Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's been a while...

Can't wait to see the viewing slump for the past few days! Come baaaack. I've legitimately been busy - uni work over the weekend, then two days in London handing it in. 96 hours. 7 hours on trains. 16 hours of sleep. Too many hours on trains: not enough hours asleep. As a result, I'm finding this typing gig pretty hard, and actually had to use calculator to work out how many hours there were in 4 days.

Anyway, from what I can tell:

They Ain't Ready put up a web-edit which was basically a 3 minute intro to a ridiculous Kareem Williams spot shut-down edit. However, they've done the whole "Not going to let you embed it unless you go to Vimeo and mess around" thing, and I fully don't have the mental capability to tackle that problem now. I don't see how people think doing this benefits them at all. The whole point of web-videos is their ease of distribution - showing the world what's up with you and your friends. If you don't want other people to see it, don't put it online. If you do, why put petty little hurdles in the way for people to distribute it? No sense at all.

FBM have a double-DVD kinda thing coming out from what I can tell, here's a trailer!

Just spotted a post on InTheGnar that there's a flipbook on the FBM site too...

The Shola video is out now. Hammers!

Skavenger had some new shirts out. Having used literally every colour combination possible with their "SKA|VEN|GER" shirt, they've spread their design wings and have some new stuff out. Check that out here, and the new Skavenger site here.

Mulville footage? Yes. From Deluxe:

There's a UK premiere for the Mutiny video that, amazingly for a UK premiere, is actually reasonably central instead of in a pub in Hastings. Again. Anyway, it's on in Sheffield:

You should probably try and get there, it's bound to be good and premieres are always amazing! Nothing like getting the DVD a while after going to the premiere so you can try and remember what actually happened in it...

EDIT: Dew Tour footage. FEEL INFERIOR!

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