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James Ivett - Spring Edit

James can pee really really far! And he can also ride BMX bikes and here is the proof!

Van Homan In Raleigh & Nashville

Duo brand have a sweet new editing featuring the one and only Van Homan!

Van Homan made a little weekend trip down to NC to film his latest DUO Brand edit. A few weeks prior to coming to NC, Van went to Nashville to hang out and film with DUO teammate, Corey Martinez, and that's where Van took care of his banger and left his mark on the wall.


Filmed & edited by Will Stroud
Additional filming by Corey Martinez
Photography by Zack Roberts
Special thanks to Zack Roberts, Steven Keeling & Captain Idiot
Van Homan grips:
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Instagram: duobrand Credit: DUO Brand

Game Of Bike

I want some Australian water!!!

Chance Brejnakowski & Josh Matthews VS Luke Parker & Jacob Coyne.

We had a private session down at GC Compound on the Goldcoast, Australia and decided to play a game of bike. Nothing crazy but had a fun game that everyone enjoyed. Thanks to Chris Courtenay and the staff at GC compound.
Artist: Barefoot alley
Song: "Two Woman" Don't forget to "LIKE" this page And thanks for watching GregPhillipsEdits

MacNeil 3 Days In Berlin

Yet another Edit from Macneil Bikes! Check it out

Dillon Lloyd and Kevin Kiraly visited Berlin after this year's Simple Session and met up with Maarten Knipp to spend 3 days riding and hanging out. Some bad weather and a dislocated finger slowed them down a bit, but everyone had fun regardless and they were all able to put some clips together.

Filmed and edited by Björn 'Bommel' Mager


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bike Hall contest 2012. By 34R - BMX COMPANY

Get ready for this!


Hi everyone,
we would like to invite and inform you about incoming 8th BMX contest - Bike Hall Contest 2012 in Trutnov, Czech Republic. See bellow for more details. Bike Hall Contest no.8 - 2012 date : 26 - 28. April 2012 place: Czech Republic - Trutnov For 8th time Trutnov winter stadium gates will be opened at the legendary Bike Hall Contest. One of the biggest BMX and MTB contest in the Czech Republic, a week earlier this year. 26 - 28. April 2012. Two days full of adrenaline, fun, tension, work-shops, shopping booths and great after-party. New for this year is competiton in Flatland and Street Jam. Flatland contest will be directed by PRO Dominic Nekolny You can also look forward to first Stereo Street Jam, which will be in front of winter stadium. Program : Thursday is traditionally reserved for the free practice of competitors in all categories. On Friday there will be qualification for BMX pro, BMX amateur, MTB and flatland. On Saturday, we can all look forward to the grand final of all categories, which will begin at 13:00.

Comfirmed Czech pro riders: Ondra Slez, Michal Beran, Zdenda Pesek, Dominik Nekolny,Vilibald Vitek, Erik Figar, Tomas Kudrnac, Pavel Caha ... Comfirmed International riders: Daniel Dhers (VEN) Daniel Sandoval (USA) Jason Phelan (IR) Nicoli Rogatkin (USA) Josh Cox (UK) Lesser Isaac (UK) Bjorn Mager Bommel (D) Daniel Tünte (D) Ttefan Pauli (D) Andres Lainevool (Estonia) Kronbergs Victors (Latvia) Dawid Godziek (PL) Senad Grosic (A) Nicky VanDerVeen (NL) Bobo Ujvari (HU)

Speakers contest : Peter Navy Navara and Kamil Feifer

Design course : Ondra Šléz, Pavel Hyvnar, Kamil Feifer

UK Shredders + UK Spots

It's always good to see UK talent up on the main blogs!

UK Shredders + UK Spots - More BMX Videos

Serious shredding from English riders Kane Hennessy, Sam Marden, Rob Phillips, James Mulka, and Eisa Bakos in Farnborough, Worcester, Malvern, and Cardiff, UK. Hang fives and popsicles!
Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Interview with Simone Barraco

Italian shredder Simon Barraco has some quesitons to answer, take a look

Etnies Eastern European Vacation

Featuring riders: Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez, Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross, Tony Hamlin and Sergio Layos

Woodward Beijing Grand Opening

What a way to kick off another Woodward Camp!

