Saturday, August 29, 2009

Special Boat Service

Fly have just put up a news post about their SBS system. "For brakeless riders, You might get to a spot like the trails or a street spot where you need brakes so you can put them on without the hassle." - I don't really know many brakeless street riders who ride around their chosen town/city with a brake in their bag, but maybe that's just me? It also seems kinda weird that with their mantra of "Fewer parts = better", they want to add more, but I suppose for the one or two people out there who find it incredibly hard to set a brake up it might be good. I suppose the whole system relies on your wheel being in exactly the same place it was last time you set your brake up, otherwise you'll have to adjust the spring tension and so on all over again anyway? Not to mention if your wheel had moved you'd have to adjust the pads and stuff too. Either way:

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