Saturday, August 15, 2009


Plan for the future! It's not always going to be warm (ha) and sunny (ha), so at some point there's gonna be a point in your life when you're going to want to be able to ride indoors. Maybe fire out a few flip-whips, drop the truck to footjam to 180 in to stare out? Bars to tap to comp out? You never know when you might need to prepare for X-Games XVI, that's all I'm saying.

So yeah, if you live anywhere near the North East, go Here and put your name down to register your interest in a possible indoor at Sunderland. Pretty high up for most of you Daaahn Saaarf dudes, but if you're remotely interested, make your voice heard! I'll thank you for it when I have an indoor skatepark I can sit in and loathe with every fibre of my body this winter.

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