hadlington:

94seconds with Shaun Hadlington from Chicken BCBMX on Vimeo.

In related news, the bank that Shaun footjamwhips at about 0:45 is the reason I've got a second knee on my right leg. No love for that bank.

Stolen dropouts.

I'm pretty sure I saw these being done before somewhere, possibly in the trials world? Seem familiar. Not entirely sure how well they'd work, but we'll see. Just seems that it might end up being like when you've got a bent axle and you try tightening it up and your wheel moves a bit (EDIT: Seems like Russ has some similar concerns, the issue about more tightening = more chain tension was something I'd thought about too). Either way, ta-daaaa:

More pics 'n' un-questioning general marketing blurb over on Ride US.

Mission statement.

The main aim of this blog is to of course try and promote Pijin, and as such I generally try and avoid doing things that won't directly get sales or anything along those lines. So, I hear you say, why are you linking to Retribution's site which now has new DVDs and stickers to be purchased? Well, the reason is, as James states on their blog, the more of these they sell, the more money they have to get their clothing line up and under way. Once that's happened, hopefully they'll make their way into fantastic bike shops such as Pijin, helping out James, the shop, and you the discerning customer. It all works out in the end.

Whilst we're talking about the shop, it's new! So new, it had an advert dedicated to it in the newest issue of Ride. In case you're broke and can't afford to buy Ride (Which you should, 'cos it's got some rad stuff in it this month), here's the ad. Hefty shop is hefty!


There's a pretty cool video of Kriss Kyle floating around courtesy of BSD and Dig, and due to new online fashions you can now only view it over here.

One of the bonuses of online videos is that, at blogs such as this (Or whatever your favourite online video checking out haunt might be - although it should be this one...) you can see all the decent videos in one place. If your video is slightly under-par (Not saying this video is, 'cos it's actually pretty cool), or if it's a rider who's not as well known and so isn't instantly going to get you hits (Again, not saying that's the case here), then one of the benefits of blogs that pick out the best videos for all to see is that you're more likely to get views from convenience. Essentially, what I'm saying is - if you've got a video that's of, say, a slightly un-known rider or isn't the best production wise, or is just a really short little clip, if someone just has to click 'play' and then watch the video, then your video will get more hits than if someone has to click through to another site, then get to the video, then click play. I'm not saying it's right, but people are lazy and won't want to have to go round the houses to check out a video that may/may not be any good. Again, just to clarify - seeing as a lot of people seem to have a habit of taking what I say out of context/not getting the point - I'm not saying this video is anything other than 'pretty sweet', just refering more to the current trend to set videos to be 'exclusive'.

Just my thoughts, anyway...

A simple question...

...do we really need to see all new products in a "Flipbook"? It's pretty much the worst way of showing new stuff online. No joke. With that in mind, here are two from Subrosa and Fit. In Fit's defence, their's is actually more interesting to look at (Incl. some new pivotals that look similar to the Odyssey Senior Pivotals?) and has more interesting info... All the products are available to view on their respective sites without the flipbook format, too...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Put up a couple of photos over here as well as re-posted that Claremont HD video that I put up here before that was both awesome and rad - a difficult and often unattainable combination of qualities, but one that they properly nailed there.


You fell asleep, whilst being tattooed? Yeah, whatever...

The Chase Hawk Vans got mentioned here before. Here's a pic courtesy of Empire. The worst?

Pretty sweet video from DahStreets;

Made with a cheap little video camera, one that you could probably afford too. Why not get one and do your own? Like I said, you should probably make it happen!


This video reminded me I forgot to go ride Rom before I left London. Livid. One day, one day...

Some good stuff in here anyway, pretty relaxed vibe.

Danny Clayton? Who?

Not heard of him before, but the dude's awesome. That ender - winner!

Danny Clayton from superstarbmx on Vimeo.

