Friday, February 29, 2008

420 Baked Burlish from Mutiny.

Mutiny have banged up a bunch of shots of their new 420 Baked Burlish frame.

Sizes are 20.3, 20.75, 21 all with 13.7 rear end and 21.5 with 14.25 rear end.
20.75 frame weighs an amazing 4.5 lbs.
11.7 BB height, 71 seat tube angle with a 74.5 head tube angle.
420 Baked, post welded heat treatment.
Integrated Seat clamp, nut and bolt system.
Mutiny badge stamped seat stay caps and engraved headtube.
4mm thin drop outs.
Shovel cross brace on seat stays and X brace on chainstay.
Color is going to be Cyan Blue.

Countdown to the weekend...

So, I guess I'll be seeing you Southampton-ites this weekend, seeing as it's Myspace's birthday I thought it'd be rude not to attend/get messy/chaperone Dan home in taxis/ride some BMXs.

Dan, SouthBank, before I'd even moved to London and he'd even moved to Southampton. Old school!

In other news, Like Totally is in the UK. Win. Garret Reynold's section makes this DVD totally worth purchasing, the rest is just awesomeness too. In the same IMG shipment were the new Twisted PCs and Plegs (Finally...).

Like Totally and a squadron of Plegs

Alienation ran a photo contest over on Vital. Winners have been chosen, click that link to check 'em out...

One of the photo comp winners

As you may or may not have seen, Ride ran a pretty awesome interview with BF (That I'm assuming Netley's got taped to the walls of his room by now, haha), and inside it was a pretty awesome photo of BF ripping some trails and oozing style, despite only being an inch off the floor... Anyway, they made it available as a wallpaper now, so go scope it out here.

Click the link up there to see this bad-boy in 1200x900 giganti-size

Lastly, Mario has an edit up on Defgrip. Right click here to save it, or just click on This link to go and read up about the video in the words of Alex from Give-D.

Speaking of Alex's's's', Alex Kennedy has a bikecheck up on Aversion. Haggard, haha.

P.S. Insight is due out soon! Despite being tipped to be released approx. the same time as TheComeUp DVD, it's still not quite yet sorted, here's Fudger's take on it:

"Yessssss, the video is a couple of months late, but our other office just received the final DVD from the duplicator today, so we should have them going out very soon. The premiere at Epic will be postponed until a later date, but we’re currently working on a premiere around the LA area in the immediate future, but through a lot of internal stuff (yes, Navaz is, unfortunately, no longer working for us), it’s been hard to get organized."

Dig 63

Well, it's been in the shop for a while, but here's making it official:


If print is dead and 'online' is the future of communication in BMX, then why are we still producing magazines? The answer is simple. It looks a lot better to us than the Internet, and until there's a laptop in public bathrooms across the world, a magazine is still a better option for bathroom reading than the web. With that said, we've produced another edition of Dig BMX Magazine, issue number 63 to be exact. The photos are quality, the writing isn't chicken scratch and it's portability into and out of the bathroom is remarkable. If you like the Internet more, that's fine. But by producing Dig BMX Magazine, we're trying to spare you the expense of possibly dropping your laptop into the toilet. And as the next two months of your life rapidly approaches, we're hoping you'll make the sensible choice and elect Dig BMX issue # 63 over the Internet for bathroom reading. To entice this moral decision, we're attaching Dig 63's table of contents below. Skim through it, become enticed and look for issue 63 of Dig BMX Magazine on newsstands soon. Oh yeah, thanks to the internet for bringing you this public information service...

ON THE COVER: Jim Cielencki: Photo by Ricky Adam (not Rob Dolecki ...oops!)

IGNITION: The Jimmy Jam, the birth of the Russian BMX scene, John Povah spends the day with some old-timers, and Brian Yeagle wrestles with the battle of bike versus camera...

DIG THIS: News, Coalition Company Policy, Frank Macchio rides almost everything, Mark Potoczny’s Frontyard trails, Davey Watson’s 3, 2, 1 and more...

VIDEOSTORE: Jordan Utley on 50/50’s That’s It, Adam Grandmaison’s Top 5s plus reviews...

AN AUDIENCE WITH COREY MARTINEZ: Corey Martinez goes nuts AND fields questions on life, religion and riding.

AUTUMN IN COLORADO: Walter Peringer showcases a handful of riders in the Centennial State...

LOST FOR WORDS: Minimal reading/maximum radness!

PROGRESS REPORT: Dan Boiski gets grilled on the contents of his ideal day.

