Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cool video on Friday?

Notice how last Friday I made a 'cool video Friday' post? Well, turns out that - courtesy of some power-lurking on Facebook there's going to be a 'cool video Friday' this Friday at the shop in the form of an Anthem II showing. I know how good that video's going to be. You know how good that video's going to be. If it wasn't a 6 hour drive to get there I'd be all over that, so if you have a less than 6 hour drive to get there you really should be going there. Even if it's not for you, do it for me.

Speaking of Facebook lurking, it also allowed me to see this gem from what I'm going to call the Case-book page - a sweet exclusive edit from Vinyl which features a song with what sounds like the line "Come back baby/I'll bust you up".

Just in case that doesn't work, if you click that link up there then yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, to quote Rudyard Kipling fully out of context.

Whilst we're taking stuff out of context, I also got a glimpse of this courtesy of Facebook. If you're a TLC fan, look away now.

Unbeknownst to me, Shadow have been uploading Into The Void, with this week's section being the Chase Dehart/Dave Rytell split. It's a pretty bold section in that instead of music, Shadow decided to apparently just loop some white noise, but it does feature some Chase Dehart footage in his techidy-tech peak (you know, back when the tech:burly ratio was much more in favour of the tech) which is always good to see.

This also leads me to wonder whether Shadow will try and replicate their 'hidden sections' thing when they post the video online by hosting the videos on some obscure website that you'll only ever find when someone on BikeGuide happens to stumble across it.

For some reason, videos on Ride's site never seem to play properly for me. I know Dyno told me he was supposed to be heading to Ramp City soon and that I should get amongst it, so I'm effectively posting this here so I can actually watch it and see if he went. Because of that, I have no idea how good this video is, so I'll need to place it in some sort of quarantine state:



And that's about that, I think. I just realised the 'autosaved at' thing says 22:20, which means I need to not be on here any more.

EDIT: Turned out that Scattered edit was actually cool. Bonus! Fair play for whoever it was who delivered the most clearly annunciated "Wa-hoo" ever at the end too.

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