Thursday, March 31, 2011

Signature lines

Apparently Odyssey have decided to reward Matthew Kelly for his stirling televisual career by giving him a limited edition colourway, demonstrated here with Eric Lichtenburger.

Well, it would be if you could embed that video but apparently you can't. Never mind. To summarise: A bike gets built, you marvel at how he can ride so well with his bars so far forwards, his front wheel falls out. That's about it.

To make this post a bit more 'visual', here's a photo of Matt Kelly.

San Diego...

Yet more San Diego content, all good though!

Hoang Tran has had an interesting style and take on things for a good long while now, continuing with this DansComp video.

There's a bunch more of the SD locals in this video by Miles Rogoish too, including Kyle Hart, Tom Perry, Lahsaan Kobza, Albert Mercado and Connor Lodes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Slightly different.

Bit of a difference between these two videos, although both were pretty cool to watch! Dakota Roche and Mathias Dandois getting amongst it...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

All I'm saying is... here, add to basket, hit up GoogleCheckout, wait for it to arrive (usually pretty rapid, cheers dudes!), put it in your DVD player, get blown away. The new WTP DVD is that good. Andrew Jackson's opening section is awesome then it just continues to escalate from there. I'd sort of forgotten how good a lot of WTP's more under the radar team is (e.g. Max Gaertig, Mike Brennan and Chester Blacksmith - all of whom you don't really see much new footage of a lot of the time), so it was a treat to see a load of bangers from them. Go buy it! Here's the trailer to whet your appetite:

Moving on to free stuff from people you do see a lot of, here's a mix of Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palmiere, Hoang Tran, Dennis Enarson, Ty Morrow and a couple of others. Some pretty rad moves in this. Ty Morrow = next level? Also features one of the nicest pulled toothy hangers I've ever seen courtesy of the freshly-brakeless Dennis Enarson.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shoulders: What's the point?

Shoulders suck. Just sayin'.

Moving swiftly on: Stevie Churchill definitely doesn't suck. You need to check that hop 3 whip at the end. Clickity click.

Rinsed from Defgrip who rinsed it from Volume.

Whilst on a lurking session avoiding the fact I wasn't able to go out riding, I had a bit of a mooch around the Props website where they've got a pretty interesting feature on Filming boards. A bit different to the usual BMX-web-content, and quite interesting if you're into your filming. Even if you're not, click that link then just go explore their site - there's a boatload of content on there you might not have seen before, and some stuff you will have seen before but which is still good, e.g. this Tom Dugan "Setup" video I posted a while back.

Scott Ditchburn and Miles Rogoish are now officially 'pro' in a skateboarding sense, being as both now have a signature frame from Subrosa. There's details of both their frames over on Subrosa's site.

Is Matt Priest the UK version of Mike Aitken (Or "UK-tken" for short)? Goof, trails style, manny skills, etc.? Seems so...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A commenter on TheComeUp described the second part as "kinda berrics-ish" which is sort of the same as saying that Bill Gates is "kinda rich-ish", but in spite of that it's still a pretty cool video.

This got posted up yesterday, but still - Jeff Koscis is really, really good. This is some relatively old footage (from Don't Quit Your Day Job 2), but it still seems pretty modern just 'cos of the techedy tech-ness of it. The world needs more up to date Jeff Koscis footage.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stop reading this...

...and go and look here! Picture Box, Anytime Now and much more...


Man, Saturday's weather was too good. Paying for that now (my shoulders are haggard), but no regrets!

In 'other' news - Craig Passero is still really good. This time it's for Lotek, but ultimately the title sponsor for a video of him doesn't matter. You know it's going to be awesome.

Much like you can be pretty sure a Passero edit's going to be cool, you can generally assume a Mutiny edit's going to look pretty "Aww yeah". This is also the case. Good to see some Randy Taylor clips in there too, even if his riding was limited due to some pretty brutal sounding nerve/hardware issues.

Niki Croft. What else is there to say? From TheMake.

I'm willing to bet all those slams at the start hurt the world more than they hurt Niki.

Speaking of slams...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Blogger/Google are raging today for some reason, pure hassle getting amongst it to post this up! Not ideal as this video of Trey Jones made me want to ride quite a lot:

/\ From Shadow.

Interview time: More about Lloyd, More about Chase Dehart. Not an interview, but an update - this time about Ty Morrow. Click here for the info, read here -> for more info: He's doing better and doesn't have any serious brain-related injury. Good news.

There was more, but I've gotta go!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bit of everything?

Some older stuff and some newer stuff today, standard affair...

Tobey Maguire took time out of his faltering career to do some sweet manny-180 related lines.

That was Tom Perry from TheComeUp, for Fit and Odyssey.

Jamie Mauri's section from the Bonedeth video is pretty ridiculous. Here's some proof.

In full-on contrast to that, Ben Hucke's style and background is a little different...

And as a contrast again, here's some words you'll have to read about the Albion over on Defgrip. Not long to go now...

This Tuesday (well, sort of...), Miles spent some time with Sean Sexton. Too good for words. Opposite...

This is a new video of some old stuff - specifically Federal's team riding at Simpel Session. Some serious bidnaz going on.

Had to listen to this on mute so ended up skipping a lot of it, but it contains some quality Chase Hawk boost footage so that therefore makes it worth watching.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I hate titles.

Mixed bag today...

Firstly, Zoltan Torkos has a pretty rad style (and also an additional $10k as a result of this video):

"Video starts in 29secs." No, Mpora, video starts noooow.

Moving back to BMX, and specifically to people who have or still currently work for RideUK - firstly, H-Man's got some sweet photos up from his time at Seventies posted up on Streetphire. Secondly, at work we're on the BikeBiz newsletter so every now and again we get sent e-mails that are so dry they actually dehydrate me through my laptop's screen. This time, however, they actually had something interesting - specifically this interview with Albion. Seeing as I know a bunch of you dudes are well into your Facebook lurking, you can 'like' Albion's page here.

Shane Weston seems to have done things differently in every edit I've seen from him before, and that continues in this video put together by Nathan Williams.

The write-up for this that George Marshall did made it sound like a pretty... er... 'difficult' trip compared to most of the usual roadtrips that bike companies go on, but this video's still awesome. From The Make, who've been putting out some rad videos lately. You should probably click the 'label' down below and check that out, they're doing it right.

Side note: 'Make' is a weird word. Just stare at the actual word for a while. I hate language.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring videos?

Well, it's now March which sort of means it has to be Spring, but Coalition have just released their Spring edit so that seals the deal.

And also, here's a sweet edit from Cult.

Lastly, a bit of homegrown - Loz Taylor is rad.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Man, straight from the archives - this was a draft I saved whilst I was pretty frickin' tired and not really in the frame of mind to be actually writing stuff. So yeah, slightly tweaked, here's some old stuff that's good:

Kriss Kyle

Ben Lewis

Tim Knoll gets chatty.

And now for some new stuff:

Josh Bedford has a pretty interesting living setup, which you can see on Dig, and indeed in Dig #81.

Caleb Quanbeck and the lesser known Jabari Winters feature in this Hoffman edit. Nozzzzzzz.

Ashley Charles absolutely rules, in this case 'for' Eclat.

Sticking with the 'A's, Albert Mercado has the nicest style. Even if this was a dedicated filming-missions-galore type video this would be cool, but word on the internet is is that it was filmed during lunchbreaks and general time off work. All good. For Shadow...

Lastly - I'm going to a rally school tomorrow to drive fast sideways. Despite the fact I'm going to be ragging around in a pretty sweet rally-specced car, I'd imagine that I'm still going to be going slower than Gary Young in this edit for Odyssey.