Superstar, seen over on Dig.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I think the word I used to describe the last trick in this video was "Pyoooaaar". No joke. Either way, comes from Ride - it's the shoot for the Benny L interview that's in the mag. It's actually out now, and the magazine in general is pretty worth reading.

Vans at FISE from WTP:

Vans Team @ FISE 2009 from AtotheZ on Vimeo.

Javier Ortega has a new Fly edit up, which I caught over on Dig (Where I also got weirded out by suddenly seeing my face in the Nike banner at the bottom):

Flybikes Javier Ortega in Portugal from Vespa Produções on Vimeo.

Speaking of Dig, again, you dudes really need to check out the Nike Europe trip video I posted the link to (badly...) yesterday. Seriously, Click 'n' View!

Taliban sent me a link to The Ride Journal today, and told me to check out Issue 1 - there's some cool stuff in there, so if you get a chance, have a peek. For the record, the tyre lever shown on page 31 (60/61 of the actual thing) is the best kind of tyre lever ever made. They're so good...

LightsInTheWoods? LimasInTheStates to be more accurate...

lima at sxsw from lightsinthewoods on Vimeo.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Battery dying, no time! Watch this video as soon as humanly possible, it's amazing. http://video.mpora.com/watch/itBFV6M8C/

The new Ride UK issue is also pretty rad. Get it and read it. Battery gooooiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggggg...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Conflict of interest?

I ain't scared. Esc's been in the pipeline for time. Now, finally, the content's about 90% sorted, the lay-out's pretty much sorted and it's gonna be go time once I've moved Oop North. Stay tuned to the blog, or, if you've got no soul, the Tweets. Totally worth it.

Anyway, other stuff's been going on:

Forgot to post it before, but Shadow did a flow trip and Ride US covered it, with the following online presence - a video and a flip-book.

H-Man's been putting his new studio to full effect, check out the Lacey bike-check.

This made both Tim and I laugh yesterday, so it's getting posted today: The new WTP videorama. Sweeeet.

wethepeople : EuroCribs : videorama from wethepeoplebikeco on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Forgot a title...

Where to begin? Newrick seems as good a place as any... 4Down have continued their 'At Home With...' series with James Newrick being the next candidate. Pretty interesting guy, refreshing style of riding.

Channel 4Down BMX :: At Home With James Newrick from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Booooonus - his NSF3 section:

Nigel Sylvester's got a new Gatorade 'infomercial' thing or whatever they're called up. Interesting seeing some more behind-the-scenes stuff.

Speaking of "behind the scenes", the Nike 6.0 Media Apprentice behind the scenes stuff is up on the Mpora site riiiiight here. Notice how I'm the only one without an interview? Well, that's what happens when you spend your entire interview talking about how you hate indoor skateparks and why street is a million times better. What can I say - it's the truth! In related news, I'm pretty glad I didn't have to get on a boat to do my 'bootcamp'. I wonder how many people are humming 'I'm on a boat' right now...

Chase Hawk's got a signature Vans shoe out, so who better to talk about it than Chase Hawk? What? You got Colin Mackay to do the talk? Right...

Colin Mackay Vans Vault - More BMX Videos

Laaaaaaaastly - Superstar and Data went on a trip together, and got some riding and things done. Observe!

superstar/databmx brouuuhtrip from superstarbmx on Vimeo.


Well, when I first saw the pics of the Odyssey 4/4 bars on the IMG site (Click the 'odyssey' tag below to find it), I thought they may have been a work of fiction. Turns out they aren't, although apparently the bars are so big Odyssey couldn't actually fit a whole pair in one photograph? Weird. Anyway, pictures and stuff.


If they don't look like Bob bars, I ain't interested...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(skate tricks and stunts, yo)

Although this sorta counts 'cos Chris is actually capable of doing BMX tricks on whoever's bike he steals a go on at Southbank. Either way, the guy's got awesome style and a great way of looking at spots. Really makes me want to go out, ride, and skid down some flatbanks. Get inspired!


