Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I started off riding in a small, little town in Wales with nowt but a little mini-ramp, a 3-set and what could potentially be considered a flat-bank in so much as it's theoretically a bank, and isn't transitioned. Either way, it meant that we had to look at things differently when we were out riding to find stuff to do, so naturally seeing edits of people in roughly similar situations interest me. *Name removed for confidentiality* first e-mailed me a link to his friend's Youtube videos a while back, but then I actually got an e-mail off Joe himself with a link to a pair of new Vimeo videos. Some really creative riding here, proving that you don't have to live in a BMX fashion city to be able to put out a cool edit. Click here for his vimeo channel (Which has another vid on there).

People are Strange from ]:_:[ on Vimeo.

Thanks for the link, Joe!

Orchid mentioned on their site yesterday they'd be putting up a little Geoff Slattery edit, and lo, they have. I really like the word 'Orchid'. Orchid.

Geoff Slattery 2009 from Orchid Footwear on Vimeo.

I also really like the way that Geoff rides tight little ramp setups like that. You just know that was hard as hell to ride...

Speaking of Orchid, they also point out that Kevin Porter's now got a coffee sponsor. Hectic! Go here for irrelevant details that won't make a difference to your life.

In similar news, Eli Platt's quit Subrosa and Shadow to focus on uni. Fair play I guess, although my experience of uni hasn't exactly been favourable. Good to see him stand by his ideals though, Ride US have an interview up with him about it all. Shallow interview with a deep person.

Skating doesn't have anything to do with this blog, but I do and I like skating, so check out some cool skate company ads riiiight here, thanks to a link from InTheGnar, thanks to a link from BMXfeed.

Sunday have a new trailer up for Up, Up & Away, but it still won't make me buy it simply because I don't really want to spend money just to see the Ian Schwartz amazing double-section again. It's really good, but not good enough to buy for me. However, I'm told that I'm 'really negative' and that the video's 'sorta alright', so don't take my word for it. There's definitely some other good stuff on there, but we're pretty much talking better than Electronical (Not a challenge), but not as good as... say... That's It or I Wanna Live (Which most definitely is a challenge, because both those videos rule). I should probably also take this opportunity to point out how much I really want to see the new Empire video. So I will. I really want to see the new Empire video.

Oh, and S&M have some pics of their latest cash-cows on their news feed. Seeing as they're still sticking with their flash site, I can't deep-link to that page so you'll just have to either do battle with their site, or just take my word for it that you probably won't want a re-issued Holmes, you'd probably buy the Fit Shiv forks instead of the first "US-made tapered leg and integrated race" Pitchforks and that the seat (Which comes with Eclat-esque Pivotal adapter. Taiwan 1 - 0 Eclat) does it for me but won't do it for you. Just bear in mind I used to run race seats on my BMX 'cos I thought they looked cool - what would I know?

I am tired. That should also suggest to anyone offended by anything in here that they probably shouldn't take it personally. Getting my Kerouac steez on.

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