Monday, August 31, 2009

Kink's new stuff.

Kink have just put up a bunch of photos of new stuff. Click that link for more.

Frightening sprocket?

Frightening stem?

Sweet hub?

Mark Webb.

My sister's new 8-week-old kitten was fully not into this video, judging from the way she spent the entire time clawing at Mark across the screen. In any case, here's a vid for his new sponsor, "Total".

Mark Webb Total BMX - More BMX Videos

Kill the line.

Trailer #2. Helmet cam and big trails = aaaawesome?

Range Of Motion's street session's hit days 7 and 8, and now hit the internet:

The new B-Team DVD should be out soon. To quote Grindmasterflash over on TCU:

This video will only be avalable in vhs and you have to pay for it with pegs.
Oh and if you play it backwards you can hear ralph listing every grind he has ever done.

This dude rides for Federal, and, like all the rest of their team, is really, really good.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dry Spell Friends

This is Dry Spell's friends section. Bangers! Streeeetphizzle:

Misc. news.

Originally, Macneil had plans to make the Pivotal setup adjustable fore and aft, as well as just the angle of the seat. However, they decided it would be too expensive and shelved the idea. However, Alienation have decided to make it happen. I'm not holding out much hope, but maybe it's based more on the SL than the Odyssey/Fit pans. Not keen.

More pics, info and colour-ways after Interbike, which is in 2 weeks time or so. Always a busy time of year parts wise, so time to gear up for that I guess!

In other news, Daniel Dhers won the Summer Simpel Session. Isaac Lesser got second place - UK RPRZNT?


Third post about what people are wearing on their feet? Anyway, Corey Martinez, as I mentioned before, was wearing a pair of Etnies, and is apparently getting hooked up by John Povah on some kinda flow deal type thing. Fair enough. No word about KP yet, more on that next week (I can hardly wait!) - Osiris or Duffs is my guess.

Anyway, after the most boring post I've done in a while, check this out. The guy's pose after he's had his gun blown out of his hand is priceless. That "Well, that's that" look, before getting wrestled to the ground by some angry men. Sucks to be him.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aitch Dee.

This is some snowboarding trailer, but damn, HD?!

A predictive text?

Pointed it out as a joke a few days ago, but turns out that actually, T-Nez isn't on Orchid any more, and neither is Kevin Porter according to this post on the Orchid site. Calling things early!

While we're speaking of Orchid, they've got a "sneak peek" of the new Randy Brown shoe's black/gum colourway. Every other word is bold.

Frenchys Day 6.


EDIT: Actually, I'm not - apparently Randy Taylor is getting hooked up by TheLongURLToType, according to this post by Mutiny. Here's his new rancidly-coloured setup:

Stay of Motion?

The Making of Stay Fit 2 is now up:

But what I'm more interested in is Range of Motion from Ride US. Here's Day 5 and 6 of their street dawg sessions:

New Kink frame.

Kink just put up this photo of their new sample Chris Doyle sig. frame. Big 'n' tall.

While we're talking big bikes, here's Jaumell Campbell's Deuce Deuce. Click here for some detail shots and specs.

Special Boat Service

Fly have just put up a news post about their SBS system. "For brakeless riders, You might get to a spot like the trails or a street spot where you need brakes so you can put them on without the hassle." - I don't really know many brakeless street riders who ride around their chosen town/city with a brake in their bag, but maybe that's just me? It also seems kinda weird that with their mantra of "Fewer parts = better", they want to add more, but I suppose for the one or two people out there who find it incredibly hard to set a brake up it might be good. I suppose the whole system relies on your wheel being in exactly the same place it was last time you set your brake up, otherwise you'll have to adjust the spring tension and so on all over again anyway? Not to mention if your wheel had moved you'd have to adjust the pads and stuff too. Either way:

Oakley trails thing.

National Oakley Trails Championship? Is that right? Anyway, here's a video of some styley tweaking courtesy of whatever the hell this roadtrip's called:

Clocked on Ride.
Seeing frames like this makes me want a nice, high quality, hand-made frame with a sweet clear-coat over it. I mean, just look at it. Awesome.

It's a low, low frame though - hence the gentle ripping of it by FBM themselves: click here for the specs and name suggestions.

While we're talking FBM, Tom Blyth has some cool blog posts up. Few and far between, but interesting nonetheless.
Duffs (Or is that "DuFFS™"?) have their autumn/winter line up. Goes without saying that some are far, far nicer than others - make your own mind up!

