Monday, November 29, 2010


Just throwing this out there, but Frijj chocolate brownie milk shake + a mug + a microwave + 2mins or so = tasty beverage. That is all.

As mentioned previously, wah wah wah I'm busy wah wah wah - I know I keep saying it, but it's true dammit! As a result of that, here are some now slightly 'dated' videos in this 50-edits-a-day BMX culture, but are still pretty amazing anyway.

Pete Sawyer now rides for WTP as well as the usual 'fun', and this is a video of him made by Will Evans. Syntax failure there. I only ever post good videos (Fact!), so I don't really need to point out that this one's a bit of a belter, but I will anyway: This video's a bit of a belter.

In very much related belting news, it's not often you get people capable of throwing down moves on street, dirt and park. I know some people make a big deal out of 'being an all-rounder' and 'being able to ride anything in front of you' and all that, but after spending a surprisingly hectic Thursday trying to not punch out snaking scum at Corby, I'm fully not fussed about being able to do styley footjam variations on quarters. However, Georgy Doremus, who rides for Subrosa, has obviously not let some snaking kids put him off (I guess being a bit of a meathead helps in that sense?) riding park pretty well, not to mention street and a big ol' dirt ender. "Big ol' dirt ender" sort of came out wrong there, but hey ho.

Speaking of dirt, I hear that part of being allowed to dig trails is being able to talk at length about how dirt is the root of BMX - well, sort of, but here's the more accurate root, a bit of Bicycle Motocross Racing courtesy of Clicked. The tags on there lead me to believe he's clipped in, which to me just screams out 'karma'. It's pretty amazing how long he holds that body position for. Having dead sailored jumps that were minor compared to that I know how rubbish that 'Time slowing down/This is going to cane' feeling is, so multiply that by a million and that must be along the lines of how that one felt.

Hey! You know what's really not interesting at all? Sponsorship news: That's what. That's precisely why this is all you're getting from me about how two big name riders are now going to be given free shoes by alternative companies while suckers like you and me have to pay for the privilege of not tearing our feet apart on pedal pins.

I was all set to end on that note (partly prompted by the fact my TKMaxx specials are all but dead after 3 months of service), then a quick website lap reminded me I'd entirely forgotten to post the Shadow roadtrip. The riding is as good as the weather looks in this.

Toodle pip.

EDIT: Late addition again was this edit from The Kink House featuring some gentlemen lying down.

Still weirds me out seeing Lloyd in videos like this...

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