Woodward Beijing Grand Opening - More BMX Videos

Woodward's new facility in Beijing, China. This video highlights some of the great riding that went down.
Credit: Vital BMX

Southern Structure - Adolfo Olivo

Local shredder Adolfo doing it for Southern Structure check out the link to see some rad clothing!

Harrington X Foley at The Unit Premium April 2012

I kept getting told by a few of the locals to post this so here it is! And it's awesome

Josh Harrington and Dan Foley pass the video camera back and forth and show their skills on both sides of the camera. Foley put the final production together.

Additional Filming: Jordan Vilonna and Rich Gordy

Filmed at "The Unit" in Greenville, N.C.

Music: Miike Snow - Devil's Work Credit: Premium Products

Rubio. Welcome to Fly

The Fly family keeps growing and growing, take a look at the newest edition to their team!

Video welcome for Rubén Rodríguez to the Fly team.
Music track: Tashaki Miyaki - Somethin is Better Than Nothin
Filmed & edited by Alberto Armas.

Macneil in Europe - Lyon, France // Kevin Kiraly - Dillon Lloyd - Fabien Dulong 1

I remember when Ruben, Ali, Jon and The Beast Himself were always around, Macneil was huge but for whatever reasons the brand seem to gone a bit too quite...Until now!
Macneil are definitely making a come back and here you have a little edit to prove it

Motion Ramp Park- Easter Jam Bmx Highlights

Motion Skatepark is pretty much one of our closest indoor set-ups and even though it takes 2 hours to get there we still love it! If you are ever round Bristol you should definitely go for a ride

Motion Ramp Park Situated in the heart of Bristol City hosted it's first small jam of 2012 known as Easter Jam.
With many people showing up and riding through out the day this jam was not to be taken seriously and is what gave the day one of the most friendly and inviting atmospheres. To say the least this jam went exactly as planned.
Thank you to everybody that came and attended. for more details

"Wizard of Aus" BMX series w/ Corey Bohan - TEASER

Specially for all Corey Bohan fans out there!

After multiple crushing impacts incapacitated him for months, BMX superstar and X Games gold medalist Corey Bohan is back with a vengeance.
Wizard of Aus showcases Australian native and one of the world's top BMX riders, Corey Bohan, as he mingles in the Hollywood scene, travels the world with his friends and rides in his sport's top competitions. Tune in starting April May 2nd. 12 episodes, airing every two weeks on Wednesday at 10AM PST.

Follow Corey on Twitter @Corey_Bohan!/Corey_Bohan and Facebook:

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ODSY VISION: Team Retreat – Palm Springs MMXII

Odyssey have such a good team, line of products and on top of that they are pretty much dialled at everything!

Farm Jam 2012 BMX: Kyle Baldock, Hucker, TJ Ellis and Jed Mildon

Featuring Dew Tour winner Kyle Baldock, along with BMX dirt legends Mike 'Hucker' Clark, TJ Ellis, Jed Mildon, Andrew Ahumada and many more, the 2012 Unit Farm Jam went down recently in the deep south of New Zealand.
Presented by Unit Clothing, the Farm Jam is located on the picturesque Frew Farm. The Frew brothers have spent years carving the amazing one-of-a-kind dirt courses out of the rolling green hillsides that surround their family home, and love to invite riders from all around the world to experience it with them. Imagine endless rolling hills, your own digging machinery, private fishing spots, bikes and a heap of good friends to share it with!
Take a trip with Kyle, Hucker, TJ and the rest of the crew as they let loose on the secluded farm. Not just a regular contest, the Farm Jam is an experience.


Geoff Slattery: Rolling With The Punches

Geoff Slattery in my opinion is one of the most amazing riders out there and this edit doesn't do him any justice but I'm sure it'll impress you either way! And if it doesn't you should really have a word with your self.

The Albion's Steve Bancroft cooked up a plan for an article involving some portable transitions made by Rob Ridge, a van, some tools, Portugal & Geoff Slattery. These ingredients would hopefully result in making spots out of nothing at some epic locations.

