Friday, November 30, 2012

Ryan Winterbotham 10 Clips

Our team rider Ryan Winterbotham shot a short but sweet edit with Chris Wilmshurst at Creation Skatepark for Colony BMX. Hope you guys enjoy it

Ryan Winterbotham 10 Clips from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Song: Phantogram - When I'm Small

Shot at Creation Skatepark Birmingham

Josh Betley in Stuttgart

As the Title of the video implies, this is a video of Josh Betley riding in Stuttgart Germany. Shot in one weekend by Dennis Fischer (Intro / Bonus Vegas clip by Matt Closson), edited by Josh.

Music: Woodpeckers in Space by DJ in The Night

Josh Betley in Stuttgart from And Forks on Vimeo.

Ryan Taylor Bike Check 2012

Ryan Taylor has a chilled session @ Creation Skatepark and lets you know about his setup for 2012 and announces his new signature frame by Hyperbikes the Rocco.

Filmed & Edited Leo Baron

Callejas Edit Claudio Sandoval 2012-10-29

This edit is very inspirational, when majority of us complain about small things like weather, money, girlfriends, hangovers, etc. This guy is out there riding with a leg missing! MENTAL.
We need more guys like Claudio in BMX.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting Awesome Ep 4

In this episode of Getting Awesome With Ryan Nyquist, Ryan teams up with brother Shea Nyquist to create a hybrid wakeboard/BMX bike. The challenges are many, from the build itself, to getting the thing to float, riding it, then the ultimate challenge: wakebike barspins! Let's see if Ryan can pull off this challenge. New episodes drop alternating Tuesdays!

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Luke Padgett Halo

Luke has a chilled session at Deeside skatepark whilst getting some clips for this short edit for Halo. These are Matt Priests signature wheels and will be available in 2013.

Filmed & Edited: Leo Baron

Nathan Williams Facebook Q&A — Cinema Wheel Co.

Cinema Wheel Co's Nathan Williams sits down to answer questions that you guys submitted to Cinema's Facebook page.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Franny Wright Power Hour

I’m not familiar with the name Franny Wright but it’s certainly going to be a tough one to forget after watching this power hour. Dude is insanely good at technical park riding, sort of an Alex Coleborn/Pat Casey blend with the tech ramp tricks and big box jump tricks. Comes damn near to a 1080 and pulls a bunch of video-part worthy tricks in just an hour.
Sick guy.

Power Hour: Franny Wright - More BMX Videos

Mike Varga - Sixteen

Mike Varga gets 16 clips on his 16th birthday at Joyride 150. Happy Birthday Mike!

Film/Edit: Connor Clark

Music: Morning Thought - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Mike Varga - Sixteen from Connor Clark on Vimeo.

Matt Roe Welcome To Hideout Video

An afternoon spent at Doncaster skatepark to escape the rainy weather and to welcome Roey to the Hideout team.

Apparel & videos -

Filmed and edited by Rob Palmer

Track - Black Mountain - Druganaut

Friday, November 23, 2012

Brad McNicol - Premium Bmx UK

Brad McNicol at a few Scottish parks, just enjoying riding bikes. thanks to Premium bmx UK, Archetype bmx and Transgression Park.

Track: yeah yeah yeahs-pins

Filmed and edited by Scott riddles 

Facebook: premiumbmxuk
Credit: Premium BMX UK

Logan Martin - 720 to footjam!

This may sound burly but it was pulled so clean! And I don't even like footjams...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tony, Lil Dan, and Lloyd jibbin' in the Roc

Little chiller of the guys riding some spots in Rochester, with a few randoms sprinkled in from the road. Filmed by Lil Dan and the crew. Edited by Darryl Tocco. 

