Friday, August 14, 2009


Apparently everyone decided to put cool stuff up online today?

Dan Lacey likes weed (who knew?) and custom paint jobs: Bikecheck.

T1's new Freaky Friday is up:

This was something fun I had an idea for when I went to Spain to film the Fox Andalucia series. This idea came to me one night while lying in bed. I thought it would be a cool way for people to see Ruben’s hip for the first time. I thought that the matador was fitting due to the fact we were in Spain. Then, I heard this song by Beruit and it fit together perfectly in my mind. But due to music rights issues, I never got clearance, therefore the idea couldn’t be used for the Fox vid. For those of you that have seen the riding in the 3rd part of Andalucia, this contains a few clips from that, plus one pretty funny ending one. These clips never get old to me. We laughed for awhile with this one. Hope you dig it” - Joe Rich

Joe rules!

Mike Hoder has a new webvideo up over on the Lotek site, where they also have pics up of the Hoder slims, a more padded version of the "Other" Mike Slims. Swish. Webvideo's awesome anyway: Watch here.

Sam Lowe is WTP's Canadian rider, who has a cool little edit up:

Lastly, it's not BMX, but it is awesome - the trailer for Season 2 of Nitro Circus. Check out their Vimeo channel here.

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