Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seeing frames like this makes me want a nice, high quality, hand-made frame with a sweet clear-coat over it. I mean, just look at it. Awesome.

It's a low, low frame though - hence the gentle ripping of it by FBM themselves: click here for the specs and name suggestions.

While we're talking FBM, Tom Blyth has some cool blog posts up. Few and far between, but interesting nonetheless.
Duffs (Or is that "DuFFS™"?) have their autumn/winter line up. Goes without saying that some are far, far nicer than others - make your own mind up!

Photobucket is officially the worst online image sharing site around. There, I said it. As a result of it's feeble layout, I can't post the actual flyer, but I can tell you that the next P5 jam is going to be at BRISTOL on the 6th September. Be there or be square!

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