You'll find out that is didn't all go quite to plan by reading the full article in Albion #7, 30ft gaps, black eyes and curses were only the start, but Geoff's spirit turned what could have been a long and painful exercise into something quite unique. This video has footage from all the photos and behind the scenes action showing what it took to get that magazine article done.

'It's been one of those weeks for me, you have those weeks where nothing goes right, where there's nothing you can do but roll with the punches' - Geoff Slattery

The Albion Download for your computer here: More Geoff here: Credit: United/Channel 4Down

Erik Elstran - Tulsalsa

When it comes to being creative the boys to watch have to be Erik Elstran and Tate Rosskelly

Chad Kerley HUNT Part

Every time I watch this it blows my mind! Honestly I would buy The Hunt just to watch Chard Kerley killing it

Rob Armour and Glenn Salyers @ The Kitchen

This dude keeps popping up on my radar! Enjoy

A quick edit with Glenn Salyers and Rob Armour. Shot in one day up in South Bend, Indiana at The Kitchen Skatepark. Can't wait to shoot more with them!

Song: Pretty Lights "I Can See It In Your Face" Filmed by: Jamie Allender and Zach Madden of A Head Taller Media
Edit and Motion by: Jamie Allender Credit: A Head Taller Media

Damian Onufrak - Welcome to Total Bmx

The Total BMX Team has been growing and growing recently! Check out the newest edition Music: ScHoolboy Q - Hands On The Wheel (Feat. A$AP Rocky) Filmed by: Ilona Poszwa Edit: Damian Onufrak

Harry Main - Showtime

I was late for everything last week so why should I brake the habit now?! But if you haven't seen this you are far worse than me! Don't miss out on this amazing edit.

Harry Main brings it like no other in this new Nike edit hot off the drive of Matty Lambert. Hitting up Spain, Harry works the Eurocamp set up half an hour outside Barcelona that incorporates the ramps from the Nike BMX PRO An insane 15 mile drainage ditch also gets a going over and sees Harry taking the flair drop out of the park for the first time, and Sergio Layos ramps in Madrid receive some similar Harry Main treatment as he pushes transition riding to yet another level. Also - check out even more progression and the first real glimpse of 'The Scouse House', Harry's own private ramp facility at home in Liverpool, UK.

Harry is definitely fired up 2012.

FILMED AND EDITED: Matty Lambert BAND: Direct Influence SONG: Far East WEBSITE: Credit: Matty Lambert

Hard Way Grinds with Scott Ditchburn

What would I do without Vital BMX in my life?!

Hard Way Grinds with Scott Ditchburn - More BMX Videos

Subrosa pro Scott Ditchburn runs through the ins and outs of hard 180s and hard 360s out of grinds. Ditchburn is more consistent with hard 360s out of grinds than anyone else on the planet. If anyone can teach you this trick, it's him! Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

Devon Smillie Sponsor Change

Devon Smillie is now riding for Fly Bikes and I know this is old news but I've been a busy bee and had no time to update our blog so I'm sorry boys and girls!

Devon Smillie has officially parted ways with Felt Bikes. Here's their official (yet brief) statement regarding his departure -

"Devon Smillie is no longer riding for Felt. We wish him the best with all of his future endeavors."

 Word on the street is Devon has a new gig lined up, but you'll have to wait on the news. For now, take a look at this edit from a few months back and remember the good times Devon and Felt shared -

Monday, April 16, 2012

ART BMX Magazine - I love California

This edit features a long list of awesome riders such as Pat Casey, Big Daddy, Ryan Guttler and many many more!