Photobucket is officially the worst online image sharing site around. There, I said it. As a result of it's feeble layout, I can't post the actual flyer, but I can tell you that the next P5 jam is going to be at BRISTOL on the 6th September. Be there or be square!


Video bikecheck courtesy of BSD. This was all done with a tweaked wrist. Burly!

Busy day?

Moving house, driving for 7 hours, not water in my house all day. Grumble. May well explain this post?

These are two new videos from Nike (That I saw over on Defgrip - linkity link!). I can appreciate that people outside of BMX might be able to make better looking videos with fancier graphics, but if you want someone to capture the 'feel' of BMX, someone involved with it is always going to get the point. It's pretty much a fact. If you look at photography and video work by people like Edd Templeton, Larry Clark and so on, their work is amazing because they're actively involved with what they're portraying. You can't get the real atmosphere and vibe of something if you have no involvement with it. There are so many talented filmers and photographers involved with BMX it seems ridiculous that they overlooked all of them. The majority of the BMX media world are generally under-valued as it is (Bearing in mind that without good filmers, those DVDs and web-videos everyone like to watch wouldn't exist, and without good photographers, those magazines that people like to read wouldn't exist either), so when they're denied even getting some kind of break by companies (Nike aren't alone in this, there are other BMX companies just as guilty), it seems utterly ridiculous.

Take it like a man! Sinisi filmed a large part of a video part with a broken leg... From Proper.

Posted the rest of these, so here's Day 5 of the Frenchys tour.

Leo won.

Lacey is also a winner, but for different reasons (Side note - it's nuts people are doing stuff this substantial for a little web video?!):

Also on Seventies's's's's's video stream, Dakota Roche checking the readiness of Brighton.

Saw the pole jam in this S&M web-video, and it reminded me of how awesome pole jams are. Seriously, if you haven't ridden one, you're missing out. They're ride-able pegless too, so even if you aren't a fan of trick sticks you can still get involved. If you can't find one, make one - it's not hard.

Rickey Bates is now pro for TheLongURLtotypeout.

I am tired. Night.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Reason #192 I don't like riding skateparks: Bears.

More S&M hub news.

Lurking pays off. Those were the shots of the S&M hub, and here's another one - this time with a drilled out 8t driver?

Shiny. Another rumour flying around is that they're potentially going to be out-sourced from S&M to none other than Profile? Who knows!

In other "Vague news about hubs" news - Alienation have popped up with a new clutch-system rear hub. Not a freecoaster! They're almost silent, and theoretically give almost instant engagement. Various companies have been doing them for MTBs for some time, and they're popular for commuter road-bikes and the like, so it was only a matter of time 'til they appeared in BMX. Allegedly the Ratchet was potentially going to be clutch-drive very, very early on, but Mr. French didn't like how quick it engaged going fakie. Hmm... Anyway, Alienation! More on Ride.

Might as well put this here too - Demolition have finally got a placca pedal out:

Apparently it's "Bad music, awesome riding" day for webvideos. First up is some nuts riding but awful music from DahStreets. Ben Hittle's getting dangerously close to breaking into the Top 5 riders to watch list?

BNQT decided to do a "Best of..." edit that teamed their best footage with the worst music they could find:

Go to BNQT for more videos.


As I'm typing this, "Kickass Miracles" is on on Dave, so while trying to remember what to say, I've gotta watch some dude get his cheeks pierced by a 2" wide spiked pole, then stand up and hold them there. It's nuts... AAAAAnyway:

I mentioned a while back about a potential S&M hub - or at least a hub with S&M bolts on it. Assumed it was actually a Ratchet with some different hardware and a different driver, but according to Moeller, S&M are making a "Made In America" cassette that should be out by the end of the year.

Interestingly, if those actually are the pics of the proto hub that I posted before, I knew about them before even Moeller did, haha.

"Tight game", to bite someone else's phrase...

EDIT: Click here for that other post with the pics in.

Generic one word title goes here.

So, yeah... bearing in mind this is all 'scrap' footage, think of how I-should-probably-swear-here good this video is going to be? I mean, just check out that loading bay session?

Week after ankle merkage: back on it.

Tom Bright is a rad dude, and I'm not just saying that because of the high likelyhood of me riding with him tomorrow. This is part 2 of Dry Spell - I posted Scotty T's part a few days ago. Bear in mind that Tom split his time between racking himself on those hippy hops and filming and editing the video - multi-tasking: it's not just for girls.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Next time any trails riders started talking about how street is obsessed with looks and fashion, this is getting linked! Oh, and you can win some stuff too. RideUK.


