Saturday, August 01, 2009


Watching the X-Games live here...

Anthony Napolitan just did two double frontflips incredibly smoothly on the Mega Ramp, but no quarter tricks means no dice.

K-Rob just did an 18.8ft no-handed flair having no-handed flipped the 70ft jump.

He actually just won doing that - as I typed that, Chad Kagy flip-whipped the gap then messed up a 20ft flair-whip.

K-Rob 1st, Kagy 2nd, Mirra 3rd.

Watching the X-Games usually gives me a feeling of not having any relevance to what I know as BMX, nothing more so than the Megaramp. Loads of body armour, full-faces, telling people what you're going to do over each jump before you do it, massive roll-ins, etc. - amazing how 2 20" wheels can cover everything from just riding the Wasteland with friends, right up to winning several thousand dollars for mega-tricking the Megaramp...

EDIT: Some French dude just did the freestyle motocross best trick comp in shorts and a T-shirt, with a full-face. Laid back, haha. Bearing in mind most of the other guys are wearing more armour than a medieval knight going into battle, that says a lot!

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