Song- Tame Impala "Endors Toi"

Credit: Kink Bike Co

Etnies BMX Summer Grind from etnies

The etnies team made their way out to the Mile High City for the Journeys BBQ in Denver and stopped along the way to shred spots in Austin, Oklahoma City and Kansas City. Lucky for you, we filmed it. Check out Aaron Ross, Chase Dehart, Corey Martinez, Tony Hamlin, Tom Dugan and Brian Kachinsky in etnies Summer Grind.

etnies BMX Summer Grind from etnies on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wizard of Aus - FINALE - Texas Toast Jam - Episode 13

In the season finale of Wizard of Aus, Corey Bohan heads to Austin, Texas for Taj Mihelich's annual Texas Toast jam.

The Gauntlet of Death starts things off, followed by the dirt jumping contest- featuring Ryan Nyquist, Morgan Wade, Chase Hawk and Brian Foster to name just a few. Next, Corey joins the surprise premiere of Stew Johnson's amazing "BF- it" documentary on the life and times of living legend, Brian Foster.

 The Texas Toast street contest follows, featuring ridiculous riding from Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Gary Young and Corey Martinez. The Texas Toast jam served as the perfect wrap up to an amazing year of travel for Corey Bohan and the Wizard of Aus series.

Previous episode:
All episodes: 
New episodes every other Wednesday!

Twitter: @Corey_Bohan!/Corey_Bohan

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bruno Hoffmann BMX Sessions - Back to Berlin Streets - TEASER

Bruno gets to live in an apartment in the middle of Berlin for a few months thanks to the guys at Red Bull who supported him.
Plenty of awesome spots were found when Bruno and his visiting friends left the apartment for the daily street sessions, and Mayol was there to film it all.
Check out the Teaser to the main edit - coming up at the end of November!

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and YouTube exclusive series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high.

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Ryan Taylor Bike Check 2012

Ryan Taylor has a chilled session @ Creation Skatepark and lets you know about his setup for 2012 and announces his new signature frame by Hyperbikes the Rocco.

Filmed & Edited Leo Baron

Adrian Warnken in America

Felt rider Adrian Warnken traveled far from his home near Düsseldorf, Germany to experience the burgers, tacos, concrete skateparks, ditches, and more that America has to offer. This guy is a technical master with a nac for strange noises...

Credit: Vital BMX

Adrian Warnken in America - More BMX Videos

Friday, November 16, 2012

Federal BMX - Jack O'Reilly 'Our House'

This dude is pretty sick but If you skip it 0.42 seconds in you'll see our Team Rider Jordan Aleppo : )

Jack squeezed in a few sessions at the Seventies park during his recent trip to the UK. And here's the footage he clocked during that time.

Filmed by: Mike King Edited by: Edd Allen Music: 'Pour Me Another' by Atmosphere

Credit: Federal BMX

Chad Kerley Talks Dew Tour, X Games + Premium & Markit BMX

had Kerley is taking BMX by storm! Hear Kerley talk about how he has realized his dreams of competing in X Games and Dew Tour, then listen in as he talks about his new signature bike frame on Premium and what's in store with the Markit BMX crew. Hear what's going on with Chad Kerley as he takes you Inside BMX

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Instagram: @allisports

Welcome to the Family, Tyler Fernengel from Osiris BMX

We're excited to welcome Tyler Fernengel to the Osiris family. Tyler is only 16-years-old and hails from the greater Detroit area. This kid kills it, but more importantly, genuinely loves riding his bike. We look forward to sharing many great times in the years to come!

Markus Reuss - Welcome to the Family

I've been lucky enough to see this dude ride The BMX Masters 2 years in a row and he is absolutely awesome! Not only he can ride street, he can boost the crap out of any ramp and defend himself on trails too. Markus is an impressive all around rider that's for sure

Markus Reuss - Welcome to the Family from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

The Shadow Conspiracy is proud to welcome German shredder Markus Reuss to the family. Markus recently went through knee surgery but not before he was able to put together a banging new edit with friend and legend Markus Wilke. Hit play and enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Markus Wilke


Thursday, November 15, 2012

2Days with Janis Oriovich

This dude sent us a tweet a few moments ago and I honestly couldn't miss the chance of posting his edit!
He is a shredder, hope you like it

2Days with Janis Oriovich from Ryan Bains on Vimeo.

