Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Cult update their website pretty much all the time with bits of info about their team riders, often accompanied with cool photos. Today is no exception, with Trey Jones doing a pretty rad manoeuvre - click here to view it.

Kink have put up their Euro Jetlagged video. Lloyd's got some bangers in this, as does pretty much everyone. Plenty of general drunken debauchery, but some good riding too!

More info's come out on the... er... 'interesting' Aitken gloves - those brown ones could actually be made of human faeces and they'd still sell like hot cakes. Check 'em here. If you like your gloves less camp, you're also covered.

Sunday continue to have a good team and a bad video player - here's a combination of those facts:

I don't think I posted it yesterday, but the second Lotek Mixtape video is going live now. This is the first section featuring David Grant and Craig Passero, rad stunts galore.

In 'Cool ender' news:

Proper's new video 'Picture Box' looks like it should be pretty cool:

...and that's pretty much it.

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