Frenchys Day 3 - you know the drill...

ESPN posted this, so I'd imagine it's legit - Ruben in Grounded. Ridiculous.

Brighton allegedly wasn't ready, but in a change of heart it's now ready to be online. Spotted over on Federal's site.

The Budget Jam is go - 19th-20th September, to be precise. Pijin are, amongst others, helping out with prizes, so go there if you wanna win stuff!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Serious. Business.

Jeez, you make one fake post as Glenn P.P. Milligan and people get all upset...

Anyway, Simple have been on a trip:

Tuesdays With Miles never disappointment. Fact.

Go to BNQT for more videos.

OMG, Corey Martinez is wearing a pair of ETNIES!!!!11!!

Ride have a little interview with Tom Sanders about getting the cover-shot as part of the Hull scene check, which - incidentally - pure awesome. George Marshall can literally do no wrong. Apparently some people complained about it being too negative, but... well, the long and short of it is that they're wrong, and if you found it too depressing to read there's the colourful pictures and short little bits of text that float around Ride US or BMX Plus! you can check out instead. Everything's wonderful!

Oh, and lastly, Animal have the first coloured steel pegs. Glorious.


Pretty interesting new hub guard (Alright, as 'interesting' as a hub guard can be, anyway) from "Zorg". Nope, I hadn't heard of them either. Regardless, here's a pic:

And this is how they work. Seem to be compatible with almost every hub out there, sounds pretty good!

Lastly, I knew this video would be pretty interesting, but a faulty ESPN player meant I couldn't actually watch it. Got the chance to, and now here it is. Adam Roye:

History repeating?

I sincerely hope not. Please tell me the cringe-worthy scripts that used to plague BMX videos (I'm looking at you, Glenn P.P. Milligan - although notable mention goes to Dave Mirra in Sentenced To Life) aren't making a comeback? This Road Fools trailer would've worked pretty much with the opening clip of Big Daddy, that gigantic wallride, and Tony Hamlin chainsawing Nathan Williams' pedal...

Day 2 of that Frenchys tour is up. Click here for that, and some more surreal French music in a BMX video, and click the "Frenchys" tag to see Day 1. I'm not usually a fan of hang 5s in pretty much any form, but this video's worth watching purely for Randy Taylor's so-long-it's-measured-in-time-not-distance 3 and a half hour long hang 5.

Another week, another Tomorrow We Work section - this time, it's Marv:

I saw this link floating around some other BMX sites, but then I saw it pop up Deluxe so I assumed it'd be worth the watch. Sure was. Flip-whip crashes look scaaaaary.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big In Japan.

Someone was inevitably going to use that title for this! Subrosa have put up a sweet flip-book of their trip to Japan - click Subrosa's homepage and click the pic at the top!

Oh, the internet...

Intermittent wireless connections are pretty much the worst. I've been trying to do this for about 5 minutes, and I've typed one and a bit sentences. Patience tester!

Anyway, Frenchys have put up a video from Day 1 of their tour. Got some good riding in this, and Randy Taylor doing a flair to kneejam?

Deluxe posted up this video today of Tomas Kudrnac. Metallica in a web-video? Damn straight!

TCU posted up these photos of some new Madera and Profile parts. Now, that seatclamp 'finish' (For want of a better word) is sweet, but it's just another example of a bikepart that looks awesome, but I can't see how it'd look good on a bike? I guess it is only a seat-clamp...

I made a post a day or two ago in which I made a joke about Fit/S&M/Rob-o/Moeller. It was purely based around the often crazy rumours (The highlight being one involving a grandmother taking Robbie Morales to court?!) that are flying around messageboards and forums around the net, and wasn't intended as anything malicious or offensive. If anyone felt put out by it, then I apologise for that, but it certainly wasn't meant in that way.

Owain Clegg.

That last gap. What?! Seventies/Shadow:

Striking a balance.

For the street dudes:

For the park dudes:


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Check out how sweet this frame is!

Super nicely made, but man, awful geometry on that one...

A question...

Is Nigel Sylvester the most 'pro' pro rider? I mean, I know that all the other park-dogg pro riders out there get all the TV ratings and stuff, but damn - he even stocks his sponsor's shoes in his shop, runs a shop, is everywhere, promotes all the companies really well, is fully 'street' but isn't looked down on 'cos he's got corporate sponsors or anything. The guy's seriously got the complete sponsor package, it's insane. Anyway, this was up on the Gatorade site a few days ago, but now someone's ripped it to Vimeo. Worth checking out.

