Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Right, so this might not work. I'll preface it with that.

Hopefully, what you can see above is the awesome 'zine that Rich Forne put together about the Dunkerque trip that I posted up yesterday. If the above doesn't work, hit up Mutiny's site. It's well worth reading!

You might notice as well how the video's really good to watch - nicely filmed, works really well together? Might also spot how the photos look cool too? Well, that's sort of what happens if you get people who specialise in doing things to do them. A while back BMX photographers started getting sort of replaced by just 'people with a camera', and it seems Vans are stepping it up with the new Let It Ride video "Bro cam project". I don't know if there's a seperate 'proper' video to go with this, but I'd certainly hope so. If not, maybe we should progress this whole idea along and stop frame designers and product engineers from doing new products, and just get people who can draw a semi-accurate picture of a BMX part to design them? I mean, you know, all it really is is drawing stuff, right?

Lastly, something I forgot to post yesterday - Kriss Kyle keeps getting better...

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