Take a seat, grab a drink, and relax... we take you for a 20 minute trip in California to get a little taste of the upcoming summer, and to present you features that will be covered in the 164 pages of the new ART BMX MAGAZINE issue #07.
20 minutes of riding with top riders.
To match perfectly with the spirit of the mag, there is also some exclusive lifestyle and cultural stuff! Filmed and edited by JC Pieri, produced by Edgerider. (Credit Fat BMX)

Aaron Ross’ Latest Creation

Aaron Ross has been known to have gnarly bikes but brake-less? In my opinion not cool at all but who cares what I think.
If you are feeling Sunday click here

Aaron Ross Bike Check

Frame: Sunday Funday 20.75″
Fork: Odyssey R-32
Headset: Odyssey
Stem: Odyssey Lincoln stem
Bars: Odyssey Double Space Bar
Grips: Odyssey Aaron Ross
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts 175mm
Sprocket: Odyssey Chase Hawk 28
Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Seat Clamp: Sunday Slim
Seat Post: Sunday Toothy Post
Seat: Odyssey Aaron Ross Principal
Front Rim: G-Sport Birdcage
Front Hub: G-Sport Marmoset
Front Tire: Odyssey Aaron Ross
Rear Rim: G-Sport Birdcage
Rear Hub: G-Sport Ratchet
Rear Tire: Odyssey Aaron Ross
Hubguard: G-Sport Ratchet
Levers: Odyssey medium (not shown)
Brakes: Odyssey Evo II (not shown)
Cables: Odyssey Quick Slic (not shown)

Mirraco Must See: Austin Coleman

Wow... One Handed Downside Whip Air?!

Mirraco Must See: Austin Coleman - More BMX Videos

In my opinion, Austin Coleman is one of the most underrated riders in the world. I really feel like this video conveys how damn good he is. Austin is much more than a contest rider - he can legitimately ride anything. Watch this - you won't be disappointed. Credit: Vital BMX

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Local Talent

South-Sea/#GS talent coming up! Check out Callum Emery ripping

Relentless Energy Pro Tips – The 360 by Mark Webb

Following on from the first episode of Pro Tips, we get to take a look at the next trick in the book – the 360. Seems simple but it can be tricky for those of you that are only just learning it so, like the previous episode, let Mark Webb talk you through the best way to get this dialled.

More BMX Videos

Corey Martinez Builds a Ledge

Duo Brand's Corey Martinez is a true legend of BMX. I'll will argue that he didn't build that ledge though! ha ha just kidding.
Corey separates men from kids every time

Gabe Brooks’ Demolition Edit

Gabe Brooks... Trails... 4 pegs... Brakeless?! What a trooper!

Gabe has been a man on a mission this year and we’re barely a third the way through!! And this is only going to add to his list of accomplishments for the year. So stoked to get to release this months Demolition Parts edit of the man, Gabe Brooks!! (credit: Demolition Parts)

Hoffman & Warden Vert Session


Mat was so stoked having another vert rider come and shred his ramp with him. With Mat pretty fresh off of knee surgery and Zack just getting to town, this is the warm up session that set the tone for the whole week Zack was in Oklahoma…. (credit: Hoffman Bikes)

Anthem II Geoff Slattery Declassified

Declassified Geoff Slattery footage leftover from the making of Anthem II. Credit: STEW johnson

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seventies - New Build

Charlie Reed just built a new set up with Subrosa Villicus frame, forks and bars!

Brett Banasiewicz BMX Trick Tip No-Hander Air

Step by step guide on how to No-Hander Air Brett Banasiewicz

Brett Banasiewicz thoroughly explains pedal by pedal, Step By Step how to fully extend a no-hander air. Brett's best advice is to do a solid four foot air out and lock your knees around the head tube to stop the bars from spinning.

Subscribe to Alli Sports on Youtube for new videos daily:

Visit our BMX channel for related videos:

Instagram: @allisports

Music: DJ Qazi -- "Seven Foot Tall Hindu Guru"

Tom Dugan - Full Throttle

Tom Dugan is the MAN! How he boosts everything so big?! We can only be jealous

Tom Dugan goes balls out (not literally, like that one time) for this Full Throttle edit. Hold onto your pants, watch the vid and then get up close & personal with the etnies Jameson 2 Eco, available now! Credit: Etnies

King of the Animal House Finals

The footage on this edit will blow your mind! And as always it's good to see some UK talent up there, shout out to Mike Miller, Mark Webb and Harry Main

King of the Animal House Finals - More BMX Videos

Dennis Enarson was crowned King of the Animal House and this is what he had to go through to win the title. Enjoy some serious shredding from Ryan Nyquist, Craig Mast, Mark Webb, Harry Main, Jeremiah Smith, and a bunch of other heavy hitters! Credit: Terrell Gordy and Mike McQueen

Dan 'Chunky' Harris Basingstoke edit

Chucky doing it for Blazingsmoke!!!