PROGRESS REPORT: Sounds like Matt Roe’s hometown must suck...

ROAD FOOLS RETROSPECTIVE: Road Fools 1 celebrates its ten-year anniversary...

BEECHER KIDS VS. LORDS OF FUN: Two different sides of FBM on two very different journeys

FLY BIKES EN ITALIA: Fly Bikes top ten-ifies a recent trip to Italy....

DIGITAL CRUNCH: Reader photos that didn’t make it onto Facebook...

SENT ITEMS: It turns out that last issue’s marital infidelity was a farce...

UNSOUND: Dan Yemin of Paint It Black discusses their latest album, New Lexicon

BACKCHAT: Buffalo, NY’s Jim Cielencki, the guy that helped make pedals a grindable surface in BMX...


Ch-ch-check it, 'cos I can't. My computer hates Quicktime.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Um... What...

Almost turned this off after a few tricks 'cos of the guy's slightly questionable style, but I watched to the end and it was well worth it. Quite the banger, quite the banger...

Greg Masson section by anto favennec from antonyhawk on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stuffs #38473

T-Nez + Nathan Williams = Good combo:

Seats + Fixed Post + KHE = Not so good a combo?

Chase Dehart + Old Put In Werk remix footage = Pretty good combo.

Colony + Free Video = Good Combo

Monday, February 25, 2008

Couple of new videos...

Wolfman decided to celebrate being on Macneil by releasing an awesome little web-video, and also answered a couple of questions. Head over to Defgrip to check out your new favourite rider...

After you've rewound that video a couple of times to see just how fast he really went at some of those lines, check out another pacey little chap, Bjoern Elvering over on WTP's latest Videorama page.

New Aversion vid

With a title like that you know it's gonna be a good 'un.

Click Here to check out a hella fun looking comp...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Errr... Joel?!

Joel Nicholls - Wallride from James Willsher on Vimeo.

Post 400...

Wowzers. To celebrate, watch a burly 180 and a hefty feebz to gap:

Also, Jaumell Campbell (Did I spell any of that right?) has a new vide up on Macneil. I think I speak for us all when I say that a return to his old street videos full of mad pop and interesting lines would be pretty sweet.

Laaaaaaastly, Mutiny have a boat-load of info on the new Justin Simpson "Hemi" frame, go here to check that out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bits 'n' bobs.

By "Bits", I largely mean "videos", and by "Bobs" I largely mean "New KHE Hub"...

Pic rinsed from TheComeUp:

Whaaaaaat? Liam Fahy-Hampton is mental, and here's the video evidence.

T-Nez topless :-O

Pretty sweet Staff webvid.

Hoder's off Sunday, pure drama.

New Eli Platt sig. frame. Pretty sweet!

Lastly, KHE have done what they should've done ages ago. The "Selling points" are all pure rubbish, but meh, good bearings + bushings = happy Mark?

From KHE:

Astern Freecoaster:

The new signature “Bruce Crisman” Astern hub is basically like the new REVERSE hub who comes with new ACB, bush & bigger driver bearings.

The big “Power Point” on this Astern model is that we using a new Patented “outside adjustable gap” system.

That means that you can turn an allen screw who is inside the 14mm hollow axle from the outside!

Finally you have not to open the hub if you like to change the pedal gap…you just need a 4mm allen key and you can even go through the peg to change the gap.

This idea makes the Freecoaster much more interesting for many riders because you can make the gap even as small if you riding a normal Cassette hub.

Many riders problem is that if they used always a Cassette hub that it’s a big change to get use to ride a Freecoaster…BUT now with the new Astern hub rider can make the gap first real small and can change it step less.

Or… if you riding Miniramp and need a small gap for Manuals make it small and if you ride after this Street and you need a big gap just turn the screw and make it big!

If you really think about… it will make the Freecoasters much more usable for all Street riders & open a much bigger market.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This post is categorised as: 18

This post is categorised as "18+" because Matt Roe's smoothness is actually offensive.

Roey quickclip from ruralbicycle on Vimeo.

QBP frost bike show

Nightwolf seat?
Foldable Odyssey tyres?
Purple PC pedals?
A rhd/lhd switchable, and also cassette/freecoaster switchable hub from Eastern?

Clicky here

Friday, February 15, 2008


Guess who, no prizes...

JeffZ's site went online yesterday, forgot to mention it - my bad!

The new Hotwheels trip vid is officially up.

I put up a couple of Jarrod Allen edits on Style which are well worth a look too.

