Friday, October 22, 2010

"Wah wah"

If you're not a fan of videos that aren't a total, back-to-back string of massive bangers, you are not going to be a fan of this post. Some slightly 'different' videos today, starting with the video I watched every day for about a month after I first got it, the Train Trip video that appeared on a copy of Dig (Issue 79 out now!) I got ages ago. There's actually a cool little write-up on Mike O's Blog about it, so check that out while you wait for the video to load!

While we're talking Joe Rich, he currently has a bike-check up on T-1's site.

Continuing the cool videos theme, This Is United is ridonkulous, and if you haven't seen it yet you're letting yourself down spectacularly. Call the shop and get amongst it. James Cox was the man at the helm, and he's got a pretty lengthy video interview up courtesy of BMXMDB. I rode with James just after he'd first quit his job to work for 4Down, and it's amazing to see how he's gone from what his situation was back then to what he's doing these days. Anyone who gives you a load of sweets 'for the road' is a rad dude in my book, and James fully qualifies for that.

While James was pretty awake and alert for that video, Nathan Williams isn't for this fairly weird interview with Dakota Roche.

Continuing the weird video vibe, TheKinkHouse have this edit of Aaron Smith showing his room setup, then a bit of riding at the end as a bonus.

Totally different, and more focussed on the riding is the last of SkullCandy and their "3 days in the desert" video. Some really good stuff in this, interesting to see people making the most of some pretty unusual (but pretty awesome!) spots.

...and with that, I'm off to put a new air filter in my car. Head torches = the best.

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