A little edit filmed with Dan Harris at Basingstoke skatepark, unfortunately it was quite a wet and cloudy day and chunky had a bit of a hangover, but other than that some sick riding went down!

Filmed and edited by Matt Goff with a Sanyo Xacti VPC FH1
- Opteka 0.43x AF fisheye lens
- DV-S HOOD 37mm
- Velbon CX 440 tripod
- Opteka X-Grip
- Opteka GLD-200 23" camera slider

Song - Aggro Santos feat Kimberly Wyatt - Candy

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Jason Enns 2012 Web Video

Jason Enns has this sweet new edit out, enjoy.

Well folks here it is. Jason Enns 2012 web video. I am really excited about this one, Jason and I have been working on this for the better part of 2011. He wanted to come through with a quality part and he did not disappoint with so many rail variations its mind blowing. Jason has been one of my favorite rider since I started and to get the chance to film and edit a video for him has truly been a dream for me.

Seventies Brands At Simple Session 2012

Yet another video featuring this year's Simple Session but this time with the Seventies Distro crew. Worth watching so get on with it!

East Coast Roast Video.

This edit features Van Homan and that is all you have to know.

Gabe Brooks - Simple Session Hopping The World

Wow!!! Here is the footage of Gabe Brooks's epic hop

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

FOR BMX- Miniramp Czech Nationals-1st stop

It's safe to say that none of these dudes are scared at all!

Nigel Sylvester: Get Sylvester, Teaser 1

Get Sylvester, the new series from Nigel Sylvester and Network A, presents the world of the professional BMX athlete as only he can show it. Get Sylvester traces Nigel's New York City roots while keeping tabs on his jet set life as one of the premier riders in the BMX industry. From the streets in Queens where he learned to ride to globetrotting around the world to his dealings with his sponsors. Get his whole story from his perspective. Get Sylvester.

I think it's fair to say that Nigel Silvester is a very smart person! A load of riders are out there killing their selfs to earn a few quid when Nigel has a load of signature parts and should soon have his own reality show?!
Lots of respect to the man from everyone here!

Harry Main / Jeremiah Session @ Woodward

Not entirely sure how old this edit but it's all good I guess...

Harry Main / Jeremiah Session @ Woodward - More BMX Videos

Two of the best park riders in the game throwing down bangers at Woodward. Credit: John Saxton

Monster Game OF BMX

During the Our House Jam down is Hastings – Monster riders Dan Lacey, Ben Wallace and Alex Coleborn has a game of BMX. Check out what went down and who won in the edit below…

Another afternoon at Parkfield

Cal Earnshaw has mad skills on and off his bike. FACT

Geoff Slattery – This Is United Section

Geoff Slattery is one of my favourite riders ever and here it's a video part from the very famous This Is United DVD that may help you understand why. Enjoy

Simple Session Finals Highlights Video + Results


1 Drew Bezanson
2 Brett Banasiewicz
3 Harry Main
4 Daniel Sandoval
5 Pat Casey
6 Michael Beran
7 Bruno Hoffman
8 Alex Kennedy
9 Kevin Peraza
10 Josh Harrington
11 Jack Clark
12 Chad Kerley
13 Simone Barraco
14 Maxime Charveron
15 Dan Foley
16 Aj Anaya
17 Sebastian Keep
18 Rob Armour
19 Sean Ricany
20 Sergio Layos
21 Daniel Tünte
22 Paul Ryan
23 Gary Young
24 Ben Hennon

More BMX Videos

2012 Simple Session Qualifying Highlights Video

Sorry boys and girls for taking so long since the last post! The shop has been really busy and it's hard to find time to update anything but 2012 Simple session went off!

More BMX Videos

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