I started off riding in a small, little town in Wales with nowt but a little mini-ramp, a 3-set and what could potentially be considered a flat-bank in so much as it's theoretically a bank, and isn't transitioned. Either way, it meant that we had to look at things differently when we were out riding to find stuff to do, so naturally seeing edits of people in roughly similar situations interest me. *Name removed for confidentiality* first e-mailed me a link to his friend's Youtube videos a while back, but then I actually got an e-mail off Joe himself with a link to a pair of new Vimeo videos. Some really creative riding here, proving that you don't have to live in a BMX fashion city to be able to put out a cool edit. Click here for his vimeo channel (Which has another vid on there).

People are Strange from ]:_:[ on Vimeo.

Thanks for the link, Joe!

Orchid mentioned on their site yesterday they'd be putting up a little Geoff Slattery edit, and lo, they have. I really like the word 'Orchid'. Orchid.

Geoff Slattery 2009 from Orchid Footwear on Vimeo.

I also really like the way that Geoff rides tight little ramp setups like that. You just know that was hard as hell to ride...

Speaking of Orchid, they also point out that Kevin Porter's now got a coffee sponsor. Hectic! Go here for irrelevant details that won't make a difference to your life.

In similar news, Eli Platt's quit Subrosa and Shadow to focus on uni. Fair play I guess, although my experience of uni hasn't exactly been favourable. Good to see him stand by his ideals though, Ride US have an interview up with him about it all. Shallow interview with a deep person.

Skating doesn't have anything to do with this blog, but I do and I like skating, so check out some cool skate company ads riiiight here, thanks to a link from InTheGnar, thanks to a link from BMXfeed.

Sunday have a new trailer up for Up, Up & Away, but it still won't make me buy it simply because I don't really want to spend money just to see the Ian Schwartz amazing double-section again. It's really good, but not good enough to buy for me. However, I'm told that I'm 'really negative' and that the video's 'sorta alright', so don't take my word for it. There's definitely some other good stuff on there, but we're pretty much talking better than Electronical (Not a challenge), but not as good as... say... That's It or I Wanna Live (Which most definitely is a challenge, because both those videos rule). I should probably also take this opportunity to point out how much I really want to see the new Empire video. So I will. I really want to see the new Empire video.

Oh, and S&M have some pics of their latest cash-cows on their news feed. Seeing as they're still sticking with their flash site, I can't deep-link to that page so you'll just have to either do battle with their site, or just take my word for it that you probably won't want a re-issued Holmes, you'd probably buy the Fit Shiv forks instead of the first "US-made tapered leg and integrated race" Pitchforks and that the seat (Which comes with Eclat-esque Pivotal adapter. Taiwan 1 - 0 Eclat) does it for me but won't do it for you. Just bear in mind I used to run race seats on my BMX 'cos I thought they looked cool - what would I know?

I am tired. That should also suggest to anyone offended by anything in here that they probably shouldn't take it personally. Getting my Kerouac steez on.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Warriors of Wood.

I haven't really followed any of the build-up to this largely because it simply didn't appeal to me at all, but here's the final video anyway.

Warriors of Wood - More BMX Videos

Still don't really get the point of it... 'Street' and 'Park' comps are generally ruined when they stick a great big jumpbox in there 'cos you end up just getting the trick ferrets trying to blast their newest fancy tricks over it without really coming up with any lines around the course or anything like that, yet this appears to be a course that is purely jumpboxes in a row. I guess they're technically doubles so they're trying to hit up that trails/dirt mindset, but it just looks like a half-hearted attempt to do a dirt contest? I dunno, maybe I've missed the point or something but for the build-up it seemed a bit 'meh'...

Miscellaneous contents.

Kink's UK rider Ben Basford put this sweet edit up yesterday. Sweet riding spots ahoy!

Dan Conway is the star of this cool little edit - definitely worth checking out.

Michael Sieben's work is (not quite) literally everywhere, and in this video he talks a bit more about what he's up to. Interesting dude, sweet art = winners.

