Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In full holiday mode now, woke up about an hour ago. Body clock like whaaaat...

Anyway - as I mentioned a week or two ago (when I also mentioned that I was going to do an Anthem 2 review (which I still intend to do, but need to watch it again before I can (and it's currently at my house in Blackpool (and I'm currently in Wales)))) Sean Burns is pretty out of hand. It still seems weird to talk about a Sean Burns web-edit, but I guess if you want to ride for a living your sponsors who don't really 'get' it are going to have some demands you'll have to live up to. Anyway, here's another Osiris edit. Ridiculous.

If you in any way like that video, you should definitely give the shop a call and grab yourself a copy of Anthem 2. So much good stuff in there, and his section's like the icing on an amazing tasty, diverse cake. I know that 'diverse cake' doesn't exactly sound like a good or appetizing thing, but it is.

Because months ago this was an exclusive, I don't know if this embed code's going to lead to anything once I hit the 'publish' button. Hopefully it will, but if there's not a triumph of hope over experience then you'll need to head over to United's website to check out the TCU x TIU edit they've just re-uploaded. They've been putting up some visual treats over the holidays anyway, so it may be worth you while clicking that link and having a lurk even if this embedding shenanigans works...

Speaking of cool bike companies re-uploading good videos, Mutiny have done exactly the same which allows you to go check out LGM, the Dunkerque videos, and all their other rad edits from this year. Essentially, the point I'm trying to make is that the weather sucks, it's the 28th December, you probably don't have much to do so you might as well stoke up some weather-directed anger at not being able to ride by watching some inspiring videos.

This comes with the new issue of Ride UK (which is worth buying), and being a fan of 'zine-type stuff I'm obviously a fan of this. It's just good, and it's also free. If I was Nigel Sylvester I'd probably end that with "You feel me?" or something, but I can pull that off even less than I can pull off asking for a 'barm cake' now I live up North. So I won't.

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