Sunday, December 12, 2010


A constantly detereorating home net connection has made watching web videos a fairly punishing experience lately, with a lot of waiting for often little reward (when videos allegedly load all the way after aaaaaages, but only play the first 10secs...). Fortunately, some that have made it worthwhile are coming up:

This is a video for Mutiny. I don't know if they've ever made a bad web video, and this isn't changing that. Some reet good riding liiiike.

Whilst I found loading videos a punishing experience, I'd imagine it wasn't anywhere near as punishing as being part of Tate Roskelley's bike is for his front tyre.

Tate's new Volume Drifter frame is out now, giving me a little more hope that BMX is rewarding the right people.

Another front tyre punisher is Karl Poynter, who's section from Into The Void is now up online. I don't know if that made sense grammatically, and Premiere's making me want to punch walls out at the moment so we're going to have to roll with it.

My new favourite rider American Butlin (aka Tammy) has put up a sweet remix of some of his older clips with some newer stuff too. So good!

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