Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mission statement.

The main aim of this blog is to of course try and promote Pijin, and as such I generally try and avoid doing things that won't directly get sales or anything along those lines. So, I hear you say, why are you linking to Retribution's site which now has new DVDs and stickers to be purchased? Well, the reason is, as James states on their blog, the more of these they sell, the more money they have to get their clothing line up and under way. Once that's happened, hopefully they'll make their way into fantastic bike shops such as Pijin, helping out James, the shop, and you the discerning customer. It all works out in the end.

Whilst we're talking about the shop, it's new! So new, it had an advert dedicated to it in the newest issue of Ride. In case you're broke and can't afford to buy Ride (Which you should, 'cos it's got some rad stuff in it this month), here's the ad. Hefty shop is hefty!



What are the blue rims in the pic?Any fluo yello whazards left?

Mark Westlake said...

Hey dude,
I can't remember off-hand, but I think the blue rims were probably Proper rims? Can drop the shop an e-mail at or call them on the number on the ad if you want to cehck about the Hazard rims!