Thursday, June 11, 2009

Forgot a title...

Where to begin? Newrick seems as good a place as any... 4Down have continued their 'At Home With...' series with James Newrick being the next candidate. Pretty interesting guy, refreshing style of riding.

Channel 4Down BMX :: At Home With James Newrick from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Booooonus - his NSF3 section:

Nigel Sylvester's got a new Gatorade 'infomercial' thing or whatever they're called up. Interesting seeing some more behind-the-scenes stuff.

Speaking of "behind the scenes", the Nike 6.0 Media Apprentice behind the scenes stuff is up on the Mpora site riiiiight here. Notice how I'm the only one without an interview? Well, that's what happens when you spend your entire interview talking about how you hate indoor skateparks and why street is a million times better. What can I say - it's the truth! In related news, I'm pretty glad I didn't have to get on a boat to do my 'bootcamp'. I wonder how many people are humming 'I'm on a boat' right now...

Chase Hawk's got a signature Vans shoe out, so who better to talk about it than Chase Hawk? What? You got Colin Mackay to do the talk? Right...

Colin Mackay Vans Vault - More BMX Videos

Laaaaaaaastly - Superstar and Data went on a trip together, and got some riding and things done. Observe!

superstar/databmx brouuuhtrip from superstarbmx on Vimeo.

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