Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't read this, read that \/

OK, so here's the deal. Bay66 is a pretty fun skatepark, and it's also not a million miles away from Southampton. Driving there's not really a big deal, getting the train there's pretty easy, etc. I know I met a bunch of (former, seeing as none of them are there any more?) Southampton locals there before, so it's definitely do-able. It's covered over, it's got a range of stuff and it's usually a good time. However, some toolbags think that for some reason a skatepark "doesn't serve the needs of the local youths" whereas a bangin' garden centre and office block would. Er, right.

This is obviously not ideal, and in that winter's here it's always nice to keep options open for skateparks. If you're a full on park nibbler then I guess you can extend that to all year round.

TL:DR - some people want to close Bay66. This isn't cool. Although it's not much, a petition can at least show some support, so click here and show your feelings.

If you haven't been to Bay66 yet, you might want to hurry it up...

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