Edit/film : Ryan Bains
Rider : Janis Oriovich
Song : the national - mistaken by a stranger

Ryan Guettler & Zac Miner

Zac Miner recently spent a week hanging out with Ryan in California, the guys got busy and filmed a bunch of clips whilst they were together so they banged out this edit.

Filmed by: Ryan Guettler, Zac Miner and Chris Long.

Edited by Ryan Guettler.

Ryan Guettler & Zac Miner from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Immediately after the Skylines contest, The Paris Week Of Games, an enormous gaming exhibition was host to the final stop in the FISE Experience tour. A bizarre scene for a contest, but nonetheless Daniel Dhers, Dennis Enarson, Ben Hennon, Daniel Wedemeijer, Jack Clark and Rob Darden fought their exhaustion from the Red Bull contest a few days prior and smashed the contest in front of thousands of eagle eyed gaming geeks, joined by Declan Brooks, Ryan Cunliffe and Logan Martin, who flew over from Australia and took 1st.

Credit: Mike King

How To Hang Five On A BMX With Ryan Nyquist: Getting Awesome Ep 3

In this episode of Getting Awesome With Ryan Nyquist, Mike "Hucker" Clark returns to show Ryan how to hang five on a BMX bike. An extended nose-wheelie might seem simple enough for a pro like Ryan, but the level of commitment needed to hang five is, well, next level. Ryan eventually gets the trick and progresses up to the manual pad. New episodes drop alternating Tuesdays!

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Kym Grosser - Strictly BMX Plaza Edit

In a bit of a change from his usual street territory, Strictly fam, Kym Grosser has been putting in the work lately at a bunch of Plaza and Skateparks around Melbourne.

Filming by Mick Bayzand & Hesh @ Revolver
Edited by Iain Carnegie

Music - EPMD - Da Joint

Kym Grosser - Strictly BMX Plaza Edit from Strictly BMX on Vimeo.

Josh James Welcome to Alibico Edit

I have never heard of this dude before but he is an absolute shredder! And I am sure we'll all be seeing more of him in the future but for now here is his welcome to Alibico Edit.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge

This is awesome!

Get the behind the scenes footage and find out how it was done here: Song: Soul Wars by AWOLNATION:

Derived from the German adjective Klug (meaning "clever"), Red Bull Kluge combines complex machinery patched together with the energy and prowess of world-class athletes, to see what happens when physics gets physical.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and YouTube exclusive series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube:

Sean MacCormac (Skydiver), Joey Brezinski (Skateboarder), Rickie Fowler (Golfer), Danny MacAskill (Trials Biker), Ryan Sheckler (Skateboarder), Drew Bezanson (BMX Rider), Bryce Menzies (Off-Road Truck Racer), Rhys Millen (Drifter), Robbie Maddison (Freestyle Motocross Rider), Lolo Jones (Hurdler), Pat Moore (Snowboarder)

Credit: Red Bull

The Press List: Kriss Kyle

Kriss Kyle kills it and here we have a few Q&As and also some bad ass moves. Keep an eye on HERE for the TrailOrPark frame that'll be in stock very soon!

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

The Press List: Kriss Kyle - More BMX Videos

Friday, November 09, 2012

Woodward West Shootout 2012

Now this to me was the winning edit for sure! Featuring riding from the legend DMC, Ryan Nyquist, Ronnie Napolitan.

Visit Haro's website here.

Woodward West Shootout 2012

Demolition is the edit that made me laugh the most out of the 3 with some amazing riding from Chris Doyle, Hucker, Connor Lodes, Russel Barone, Aaron Smith, Steez man Chris Fox, Gabe Brooks, Dave Dillewaard, Tate Roskelley, Rob Wise and Ronnie Napolitan!

