Thursday, June 18, 2009


Two things I forgot to post from yesterday - the Newcastle P5 jam and the promo vid for Bob's Jam.

First up, the Newcastle vid from Streetphire/Seventies:

Project 5 Jam Newcastle from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

And secondly, the promo vid for Bob's Jam. Frighteningly big jumps, haha! Flyer and info up on Ride UK:

Build Up to Bobs Back Yard Jam from Dave King on Vimeo.

BONUS! Whilst cruising over to the 'Phire, I spotted this video made by Chicken of the finally-sponsored Orchid-supported Shaun Hadlington:

94seconds with Shaun Hadlington from Chicken BCBMX on Vimeo.

In related news, the bank that Shaun footjamwhips at about 0:45 is the reason I've got a second knee on my right leg. No love for that bank.

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