Sunday, December 19, 2010

Alex Kennedy

...rips. You'd have thought someone could've hooked him up with some new bars seeing as he was at the warehouse, unless it's just my rubbishy eyes making his bars look super bent?

Interesting to see how The Berrics Effect is hitting the BMX world though. I'm into it. Seeing as we're talking Seventies, Bruno Hoffmann is now on Federal having left WTP recently. I just realised I didn't actually mention that before, so apologies if that came as a shock. Some people seem to be super into all that side of things, so sorry for not breaking that to you gently. Hopefully this farewell edit will soothe the pain.

While I'm remembering things I didn't post, this is Chicken's section from The Make's Rain Dogs video. Beast.

Saw that over at Streetphire by the way!

Because I don't exactly have the Pijin Blog Viewer Demographic Data to hand I don't really know how much you people like to read more full-on industry-tech stuff, but if - like me - you do, there's an interesting interview over on Ride US with John Povah about the future for Etnies. I think pretty much everyone who's ridden brakeless and has had to buy a pair of shoes has at some point though about how cool it'd be to have a dual compound brakeless shoe, and considering the amount of rider owned shoe companies out there I'm pretty amazed no-one's actually done it earlier. I guess it's a lot easier to snake Vans than having to come up with some totally new bits 'n' pieces... Anyway, biting aside, some cool stuff on show.

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