To catch up on the Mosh Drama, see Ride's site.

Speaking of, RideUK is out now too. Dig should be too? Ride also have a cool Interview on their site with Adi Gilbert.

Lastly, Joel Nicholls would like it to be known that that wasn't a bump 3, it was a stair ride to 3. Credit where credit's due ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dig 63 Ad

I'm terrible with deadlines. I'm sure if you asked Karen from Factory Media, she'd agree too. You see, Karen is the poor lady reponsible for chasing up the adverts for Ride and Dig magazine before it goes to print, and every month she has to send me numerous reminders that I need to submit the Pijin advert. :p

You may have noticed Carlos' arse for 3 issues running in Ride (apolygies for that). I didn't realise the advert would cause so many complaints. Rest assured, I will put up a different one next issue. LoL

Anyways, here's the advert for Dig 63 which I submitted sometime back in January, so hopefully should be in print some time soon!

You have the Westlake brothers to thanks for this one! :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Joel Nicholls.

Joel sent me a link to his new Winter video. 2 things shocked me in this video:

1. His bump 3 up a 3 set, clean as!
2. A helmet, and a skatepark!

Well, thats 3 things, but ahwell. Watch it, it's "Chill".

Joel's winter web vid from joel nicholls on Vimeo.

Junction Nine.

During last Spring/Summer, myself and Jack Evershed started up myspace page called Junction Nine to share our local scene's (the surrounding areas of junction nine, hence the name) photos/videos/news etc... Well, some of you may have added us a friend on Myspace, and read our blogs, looked at our photos and watch our videos of a fun fullfilled Spring/Summer. Well, over this Winter/Autumn, the page kind of died down until no blogs were being produced due to short days, bad weather and me and Jack being caved in by coursework. In the mean time, I have been helping John and Mark with the worldwide news of bmx, but, Junction Nine is making a come back, but on Blogspot. Good weather and longer evenings mean more photos and videos, more trips and more news. So, if you're interested in the local scene, check out here for the new J9 page.

Heres a video Jack made of Tim from the weekend. Check!

Tim Whiteley Ad from Jack Evershed on Vimeo.


Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a pea-souper out there...

What's with all the fog? Anyway...

George Boyd - Welcome to the Mutiny Team from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.
George Boyd has apparently become awesome since the last V-Club DVD, good on him!

Check out Glen P.P. Milligan pass the buck for all of his past failures of videos to the filmers? Doesn't sound like the sort of stuff you want to be saying if you want to continue working with people, but hell, what do I know, I like my frames per second rate to be 1, not 32 or whatever it is... One thing I would say though is that if you're going to talk about quality of videos, and production values, why would you make such a rubbish video to get your point acrtoss? Scripts!

Ashley Charles' Videoramais up, and for a 12-set with a rail, it's got quite a good section...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

3 leading 3 trailing

All the wheels we build are laced in a traditional 3 cross or 4 cross pattern... that was until Bonedave decided to experiment. This is a wheel laced in a "3 leading 3 trailing" pattern... Notice how the spokes are in 3 distinct groups. Time for some colour play maybe? :D

Not a good move for Mosh!

Chase Dehart, Eddie Clevland and Mike Ardelean are all off Mosh now. Replacing them is Sean Sexton and Brett Walker. Not good news, as this means no monthly Mosh videos worth while watching now. Dammit!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Props Euro Megatour...

... looks REALLY good.

Sorry to ruin the "Dear Mr..." titles...

But here is a Chester Blacksmith interview, with questions asked by Eddie Clevland. If you are not sure who Chester Blacksmith is, he's the guy in the Scarred video who basically snaps his leg in half. It's cool, and he's seems like a cool bloke!

Click here for the read.

Dear Mr Tom and Dan

Monday, February 04, 2008

Superstar Product

Online catamalogue

R.I.P. Sheldon Brown.


Alt link.


Busy weekend work schedules, lots of riding and miscellaneous other stuff = no updates, sorry!

Mark ain't ready, but neither is Brighton.

ODI Webvid, good stuff.

Dan Lacey is mental:

While we're talking new photos, Devon Hutchins, who's name has been dropped here quite a lot, has some rad new photos up. Check the splash-page!

Friday, February 01, 2008

News. from Dan on Vimeo.

Worth watching, largely for the last couple of lines.

Attila Jam, 1st March in Leeds? Heard it here second, haha.

Dig Issue 63 Pijin ad, Chandlers Ford RPRZNT?

To quote Lupe Fiasco: "It's official? It's official."