Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Got a few different bits 'n' pieces for today:

Deluxe had posted this video from Wingham Woods, by Dave King:

In contrast, here's an 'alright' video that I'm posting purely because it contains Bruce Crisman, and therefore it has to go up here. He does some cool stuff in it - not so sure about the other dude though...

Cardinel have posted up a video about how to put a wheel into their bike. Pretty straight-forward, but I'm fully not convinced by vertical dropouts in BMX.

Defgrip have posted a pretty swish series of photos from the newest Nike 6.0 ad campaign. Worth taking a look at: Click!

Lastly, Ricky Adam has developed a different take on how to transport his camera gear around. Can fully sympathise with him - carrying my setup around on my back's no fun, and Ricky uses some bigger battery packs than I do. No thanks! Anyway, he's got a bikecheck up on Dig - go here to see that.

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