Monday, June 08, 2009

Warriors of Wood.

I haven't really followed any of the build-up to this largely because it simply didn't appeal to me at all, but here's the final video anyway.

Warriors of Wood - More BMX Videos

Still don't really get the point of it... 'Street' and 'Park' comps are generally ruined when they stick a great big jumpbox in there 'cos you end up just getting the trick ferrets trying to blast their newest fancy tricks over it without really coming up with any lines around the course or anything like that, yet this appears to be a course that is purely jumpboxes in a row. I guess they're technically doubles so they're trying to hit up that trails/dirt mindset, but it just looks like a half-hearted attempt to do a dirt contest? I dunno, maybe I've missed the point or something but for the build-up it seemed a bit 'meh'...

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