Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I think the word I used to describe the last trick in this video was "Pyoooaaar". No joke. Either way, comes from Ride - it's the shoot for the Benny L interview that's in the mag. It's actually out now, and the magazine in general is pretty worth reading.

Vans at FISE from WTP:

Vans Team @ FISE 2009 from AtotheZ on Vimeo.

Javier Ortega has a new Fly edit up, which I caught over on Dig (Where I also got weirded out by suddenly seeing my face in the Nike banner at the bottom):

Flybikes Javier Ortega in Portugal from Vespa Produções on Vimeo.

Speaking of Dig, again, you dudes really need to check out the Nike Europe trip video I posted the link to (badly...) yesterday. Seriously, Click 'n' View!

Taliban sent me a link to The Ride Journal today, and told me to check out Issue 1 - there's some cool stuff in there, so if you get a chance, have a peek. For the record, the tyre lever shown on page 31 (60/61 of the actual thing) is the best kind of tyre lever ever made. They're so good...

LightsInTheWoods? LimasInTheStates to be more accurate...

lima at sxsw from lightsinthewoods on Vimeo.

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