Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy day?

Moving house, driving for 7 hours, not water in my house all day. Grumble. May well explain this post?

These are two new videos from Nike (That I saw over on Defgrip - linkity link!). I can appreciate that people outside of BMX might be able to make better looking videos with fancier graphics, but if you want someone to capture the 'feel' of BMX, someone involved with it is always going to get the point. It's pretty much a fact. If you look at photography and video work by people like Edd Templeton, Larry Clark and so on, their work is amazing because they're actively involved with what they're portraying. You can't get the real atmosphere and vibe of something if you have no involvement with it. There are so many talented filmers and photographers involved with BMX it seems ridiculous that they overlooked all of them. The majority of the BMX media world are generally under-valued as it is (Bearing in mind that without good filmers, those DVDs and web-videos everyone like to watch wouldn't exist, and without good photographers, those magazines that people like to read wouldn't exist either), so when they're denied even getting some kind of break by companies (Nike aren't alone in this, there are other BMX companies just as guilty), it seems utterly ridiculous.

Take it like a man! Sinisi filmed a large part of a video part with a broken leg... From Proper.

Posted the rest of these, so here's Day 5 of the Frenchys tour.

Leo won.

Lacey is also a winner, but for different reasons (Side note - it's nuts people are doing stuff this substantial for a little web video?!):

Also on Seventies's's's's's video stream, Dakota Roche checking the readiness of Brighton.

Saw the pole jam in this S&M web-video, and it reminded me of how awesome pole jams are. Seriously, if you haven't ridden one, you're missing out. They're ride-able pegless too, so even if you aren't a fan of trick sticks you can still get involved. If you can't find one, make one - it's not hard.

Rickey Bates is now pro for TheLongURLtotypeout.

I am tired. Night.

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