Sunday, December 26, 2010

Season's Greetings...

Some pretty good Christmas treats came out yesterday from Sunday, Fly, and Subrosa. Sunday decided to get a whole load of Santa suits and everyone on their Pro and Flow teams (and even their company members) to get rad. As Jim C says:

“That’s right Santa gets rad! Well, maybe just everyone over here at Sunday gets rad in Santa suits. The whole main team, flow team and employees can be seen shredding in this video. This was such a fun video to make. People really love Santa. Numerous times random people stopped to get there photos taken with Santa, snap photos of Santa riding or just got a smile on there face because they got to see Santa. There was even a 4 year old boy who was so stoked to ride with Santa, who was played by Gary Young at the time. Everyone here at Sunday would like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holiday!”

Fly's past few videos have been dece, and Tres is no different. Some great riding from a pretty wide selection of riders, you're almost guaranteed to find something you'll like (even some streety grindy-grindy action).

Just like she said, it's a lengthy beast so you might wanna grab some left-overs from yesterday, something to drink and full screen that beaut...

As an additional thing - after a bit of a lurk on the Fly site, I spotted this interview with Stefan Lantschner. Love watching him ride, and it's cool to get a bit more of a background. Some sweet videos on that page too, so go have an explore even if you're got the reading attention span of a foetus. As a side note - Stefan and Kevin Kalkoff had pretty much my 2 favourite sections in the whole video. Stefan's one of the only people I've ever seen hit Wapping wallride anywhere near as good as Joe Fox (who's got a cool interview in RideUK)), high praise indeed! Kevin K has also come on a lot in the past few videos I've seen of him. It's interesting how Fly's team have spread out/branched out now so they've got such a wide range of riders. All good.

Lahsaan Kobza has both a pretty amazing name, and now a contract for the Subrosa Pro team. All good. Defgrip have the exclusive.

Not from Christmas, but I fully forgot to post it before - Lloyd and The Artist Formerly Known As Bombhead doing things at Seventies.

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