Check out Demolition's website here.

Woodward West Shootout 2012

Right so I am going to post the 3 edits that have impressed me and put a massive smille on my face this morning, saving the best one for last!

So here it is number 3 - Colony

This edit is filled with bangers and the only reason why I put this in 3rd place is because is a little short...But I honestly think this is well worth watching!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

GoPro video of my year

I have been travelling for the last few months and captured my attics through the lens of a GoPro, hope you enjoy it!

Credit: Jason Phelan

GoPro video of my year from jason phelan on Vimeo.

Welcome to Proper - Sean Kelly

Had the chance to watch this dude ride at Creation Skate Park nearly a month ago and I'm telling you he is good!

Here's Sean Kelly's first edit for Proper. Filmed and edited by Jonny Wilson.
Thanks to Lee and the BMX Box crew.

Credit: IMG TV

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Eastside Session With Brian Yeagle

So the jumps on this edit weren't really made for lazy park rats like me then... Wow Brian Yeagle just went up on my books!

This edit is pretty much the definition of Short and Sweet

DK: Drew Bezanson End of Summer

Not the strongest edit by Drew Bezanson's edit but it doesn't mean that this isn't impressive or worth watching.

This guy is one of the best riders alive right now!

DK: Drew Bezanson End of Summer from DK Bicycle Company on Vimeo.

Song: "Gorgeous" by Kanye West

Drew's sponsors: DK Bicycles, Redbull, Toyota, Fox, Ethica, SkullCandy, Shadow Conspiracy, GoPro, POC helmets, Ryder BMX.

Filmed & Edited by Mike King
Visit: for more video and to shop our online store

Friday, November 02, 2012


It's safe to say that I will never pull a nose manuel in my life... Purely because I am rubbish but hopefully this How-To will help you to get them dialled this winter!

Good luck kids!!!

Colony in the UK

In early September 2012 Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar headed over to the UK for 9 days. We met up with UK riders Liam Vance and Sam Davies-Bate and trekked a ridiculous amount of kilometres to a bunch of cool BMX shops and parks hanging out with anyone that was out and about. Thanks to all the riders and shops that we met and also to Tabeltop Distribution for planning it all out. Filmed and Edited by Cooper Brownlee Check out issue 169 of Ride UK for an article from the trip along with 2020 BMX Magazine in Australia.

The photos used in the intro were from the riders we hung out along with the team via instagram #colonybmxuk

Get your Colony parts here.

Colony in the UK from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ryan Nyquist BMX Tall Bike Jousting Battle: Getting Awesome #2

In episode 2 of Getting Awesome, Ryan and friends gather for the Old World manliness celebration of a jousting tournament. With support from Haro Bikes and brother Shea Nyquist, Ryan crafts extra tall bikes and custom Osiris shoe tipped jousting poles. The tournament kicks off with man vs. man elimination rounds until a winner is crowned. Who will be crowned the most awesome knight? New episodes drop alternating Tuesdays!

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Etnies x Cinema in Portland

The ETNIES & CINEMA BMX teams joined forces for another summertime adventure, this time in Portland, Oregon. Corey Martinez, Chase Dehart and Nathan Williams all ride for both etnies and CINEMA so it makes sense for both brands to collab on filming trips like this, but unfortunately, Nathan just had wrist surgery before the trip started so he had to sit this one out. So we invited Tony Neyer (etnies flow), Sean Sexton (Cinema), and Dakota Roche (Cinema) and rented an apartment in the Buckman neighborhood in Portland for 10 days. Shout out to Shawn "Shitty" McIntosh, Shad Johnson, Goods BMX and all the locals in Portland for their hospitality.
Twitter/Instagram: @cinemabmx
Twitter/Instagram: @etniesbmx

Filmed & Edited by Will Stroud

Éclat – Free And Sleazy Tour Part 3

Follow the Eclat Team on their adventures!