Thursday, August 13, 2009

I can't think of a decent title.

Ani-A.BikeCo. have some new wheelsets that are coming out that, judging from the price of the LM and LM-R rims, will probably be worth more than their weight in gold when they come out. Seriously, people are probably going to sack off scrapping copper and switch to these wheels. Anyway, Format have some photos up here.

Josh Bedford's got a new sample of his signature frame through Mutiny. Om nom nom.

Oh, and pegs?

Seems like they're uploading the rest of the 2X4 DVD? Pretty handy considering my copy is some 400 miles away from here and I really want to see Randy Brown's section again. He does have the ender though, so at one a week it'll almost be a Christmas present from them...

But for now, Cody Jennings.

Giant have some photos of their new products up (In retrospect, I probably should've put this after the Animal/Mutiny stuff? Poor lay-out...) on Chris Arriaga's bike. Worth checking out anyway. Bear in mind that Giant make virtually every bike out there, the quality should be good - wonder if it'll hold out?

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