Thursday, December 30, 2010


Spectacular timing - you might have remembered me saying about the Substance zine/catalogue that 4Down put out. Well, if you were intrigued, then click below for the online version. The printed version's a 'nice object' as the artfags would say, so it if you're into it, get one!

Speaking of posts I made recently - I mentioned a few companies have re-up'd (as they put it) their old web videos from this year. Cult are doing the same, so here's their main promo video, and here's some info. Rob-o should've gone the whole hog and ended it with "ya herd" and kept it with the whole vibe of the company. The devil's in the detail...

Mike Mastroni is really good, and somehow manages to find the time between doing posts on TheComeUp to be all sponsored 'n' everything, and fully justify it too. This video goes to show that he's most definitely got the skills. Some tech stuff on some unusual objects which, when combined with sweet filming and editing, pretty much guarantee a good video. It's cool to see that Mike's more down the Tate Roskelley type of riding rather than sticking to fashion tricks on weird stuff - it's cool to see people really trying to use their bikes in a new way. With those two and Seamus McKeon the future's looking pretty good for some cool new footage.

In true ESPN making-BMX-mainstream-sport style: Tunney posted up this edit from Rohlfing. Said Rohlfing on the success of this video strategy: "Here are some crashes from 2010." This result means that Brett Rohlfing is now 5th in the league.

Lastly, for some reason videos just don't play smoothly on either Ride or Dig's websites (speaking of, I don't think I've really ever seen a bigger disparity between online and offline content/style than Dig's (and still speaking of, the new Dig is really good - go buy it!)). However, I know I like watching Dylan Smith's riding so hopefully this video will be good. If it isn't, apologies for letting it slip through the usually stringent vetting system.

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you should post things that aren't just taken from TCU and Vital, thats why there is TCU and Vital! peace