Friday, November 19, 2010


5 cool videos = combo bonus.

Lloyd is getting even better. Some serious bidnaz from over at TheKinkHouse.

In related "People I know from London who're really good" video news, Billy from Brixton is rad. X-ride to twizzler was dynamite. <- Went there.

I made mention of that Eastpak edit that Stefan Lantschner did a day or two ago - this is a new edit of Simone Barracco for Shadow that Stefan's filmed and edited. Really feeling it. Some cool lines, nice views, nice angles and generally good vibes. Kid's got skilled.

Danger's now on TheTrip, and this is his intro video. That beasty three near the end of the video - my my...

Lastly, I sorta liked this video but was a bit here nor there - however, I'm posting it for the perfect 540 air. I mean really, outside of Jamie Bestwick and a vert ramp, they don't get much better than that.

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