Bruno Hoffmann + Tyreslide up on Woozy - sweet pic!

Garrett and Nigel at X-Games/Shanghai from six0crew on Vimeo.

It's weird - when I first started buying (Well, reading, 'cos I used to tax them off Dan) BMX magazines years and years ago, whenever there was talk of the X-Games they were generally seen as this big, awful corporate affair. It's was generally in a fairly negative light, and they were definitely considered the riding choice for those who were more interested in chasing the American pro park rat lifestyle rather than so-called 'legit' riders. Interesting how that's turned round these days - for the most part. Pretty cool video of Nigel and Garrett either way!

Friday, June 05, 2009

What the hell..

Chad Degroot on Jerry Springer? Believe:

"I act gay to pick up women" Chad DeGroot on Jerry Springer from chad degroot on Vimeo.

I can't even begin to comprehend that, so click here for more...


Kink's new products have arrived at their warehouse, including this, the Issue frame - Sean Sexton's signature model, no less:

Om nom nom. Check out their site for info.

TheComeUpBoard yielded this cool webvid too, some interesting stuff in it:

Dave Krone Web Edit from brian histand on Vimeo.

Goods mini edit.

Pretty cool little article up on ESPN to accompany this video. Worth a click for the photo of the boneless alone...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kink Taiwan trip

Kink have put up a cool edit from their trip to Taiwan. Turns out Sexton's got some new cheat codes for BMX - toothy hanger up rail to twist out and indeed to 180 bars out? Really?

Kink Taiwan 2009 from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.


In unrelated news, the Dew tour are apparently trying to make their overall brand more cohesive with the action sports environment and participants as a whole, or some other tech business speak... Vital has the info.

Bengo is nuts.

No really. I mean, that *spoiler* and then the *spoiler*, and then that last *spoiler*? What?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ruben Alcantara 'First Hand'

Just spotted this on Mexican John's blog - it's a 3-part interview with Ruben Alcantara. This is part one, go here for the other 2 parts!

Sweeeet trails in Pt 2....


Tom Blyth/Tom Sanders section from Tomorrow We Work is now online.

Issue 5 of Holeshot is now online, pic below rinsed from Nick Ferreira's Flickr page:

If you wanna know more about him, check out his Defgrip interview.

Having left Federal to ride for - of all people - KHE, Bruce Crisman's got a 'farewell edit' up from Edd Allen. All good inspiration, especially as I'm currently rolling (sorta) on a freecoaster.

Melancholy classical versions of Radiohead songs isn't what I need in my current mood, but this new Focalpoint edit is rad:

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Ollie who part-time posts on Streetphire now helps out with the Aversion blog while Louis' tied up with uni work (Speaking of, don't go to my uni). This is an edit he fired up from the bank holiday weekend:

Nick, creator of Holeshot, has put up a photobook on In The Gnar. Click Here to see it!

Lastly, Sean "Sexytime" (To quote Lloyd) Sexton has a bikecheck up on Dig. Some nice pics of his new frame, good times.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Get well soon, Banners! Savage...

In slightly less horrific news, P5 have both a new site and a new video. Here's the site and here's the video:

P5 Spring Mix from Project Five on Vimeo.

Dig have a new post up about Fly's new forks. Go here for all the details 'n' stuff.

Lastly, Ride UK have put up their interview with Steven Hamilton (Just gotta wait 'til Dig put up the interview from #42 (I think...?) with Hamilton to get some before/after contrast), click here to check that out.

Love this pic...

Harry Main rules.

As the title says, pretty much. Sound guy, and unfairly good.

Pity he didn't get to ride FISE - cat amongst the pigeons, I'd imagine...

I usually try and only post stuff I'm into on here, 'cos otherwise there's no real point in me doing it, but although I wasn't particularly keen I thought it might tick a few people's boxes.

david grant spring edit from David Grant on Vimeo.