Thursday, October 28, 2010


Did my usual BMXFeed lap just now, and having sprayed open a load of tabs suddenly started hearing an advert for Calgon. I couldn't work out where it was coming from as all the pages were legit BMX sites and there were no pop-ups anywhere. Then I spotted a fun little auto-playing advert on TheComeUp, along with another advert about how I should apparently eat beef or lamb during the week. I think I prefered the way over the top skating-related adverts on there compared to weak, day-time TV style adverts about things I don't care about. Money's money though I guess? While I'm on the subject of skating, the new John Motta Bangin' is amazing.

More from Mutiny - this time, an out-takes video from their latest series.

They've also updated their site, so go check it out!

Oh, and continuing the theme of 'things I forgot' (at least one per day), here's a Matt Priest video I meant to put up yesterday.

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