Monday, June 08, 2009

Miscellaneous contents.

Kink's UK rider Ben Basford put this sweet edit up yesterday. Sweet riding spots ahoy!

Dan Conway is the star of this cool little edit - definitely worth checking out.

Michael Sieben's work is (not quite) literally everywhere, and in this video he talks a bit more about what he's up to. Interesting dude, sweet art = winners.

Bruno Hoffmann + Tyreslide up on Woozy - sweet pic!

Garrett and Nigel at X-Games/Shanghai from six0crew on Vimeo.

It's weird - when I first started buying (Well, reading, 'cos I used to tax them off Dan) BMX magazines years and years ago, whenever there was talk of the X-Games they were generally seen as this big, awful corporate affair. It's was generally in a fairly negative light, and they were definitely considered the riding choice for those who were more interested in chasing the American pro park rat lifestyle rather than so-called 'legit' riders. Interesting how that's turned round these days - for the most part. Pretty cool video of Nigel and Garrett either way!

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