Thursday, November 30, 2006

Metal Rebel Contender - Custom build

Ok, this project has been on the cards for a while now. To build a bike using the Metal Rebel Contender frame (the one with the lightning bolts on the dropouts!).

This is what happens when Carlos has too much time on his hands and a whole shop to play with... kinda like leaving a kid with a big set of lego...

Probably the best bike to come out of Pijin. Yours for 1,500 big ones!

Pijin Custom Metal Rebel ContenderPijin Custom Metal Rebel ContenderPijin Custom Metal Rebel ContenderPijin Custom Metal Rebel Contender
Pijin Custom Metal Rebel ContenderPijin Custom Metal Rebel ContenderPijin Custom Metal Rebel Contender

FrameMetal Rebel Contender 21"
ForkOdyssey 41 Thermal Pro Race Svelte
HeadsetFSA Orbit CE
BarsS&M Beringer LT
Bar EndsOdyssey
GripsOdyssey Team
Brake LeverOdyssey Small
Brake CableOdyssey Linear Slic
SeatMacNeil Capital
Seat PostMacNeil
Front WheelProfile mini hub with ti bolts, Sun Rhyno Lite XL rim
Back WheelProfile mini cassette 9T ti driver & axle, Fly Rim
TyresFront - KHE Premium Mac2 Park, Rear - KHE Premium Mac1.5 Park
Inner TubesKHE Twiggy flatland
CranksProfile Race with titanium axle & titanium bolts
SprocketProfile Imperial 25T
ChainKMC Kool SL
Bottom BracketProfile Mid
PedalsDMR V12 with ti axles

Bone Dave - silent assasin

Yep, Bone Dave has the new KHE Geisha Freecoaster hub - so no more clickerty click - it's totally silent!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I wanna be a tweaker...

IMGP3288So how do you become a tweaker? Well, you gotta look right for a start! I'm beginning to see more and more people trying to squeeze into jeans that are 10 sizes too small. (Yes, Mr Dave Argles, wearing girls jeans is one thing, but wearing girls jeans that don't even fit?) :p

Anyways, Pies came into town cos he wanted to buy some girls jeans from Matalan but was too scared to go by himself. So when Dan dropped by, they both went off happily...

Dan comes back with some girl's Levi jeans with 25" waist, whilst Pies has to settle for a pair of size 12s. Not to mention the T-shirts labeled for 10-11 years old...

Dan also had to get a pair of Sunday Triumph bars (28" wide!) to complete the look. Now they just have to go out and practice doing their tweaker moves... LoL.

More pics here :

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday!

IMGP3217Time flies when you're enjoying yourself. Has it really been 2 years? I still remember when we first started out with a completely empty shop. Took me and Dave a whole month to do the shop fitting! We had like 2 frames (ah yes, I remember them so well - a Proper Proclaimer and an Eastern) and 5 sets of handlebars... and a few other bits and bobs... had to spread it all out on the wall to make it not look so empty. When we finally opened, we sold next to nothing in our first 2 months... I spent all my time looking out the window at all the girls people walking past (I have a pretty good view!).

Things have changed a bit since then. We've gained a few more staff and we even have a team (kind of). Yep, we have arguments and annoy each other every now and again but hey, Pijin is like family!

If you're reading this then you (yes, YOU) have probably helped us out in one way or another. Thanks for your suport!

Yep, Pijin is now 2 years old and is here to stay! Let the good times roll. :)

John xxx

Birthday bash pics :