Monday, August 31, 2009

Mark Webb.

My sister's new 8-week-old kitten was fully not into this video, judging from the way she spent the entire time clawing at Mark across the screen. In any case, here's a vid for his new sponsor, "Total".

Mark Webb Total BMX - More BMX Videos


Anonymous said...

mark,could i point out that avocet bikes owned unknown bikes and that i ronnie remo and mark webb have formed totalbmx as we were fed up of bike companys not fulfilling promises to riders.i have nothing to do with unknown apart from they owe mark money which i am chasing.unknown is owned by a 62 year old man from manchester.i would like to cease spreading unfounded lies about totalbmx and expect an apology.i have been riding for 18 years and have riders interests at heart.i have put ever penny i have into this and a bit of support wouldn't go a miss from local bmx industry.can you explain how you can publicise these untru allegations based on just your opinion with nothing to back it up?thanks a lot mate.ronnie remo.

Unknown said...

Hey Ronnie,

Thanks for clearing that up.

Obviously, there have been a lot of rumours floating around on forums as well as from insiders within the BMX industry itself. But hopefully, this clears it up once and for all.

Please accept my apology on any misleading blog posts.

Like yourselves, we have the rider's interest at heart. We have warrantied every cracked UkBikeCo frame even though UkBikeCo have not given us any replacements. If you get anywhere with chasing the 62 year old man from Manchester with payment, please let me know as the shop is owed a substantial amount of money!