Dry Spell.

I'm ironically posting this having just got dropped off at home after a Wasteland session got rained off - Tom Bright is uploading Dry Spell to share it with the world. The video's got a good mix of Newcastle riders and friends in, but isn't available any more. Regardless, here's the first section, featuring Scott Taylor. Scott is probably the most dialled rider I've ever met. Everything's done first go and everything's flawless.

Just as another example of the elite - check out Scott's last line in this video. What?


That's pretty much the harshest ball-ride out I can imagine (You'll see the one I mean). I mean, he bounces off it, twice? No thanks, no thanks... Anyways, plenty of good riding all up in that piece, so check out that trailer then check out the DVD when that drops. FBM!

This is all just ticking down to the point where the Randy Brown ender section gets put up, but still - Garret's section ain't bad either:

This means nothing to the majority of people, but that player has the neatest embed code I've ever seen, haha.

Fit posted this up on their site.

Also up on the Fit site was the "Scraping the barrel this week" Stay Fit 3 video.

Saw this over on TCU - Butcher, with a cover-shot in 2009? Madness...

Defgrip have a rad video up of Matty Long - watch it here.

The BMXFU video's been getting slowly uploaded by Charlie Crumlish for the past few days/week. I watched this video around a friend's house, and man, it is long. I don't mean that in a good way either - it's probably one of the longest BMX DVDs I've seen in recent times. The 'skip' button got rinsed fairly heavily, so I can't really remember in my head which sections were good and which weren't. In any case, if you particularly want to check the rest out, click here.

Despite being reasonably anti-park on a personal level, I still really like watching Harry Main ride. He's certainly pounding out the footjam variations these days, but that's not all he does in fairness to him. Jeremiah Smith also has some line-age in here too.

Harry Main / Jeremiah Session @ Woodward - More BMX Videos

The first thing I thought when that pre-roll came on was "Oh, MirraCo. One day you'll understand."

I originally saw this listed in the Streetphire video feed, then clocked it "4 reelz" on the WTP. Just get that bit of house-keeping out the way, now here's the video:

Actually, it's not. Vimeo has just fully died for me, for some reason. I hate you, Internet Explorer, but not as much as I hate how the newest Firefox has ruined my laptop! Click here to see the vid.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Fly stuff.

Lago? Montana? Hmm...

Johnny Devlin

With all the talk of Nora Cup awards and all that jazz, Shadow have uploaded Johnny Devlin's "Into The Void" part. The DVD is still available for those who want it - click here!




Running it his own way, not caring about the 'right technique' - just going flat out. Awesome.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Watch this video, right now.

First saw Luke at one of the old Backyards, rode in a completely different way to everyone else. Ridiculously consistent, and incredibly tech - yet able to do big 'n' burly moves too. I've been waiting to see someone pegs to over the Shell rail in London for a long time, and I'm glad it's finally happened!


Found this on Bikeguide - apparently some kid brought it in to a guy's shop to have something sorted on it. S&M branded bolts, a different type driver to the Ratchet, and some other bits and pieces - early Ratchet prototype or some kind of rival hub? Who knows...

Past, present and future?

Timing! New Van Homan interview - another Defgrip feature. They've been firing them out recently!

Forgot to put this down earlier, but Ride have put up their new cover and contents.

Speaking of magazines - videos in print magazines? Imagine how fully awesome it'd be having videos built in to Ride or Dig. The future!


Chicken cooked up this edit of a recent Volume trip to lands afar:

If memory serves, Carlos is a big Corey Bohan fan, so this one's for you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Pretty sure I mentioned on here that Fly were working on some new brake system - turns out they were. Observe:

Go to BNQT for more videos.

It's been a while...

Can't wait to see the viewing slump for the past few days! Come baaaack. I've legitimately been busy - uni work over the weekend, then two days in London handing it in. 96 hours. 7 hours on trains. 16 hours of sleep. Too many hours on trains: not enough hours asleep. As a result, I'm finding this typing gig pretty hard, and actually had to use calculator to work out how many hours there were in 4 days.

