Tuesday, August 25, 2009

History repeating?

I sincerely hope not. Please tell me the cringe-worthy scripts that used to plague BMX videos (I'm looking at you, Glenn P.P. Milligan - although notable mention goes to Dave Mirra in Sentenced To Life) aren't making a comeback? This Road Fools trailer would've worked pretty much with the opening clip of Big Daddy, that gigantic wallride, and Tony Hamlin chainsawing Nathan Williams' pedal...

Day 2 of that Frenchys tour is up. Click here for that, and some more surreal French music in a BMX video, and click the "Frenchys" tag to see Day 1. I'm not usually a fan of hang 5s in pretty much any form, but this video's worth watching purely for Randy Taylor's so-long-it's-measured-in-time-not-distance 3 and a half hour long hang 5.

Another week, another Tomorrow We Work section - this time, it's Marv:

I saw this link floating around some other BMX sites, but then I saw it pop up Deluxe so I assumed it'd be worth the watch. Sure was. Flip-whip crashes look scaaaaary.

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