Saturday, October 16, 2010


Mathias Dandois was featured in the new Odyssey print catalogue, and is now officially part of their Flatware line. The dude's got a rad style, definitely one of my favourite flatlanders to watch!

Damo and Dave King put together this trails edit for Amity which features all the usual wiggles you'd expect:

...and sticking with the trails theme is the better-late-than-never Oakley Trails Champs video. I could watch Mulville for days.

I still don't really get the whole deal with the new Props online/offline/sections up here/sections up there business, but it does mean that this Deven Ferrer video is online which is handy. Stepping up the rail-ride game!

It's funny how some videos just make you want to ride - there's just that vibe about them that just makes you want to go out for a pedal around. This edit from Craig Passero/TCU using up some old footage before getting back on it with the new camera very much makes me want to ride, which is what I'm now going to do.

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