Anyway, from what I can tell:

They Ain't Ready put up a web-edit which was basically a 3 minute intro to a ridiculous Kareem Williams spot shut-down edit. However, they've done the whole "Not going to let you embed it unless you go to Vimeo and mess around" thing, and I fully don't have the mental capability to tackle that problem now. I don't see how people think doing this benefits them at all. The whole point of web-videos is their ease of distribution - showing the world what's up with you and your friends. If you don't want other people to see it, don't put it online. If you do, why put petty little hurdles in the way for people to distribute it? No sense at all.

FBM have a double-DVD kinda thing coming out from what I can tell, here's a trailer!

Just spotted a post on InTheGnar that there's a flipbook on the FBM site too...

The Shola video is out now. Hammers!

Skavenger had some new shirts out. Having used literally every colour combination possible with their "SKA|VEN|GER" shirt, they've spread their design wings and have some new stuff out. Check that out here, and the new Skavenger site here.

Mulville footage? Yes. From Deluxe:

There's a UK premiere for the Mutiny video that, amazingly for a UK premiere, is actually reasonably central instead of in a pub in Hastings. Again. Anyway, it's on in Sheffield:

You should probably try and get there, it's bound to be good and premieres are always amazing! Nothing like getting the DVD a while after going to the premiere so you can try and remember what actually happened in it...

EDIT: Dew Tour footage. FEEL INFERIOR!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Not really 'Shouting' in this weather...

Hell yeah!

Andrew Jackson has a bikecheck up on Ride US, but here are the details shots (Check his front hub in pic #6 - looks like someone's done an oil painting of it where he's ground on it, haha):

But more importantly, it means I can re-post this awesome web-video. This is still one of my favourite web-videos, and I don't really know why in particular.

Awesome, yet weird?

This is a pretty sweet edit of Eduards Zunda for Simple. What's weird though is that it starts off with some full-on bangers, then kinda tapers out? Still, it's rad!

Me, at random?

Sure is - Clickity. See? One of the reasons for taking photos is having good memories of fun days in the sun like that was, while I'm currently sat here doing uni work and it's hammering it down with rain outside. Document life!


Plan for the future! It's not always going to be warm (ha) and sunny (ha), so at some point there's gonna be a point in your life when you're going to want to be able to ride indoors. Maybe fire out a few flip-whips, drop the truck to footjam to 180 in to stare out? Bars to tap to comp out? You never know when you might need to prepare for X-Games XVI, that's all I'm saying.

So yeah, if you live anywhere near the North East, go Here and put your name down to register your interest in a possible indoor at Sunderland. Pretty high up for most of you Daaahn Saaarf dudes, but if you're remotely interested, make your voice heard! I'll thank you for it when I have an indoor skatepark I can sit in and loathe with every fibre of my body this winter.

Pop quiz.

I think even without all the Fit branding on this video, just from watching the riding I'd imagine you'd be able to tell pretty much instantly that all these dudes ride for Fit. Not hatin', just statin' as they say.

This video also gives you a chance to hear some Australian hip-hop which pretty much always guarantees a laugh. Could be a cultural thing I guess, but there's something about that accent that doesn't really seem to fit with hip-hop/rap?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Second place is first loser.

Well, just put up an 'Exclusive' over on Streetphire - a bikecheck with Nate Moroshan with some photos of the new Cardinal Ambassador frame. Go here to ch-ch-ch-ch-check it. At the risk of sounding all fashion nazi, I'm glad Nate's running slightly bigger bars - seem to suit him more, although what do I know...


Apparently everyone decided to put cool stuff up online today?

Dan Lacey likes weed (who knew?) and custom paint jobs: Bikecheck.

T1's new Freaky Friday is up:

This was something fun I had an idea for when I went to Spain to film the Fox Andalucia series. This idea came to me one night while lying in bed. I thought it would be a cool way for people to see Ruben’s hip for the first time. I thought that the matador was fitting due to the fact we were in Spain. Then, I heard this song by Beruit and it fit together perfectly in my mind. But due to music rights issues, I never got clearance, therefore the idea couldn’t be used for the Fox vid. For those of you that have seen the riding in the 3rd part of Andalucia, this contains a few clips from that, plus one pretty funny ending one. These clips never get old to me. We laughed for awhile with this one. Hope you dig it” - Joe Rich

Joe rules!

Mike Hoder has a new webvideo up over on the Lotek site, where they also have pics up of the Hoder slims, a more padded version of the "Other" Mike Slims. Swish. Webvideo's awesome anyway: Watch here.

