Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Anthem 2...

Well, this ought to be good?

Some fresh content over on the Anthem site.

Think I forgot to post this before, but the Red Bull Trick or Treat jam looked pretty cool:

In other 'Things looking cool' news, the new C.R.E.A.M. frame from WTP looks pretty good - more info here and here. Andrew Jackson is awesome, so that frame's pretty well deserved!

For some quality pigeon handling technique, check out this video of Mutiny's Continental version of Brazel (in-joke), Rubio.

Oh yeah - another Red Bull edit I just remembered about (and should probably put up by the other Red Bull comp edit above? Meh) - the Most Wanted comp from Austin. The BMX boards are lit up with talk of Kevin Porter doing a line someone else couldn't do - it's a comp, handle it. You don't ride comps to have a relaxing, fun time - that's what actual riding is for (seeing as KP split the money with the other guy anyway, it really isn't important).

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