Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Snow joke.

A flurry of video activity, ho ho ho.

But yeah - Ashley Charles has a new video out today that's... unusual. Bit of a weird one, but any footage of him's always good!

In related "Good to see riding from them" video news, Ride posted Aitken's section from the Electronical video today. Seem to remember I posted it up here relatively recently, but still, it's cool...

Also, Sunday put up a new edit from Lee Dennis today. The guy does some cool stuff, so as you'd expect this is a pretty good video.

Lastly, Banned 3 was ridiculous, and from this section of Banned 4 that video is nuts too. I basically got to the end of Rickey Bates' section and realised it needed to be put up here, and so... er... here it is.

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