Sam Lowe is WTP's Canadian rider, who has a cool little edit up:

Lastly, it's not BMX, but it is awesome - the trailer for Season 2 of Nitro Circus. Check out their Vimeo channel here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I can't think of a decent title.

Ani-A.BikeCo. have some new wheelsets that are coming out that, judging from the price of the LM and LM-R rims, will probably be worth more than their weight in gold when they come out. Seriously, people are probably going to sack off scrapping copper and switch to these wheels. Anyway, Format have some photos up here.

Josh Bedford's got a new sample of his signature frame through Mutiny. Om nom nom.

Oh, and pegs?

Seems like they're uploading the rest of the 2X4 DVD? Pretty handy considering my copy is some 400 miles away from here and I really want to see Randy Brown's section again. He does have the ender though, so at one a week it'll almost be a Christmas present from them...

But for now, Cody Jennings.

Giant have some photos of their new products up (In retrospect, I probably should've put this after the Animal/Mutiny stuff? Poor lay-out...) on Chris Arriaga's bike. Worth checking out anyway. Bear in mind that Giant make virtually every bike out there, the quality should be good - wonder if it'll hold out?

Web-videos in 'being good' shocker.

Man, there have been some not-so-good edits out recently. Fortunately, here's a double helping of awesomeness.

Check 'em!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Approx. lighter than air?

Infect fully ti hub-shell, ti hardware. $100 retail. Damn.

EDIT: Another photo, seen on UndergroundDistro:


Got a few different bits 'n' pieces for today:

Deluxe had posted this video from Wingham Woods, by Dave King:

In contrast, here's an 'alright' video that I'm posting purely because it contains Bruce Crisman, and therefore it has to go up here. He does some cool stuff in it - not so sure about the other dude though...

Cardinel have posted up a video about how to put a wheel into their bike. Pretty straight-forward, but I'm fully not convinced by vertical dropouts in BMX.

Defgrip have posted a pretty swish series of photos from the newest Nike 6.0 ad campaign. Worth taking a look at: Click!

Lastly, Ricky Adam has developed a different take on how to transport his camera gear around. Can fully sympathise with him - carrying my setup around on my back's no fun, and Ricky uses some bigger battery packs than I do. No thanks! Anyway, he's got a bikecheck up on Dig - go here to see that.

Compare and contrast.

Lloyd Wright is now on Orchid flow according to Seventies.

My finger is now on infection flow according to my finger.

One of these bits of news is way better/more awesome than the other.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Check out the Noble - Clickidy click; part of Superstar.

Ultimate step of their "pegless street tech" idea?

Monday, August 10, 2009

New product now in...

New Federal frames in (D-Watt$ and the Twilight), the new Deharts, and a load more - go to the shop! Free first class postage on every order, get amongst it.


Ride have got some coverage up from the Boardmasters comp daaaahn saaarf. Fakie double whip? Ching!

Double whip to fakie to fakie double whip would The One. Oh, and here's an edit of some of the rest of the stuff. Might wanna fire up iTunes, spotify or whatever you use to listen to music - not the best soundtrack I've heard on a video...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Aitken pt. 2...

Just to remind people, that isn't the newest footage of Aitken to show where he is in his recovery now, but it certainly puts this into perspective:

5 months, and he was back riding a bike again. Pretty incredible. Bike riding pales into insignificance when you get hurt like that, but comparing the clips in that other video of him in that walker struggling to walk, then him riding his bike is pretty amazing...


Saturday, August 08, 2009


Damn. Saw this on Bikeguide, although it apparently came from some French trails site, which rips it's content from elsewhere? I have no idea who posted it first, who took it, or anything other than it's Hucker at Catty, with a massive twist.

Some unpleasantness at the end of Stay Fit 5. Sucked to be Ben Lewis around that point in his life!

Friday, August 07, 2009


Odyssey have created some kind of new drive system, their "Socket drive" setup - currently specifically for flatland (Maybe not strong enough for street yet?), but we'll see I guess. Gotta be honest - more into the Tree Spline Drive sprockets, but who knows what the future holds?


What you can be sure of in the future is that there's always going to be speculation, mis-information and drama. Adam over at TCU drew attention to this issue in the Vert section - be interesting to see what Fat Tony has to say to DMC's comments which he's so far ignored...

Sunday have another 'misc edit' up, this time for their Forumph bars:


A different kind of 'misc edit' this time - from Kink - an old ad with some early Safety First footage. That's a bangin' DVD!

Check out their Vimeo channel for more of their awesome web-videos, or click the "Kink" tag below!