Friday, December 24, 2010


Cool, so it's basically Christmas (somehow - doesn't feel like it?!), so hope you all have a good one.

As a potentially last post of the year (depending on how things go), here's a couple of recent video highlights.

Etnies team is really good, and in this video (click the link to view it) it really shows. Some awesome lines at some awesome spots with some awesome weather. Jealous.

Speaking of teams - Seamus McKeon is now on Subrosa's Skeleton Crew. Definitely deserves it, good to see innovative people getting rewarded (even if the song isn't as innovative as the riding (oh yeah, made a song-stealing reference (went there (brackets)))...

Whilst we're still mentioning teams, to make up for it seeming like they haven't had a new web-edit from their team riders in a while, Federal have put up a 'best of' Derek Strickland video.

And laaaastly, a secret session with Ben Murphy.


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